Sixth Sense S2 (2021)

Season 2 was definitely grander than season 1 but was easier to identify the fake. I got 10 out of 14 correct which isn’t bad since I barely got anything right in season 1. I wish they spice up season 3 because although I enjoy all the food episodes, the style of the fakeness are the same. For the non food, the concepts are also the same, about predicting the future or about their personalities. The additional twists were also good, esp episode 1 with Hong Seok Cheon and Chef Lee Yeon Bok. I liked the concept of the final episode where there are several fakes they have to choose from which threw them off.

The guests were also better in season 2. They were more chatty and “game” because they are fans of season 1. I particulaly liked the episode 4 (with Ha Seok Jin), episode 8 (with Kim Sung Cheol), episode 10 (with Nam Jihyun and Chae Jong Hyeop), and episode 12 (with Lee Sangyi). Special mention to episode 11 with Gray and Loco and the second place where they all cried after giving reassuring words to each other. Maybe because I had a super stressful week that time and watching the episode at 12midnight I also started crying when I heard them say to each other, “You did well!”

I loved Jessi in season 1, but here in season 2, Mijoo was the break out star!! She is naturally funny not afraid to look ugly to be funny. She may also look and sound dumb sometimes but she is very good at explaining things that’s why her team wins the games. Oh Nara also started going crazy in the latter half and it was great seeing her really have fun and play with the others. Sang Yeob too, loved the loveline between him and Jessi, he was awkward at first but later on he also started playing along.

Looking forward to season 3!!!

Rating: 9/10

[throwback] drinking solo


Drama: Drinking Solo (혼술남녀)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: September 5 – October 25, 2016
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 23:00

The drama tells the story of teachers and students in a private school for service examinations in Noryangjin, Seoul. The story shows people drinking alcohol alone whether at home or outside for various reasons and the romance between two teachers, superstar Jung-Suk (Ha Seok-Jin) and rookie teacher Hana (Park Ha-Sun).

Ha Seok Jin: Jin Jung Suk
Park Ha Sun: Park Ha Na
Gong Myung: Gong Myung
Hwang Woo Seul Hye: Hwang Jin Yi
Min Jin Woong: Min Jin Woong
Kim Won Hae: Kim Won Hae
Key: Ki Bum
Kim Dong Young: Dong Young
Jung Chae Yeon: Chae Yeon

Fresh from finishing 1% of Anything and Let’s Eat 2, I scrambled to find another Ha Seok Jin drama and found Drinking Solo. I was expecting it to be the same as Let’s Eat, where each episode will talk about different kinds of drinks and snacks that go well with the food, so i was mildly surprised that it wasn’t like that. Start of every episode shows the lead, Jung Suk in a restaurant describing his routine while he pours his drink for the day and his meal and music. The latter half of the drama started with each of the characters having their own drinking session. It was fun to see them drink and eat to their hearts’ content. The story is also a little different – we have 4 teachers and the owner/principal and the 4 students. To be honest, i got bored with the 4 students’ story but i loved the teachers. Let’s see –

1. Romance between Jung Suk and Ha Na felt too rushed – we spent almost had of the time with Jung Suk looking down on Ha na yet he fell in love hard and deep in the next few episodes. I loved them and their chemistry together. Ha Na is just what Jung Suk needed, a sweet woman who can melt his icy heart. The “love” triangle with the little brother did not really fly with me. Gong Myung’s cute like a puppy but not what a grown mature woman will like – he is not ambitious, has no job and is irresponsible. He is definitely nice and sweet and sometimes it’s not enough to live. Plus if you compare him side by side to his brother – handsome, fashionable, successful, smart, strong, Gong Myung was simply no match at all. Jung Suk looks cold and can be jerk with his words, but once you get past his reserve, you will get to know a really nice guy. He just closed himself off to avoid attachments and getting hurt.

2. The teachers started out like a bunch of misfits but they ended up being a great combination. I just wished that the story also focused more on the 4 of them growing in their careers too. Would have loved to see Ha na gain more students, Jin Woong getting appreciated not just for his impressions but how well he teaches. or more scenes where they actually add value to their students lives and show how selfless teachers can be.

3. The interaction of the 4 students were just so-so for me. I didn’t care much for each of their stories but i love the bromance between the 3. Ki Bum was super annoying for the most part – looking like a know it all, arrogant but lazy and dumb kid, plus his tirori tune, but i’m impressed with how devoted his one-sided love for Chae Yeon that I was so happy in the end where Chae yeon looked like she is finally seeing Kibum as a man. Chae Yeon, likewise, just kept frowning and being a sad moody bitch in the show that i wonder what Kibum saw in her aside from her looks. But i was ecstatic when i saw her smiling, passing the exams and going to work. I just wish she becomes more friendly – in real life her snobby attitude aint going to win her friends and a promotion at work. She needs to be a team player!

4. The brothers – throughout the show it felt so awkward seeing them together and even at the end, they still weren’t close. I dont understand why Jung Suk had to break up with Hana because of his younger brother, when Hana didn’t even like him. The same way that Gong Myung was so stubborn and is forcing himself on Hana and getting angry at Jung Suk for stealing her when he knows she only likes him as a friend. and… both of them didn’t even asked Hana who she likes or even gave her a say in the relationship. Thus, the whole what — you’re brothers revelation is a surprise for Hana, but i thought it wasn’t a big deal, not enough for them to break up. But the break up had to happen – for Gong Myung to realize how selfish he has been for ruining a relationship that he is not even a part of.

5. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, though i loved that scene where they were thinking of each other as they drinking alone then looks up and see each other from across the table. i think both of them and the audience deserved a reconciliation and a kissing scene from them! but like what Jung Suk’s monologue said, he hurt her by breaking up with her so quickly that they needed to start over and to take it slow. I hope they do a second season!! Please!!!

Overall, this is a super simple and quick romcom – i think i finished this is less than 2 weeks.

[throwback] 1% of anything


Drama: Something About 1% (1%의 어떤것)
Network: Dramax
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 5 – November 24, 2016
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:00

Lee Jae-In possesses a good appearance, he is smart and comes from a wealthy family, but he is also arrogant. His grandfather orders Jae-In to enter into a 10 month contract engagement with a female school teacher that he has never met in his life. Lee Jae-In slowly falls in love with her.

Ha Seok Jin as Lee Jae In
Jeon So Min as Kim Da Hyun

After watching 20th Century Boy and Girl and seeing the sister Kim, who i missed seeing on tv, i decided to check out the updated version of 1% of Anything. She starred in this drama way back in 2003 and i was curious to see how they updated the series. This time, the drama stars Ha Seok Jin and Jeon So Min. I’ve watched Ha Seok Jin in some dramas before, and I always confuse him with another korean actor, Kim Kang Woo. On the other hand, i have never watched Jeon So Min in any drama before. Thus, to be honest, i didn’t really have high expectations from this show, i just wanted to watch a quick and fun drama – and I’m glad I did!

The best part of this drama, of course, is the relationship between Jae in and Da hyun. At first i was put off by how arrogant and how dismissive Jae in was so Da Hyun and how he kept manhandling her, but as i watch the show, i realized he wasn’t really being arrogant, he was just a very straight guy who means what he says and acts the way he wants to. i still dont like how he kept grabbing her and i’m glad it toned down as they were both falling for each other. We can see how he started softening from a very workaholic career driven guy who hates wasting time to actually being a romantic boyfriend who is able to balance being the tough boss and the sweet husband. Da Hyun was such a sweetie pie! No wonder Jae In fell in love with her. Even though it felt like they were so wrong for each other at the start, you later realize that they complemented each other very well. they were both passionate with their work, had good hearts and they knew how to communicate with each other and was mature in dealing with their relationship. In real life, people often stick within their circle of friends, and people end up dating the same types of people from the same background and i realized, you know what? it’s also interesting to actually go out of your comfort zone, to go out of your circle, to actually meet different types of people and just learn new things from them. and it’s not just about dating, this can be about work or hobbies.

Okay, now back to the drama. there wasn’t much conflict in the show, which i loved. There was no evil cousin – dont you hate it that the parents are so vindictive and greedy that it affects the relationships of siblings and cousins? I can’t imagine why relatives will fight over a position – why cant they just share and grow the empire instead of fighting? of course easier said than done since i’m not rich. lol. i did hate the ex girlfriend. I thought she was an unnecessary annoyance – it was so obvious that her scheming ways wont even make a dent in Jae in and Da hyun’s relationship – she was that insignificant to the story. As for the grandpa, I think he was more just a tool to have a reason why they had to meet in the first place, but there was really nothing much he did. I thought there was going to be some tough work drama but it didn’t really happen.

I could also understand their dilemma – they were from two different worlds and backgrounds – how can they make it work? Jae in will unintentionally put Da hyun in the spot as his wife and potential madame of a major company – puts her in the news, her life will be scrutinized, she wont get as much freedom as she used to have. Likewise, I loved that Da hyun was such a great girl – she didn’t bow down to Jae in, she wasn’t just about to swallow everything, she also thought of herself and her career which she loved. And I think it’s because she is a teacher by profession, she is used to handling kids so she knows how to sticky situations. I loved how they resolved the conflict though it felt a tiny bit unrealistic and I wished the big confession had more impact – like Jae in getting down on one knee and not just saying “i love you let’s get married”. But then again, that is how simple and low key their relationship was. Nothing grand and fancy, just pure heart and sincerity. I wished they showed the wedding, I would have cried buckets of tears seeing her walk down the aisle, and I bet Jae in would have bawled like a big baby.

Overall, super loved this underrated rom-com! And this just made me want to watch more Ha Seok Jin dramas!