20th Century Girl (2020)

Movie: 20th Century Girl (20세기 소녀)
Release Date: October 21, 2022
Runtime: 119 min.
Distributor: Netflix

Plot: A girl tries to get close to a boy that her best friend likes while the best friend is away, and the girl falls in love with the guy’s best friend.

Main Cast:

Kim Yoo Jung – Na Bora

Byun Woo Seok – Poong Woonho

Park Jung Min – Baek Hyun Jin

Roh Yoon Seo – Kim Yeon Doo

Review: This movie reminds me of classic Korean movies in the early 2000s like Ditto, The Classic, Lover’s Concerto etc about friends, youth, falling in love, and sad endings. I kinda guessed that Bora got mixed up with who Hyunjin was, since she didnt have a picture and it was hard when there were no cellphone cameras back then. Watching the movie I thought Hyunjin dodnt look THAT handsome for Yeondoo to fall in love that quick and turns out I was right!

I love the girls’ friendship, they were willing to sacrifice or let go of love for the other person. My only comment is I wished they showed a little more of what really happened to Woonho, not just one scene with the younger brother. I thought if we were still in the 2000s we will get a full heartbreaking scene where he was supposed to fly to Seoul but had a car accident and they couldn’t meet in the airport or a terminal illness he hid from Bora or any other tragic ending that will make people cry.

Rating: 8.5


Unexpected Business Season 2 (2022)

TV Show: Unexpected Business Season 2 (어쩌다 사장 시즌2)
Episodes: 13
Aired: Feb 17, 2022 – May 19, 2022
Aired On: Thursday
Original Network: tvN
Duration: 1 hr. 40 min.

Yay!! Another great season with old and new guests helping Tae Hyun and Insung manage this huge supermarket. Definitely a big step up from the cute and cozy convenience store from season 1.

They were busier this time so most scenes were them trying to serve the customers, although we still get to meet and hear the stories of the villagers. There were also more part timers per episode so less heart to heart conversations during dinner time.

First 5 episodes were centered on Insung’s friends – Kwangsoo, Woobin and Juhwan.

I’m sad the Hyunhee and Eunhyung only spent half day because they had to cut the day short. They were so funny!!

The next group of part timers were also great – Seunghwan, Kyungho, Hojun, Byungeun and Seolhyun. They elevated the dinner service with their own cooking, which gave Insung free time to chat with the guests. I love how they all came to support Taehyun and Insung.

They saved the best for last as Chairwoman Hyesoo, Gyunghye joined the two, and we even got a surprise visit from Hyojoo!! They were so nice and down to earth. Plus Kyungmin is back for his dinner live show.

Curious that majority of the guests are more from Insung’s friends/cast mates from his recent projects and just a few from Taehyun’s side. I want to see Kim Jong Kook or Jang Hyuk help them!

Wishing for season 3 please!! Maybe try a new business like a coffee shop, food truck or something totally different!!

In case you want to read my review of Season 1: Unexpected Business (2021)

Rating: 9/10

Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (2022)

Movie: The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (해적:도깨비 깃발)
Release Date: January 26, 2022
Runtime: 125 min.
Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Plot: A group of pirates search for the legendary royal treasure.

Main Cast:
Han Hyo Joo – Captain Hae Rang
Kang Ha Neul – Woo Mu Chi
Lee Kwang Soo – Mak Yi
Kwon Sang Woo – Bu Heung Su

I’ve been waiting for this since last year! Sadly, it wasn’t what I was expecting.

The overall mood is light with some comedy. I thought the ensemble cast isn’t as impressive as the first movie but they were still a great team. Kang Haneul and Han Hyo Joo were okay as the main leads but I think that Lee Kwang Soo stole the show as he never fails to bring the laughter.

I wish they gave more scenes for Kwon Sang Woo. He looked badass as the main villain but he didn’t really get to do much and wasn’t that scary. Chae Soo Bin’s character also seemed out of place and was there for comic relief and a side romance for brooding Sehun. The story also felt shallow compared to the first movie.

I enjoyed the second half where there were fighting, more than the first, which focused on the team dynamics and the legend of the treasure. I liked the penguin scene, absurd but still funny. You know this movie really isn’t taking itself too seriously. Little disappointed with the dragons coz we didn’t see them, just the fire.

I like the snazzy ending track that sounds like ‘Billie Jean’

I liked the ending where the crew would rather have love than treasure 🤣 after seeing the 2 couples together.

Rating: 8/10

Happiness (2021)

Drama: Happiness (해피니스)
Network: tvN, TVING
Episodes: 12
Release Date: November 5 – December 11, 2021
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:40

The drama is about a new apartment that is locked down after a resident gets infected by a disease. Will the residents survive or will they succumb to the disease?

Main Cast
Han Hyo Joo – Yoon Sae Beom
Park Hyung Sik – Jung Yi Hyun
Jo Woo Jin – Han Tae Seok

I love zombies! This time, they’re not called zombies but they have a mad person disease. They’re not exactly sure what makes the people infected, other than taking Next pills and biting other people.

The first episode made the show very interesting but the next couple of episodes were boring. I was watching them just walk around do nothing while on lockdown and then most good happenes in the last 10 minutes that will get you go hit “next episode”. The pace picks up after ep 8 and it’s just a wild ride from then on.

I like the main leads, Yihyun and Saebeom as a team, I think they complemented each other. Like Yihyun say, good cop, bad cop. I did like Yihyun more than Sae Beom, because Sae Beom was reckless and would have been infected earlier without Yihyun protecting her. I love that when one is down, the other is strong. Many times, they were able to fight off the infected people and the residents because they worked together. I also loved their friends to lovers story, although it took a long time for Sae Beom to realize her feelings for Yihyun, and I love that scene where she was able to calm him down and hugged him.

I cant decide who is the worse neighbor. Is it the doctor or the resident rep? I wish they got infected but i think jail is better punishment for them. They were so terrible, like an exaggerated version of all the possible evil in the world. One week lockdown and they went crazy, stealing food and water, even turning to murder. I mean, after 2 years of covid, I think humans are way better than how it was portrayed in the drama. There are more good people than bad people as we can see now with the pandemic still ongoing.

The drama is saying if you’re good you won’t suffer a terrible fate. Like the old couple who stayed at home, the siblings who supported each other, the son who realized the importance of family, and the wife who got cheated on. Too bad for 15th floor guy and cleaning lady, they didn’t deserve to die, but that’s also saying there are some collateral damage. They greedy ones got their own punishment — the lawyer lost his wife, the girl lost the money, and the serial killer who was killed.

Han Tae Seok had his own story, trying to find a cure and keeping Korea safe. I just wish he didn’t have to lie, he could have gotten cooperation if he had been more honest. I also wasn’t sure if he’s good guy or not, but I understand he had to do what he did to save the world.

The ending felt rushed. There was no explanation what happened one year later. Did they find the cure? Why did Sae Beom had the antibodies? Who else had them?

Rating: 8.5/10