Pachinko (2022)

Drama: Pachinko (파친코)
Network: Apple TV+
Episodes: 8
Release Date: March 25 – April 29, 2022
Runtime: Friday

Plot: A sweeping saga of Kim Sunja’s family — from when she was young, while also showing Kim Sunja as grandmother, and her grandson Solomon’s professional journey.

Main Cast
Youn Yuh Jung / Kim Minha – Kim Sunja
Jin Ha – Baek Solomon
Lee Min Ho – Koh Hansu
Soji Arai – Baek Mozasu
Noh Sang Hyun – Baek Isak
Jung Eun Chae – Choi Kyung Hee
Han Joon Woo – Baek Yoseob

I didn’t read the book yet, but I loved the story of Sunja’s family, from the time she was born and how she got married, had family, and struggled for a better life. At first I didn’t understand why guys were falling all over Sunja but watch the drama and you’ll find out why (and the actress is amazing). I think Sunja made the right choice of choosing Isak (he seemed like a great guy) instead of Hansu. But if Sunja lived in the present time, she probably would have chosen Hansu.

Surprisingly I find Koh Hansu interesting (not just because he is played by LMH) but because adding one episode about his life (which is not in the book) gave some perspective of who he is now. But yes, Lee Minho is so distractingly handsome and dashing in his white suits (and looks so out of place in 1920s-1930s Korea/Japan era).

I honestly prefer watching young Sunja’s journey and not really the present timeline. Mostly because I’m don’t like Solomon. I can’t imagine strong and loyal Sunja having a grandson like Solomon!!! Surprised to see him act like this considering his family’s experience. But I think that’s the point of the story and he will learn and mature because of this and appreciate his family by the end of the story.

I don’t like Hana so not sure why we had to see one episode about her.

I wanna know more about what happened to Noa and how Mozasu grows up to be who he is, and Kyunghee. I think I will read the book now coz I cant wait for 4 more seasons how the story ends.

I hope Apple will be able to film all 4 seasons!

Rating: 8.5/10


Mr Sunshine Eps. 1-6


Drama: Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 24
Release Date: July 7 – September 30, 2018
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00

During the United States expedition to Joseon (South Korea) in 1871, a boy from Joseon boards an American warship and goes to America. As an adult, he returns to his home country as an American soldier stationed in the country.

Lee Byung Hun – Eugene Choi
Kim Tae Ri – Go Ae Shin
Yoo Yeon Seok – Goo Dong Mae
Kim Min Jung – Hina
Byun Yo Han – Kim Hee Sung

First impressions:
I kept seeing this in my Netflix so one night i was bored and watched the first episode. I loved it!

1. The scenary and cinematography is so lush and beautiful. Even the sets look so authentic. The clothes are beautiful and all the cast looked good.

2. The story feels very similar to what happened to our country in 1898 when the spanish were overstaying their welcome, the Americans have arrived, looking to conquer and the local government and rebels are fighting against each other, trying to vie for the land. thus, the story somehow feels close to my heart althrough i know this is fiction but based on certain events in Korean history.

3. The actors are wonderful. I dont particularly like Lee Byung Hun – mostly because of his face and how stoic he always look (feels like only his mouth is moving most of the time) but I’m interested to see his character’s journey from being a slave hating Joseon to being an American soldier but starting to feel for his homeland again.

It’s the first time i’ve seen Kim Tae Ri act – she seems young but is a very promising actress. I loved how complex her character is – she is still stuck in her nobility and privilege yet wants to do something for her country. A little bit idealistic for now but i like how strong she is.

Dong Mae is the Korean butcher’s son who became a Japanese gangster – some people say sell out but i understand he did it to survive. he mostly broods and looks dirty most of the time (and his fake moustache is icky), i still haven’t decided if he’s a good or bad guy. I have a feeling he will eventually be good.

Hee Song (hello, guy from Misaeng) looks charming and devilish. He is educated, carefree and i think it’s mostly because of feeling a little guilty of coming from a rich but evil family. His father and grandfather is so bad, i’m surprised he turned out nice. Not sure how he will end up supporting the revolution but i’m interested to see him change from a party boy to a great freedom fighter.

Kim Min Jung in Man to Man was so ugly because of her haircut. Here in this drama, she is breathtakingly beautiful. I love her perfectly round face, thick lush lips and flawless skin. I have a feeling she is going to be one heck of a woman later on, also joining the fight for Korean’s freedom.

So far, after episode 6, i feel like the story is still shaping up, the characters are not yet finished being introduced, but the plot lines are starting to firm up, with the bad guy arriving (hello traitor Wan Ik, who is the same bad guy from W), the 3 guys seemingly going after Ae shin. I’m afraid to find out who will die in the end – for Korea and for Ae shin – i have a feeling it’s either going to be Hee sung or Dong Me or both. Eugene can’t die right since he has to end up with Ae shin. Speaking of which, one thing that is hard to believe is not just the age gap between the LBH and KTR, it’s how young KTR looks here and when you side her with LBH, it just looks weird – she looks like his daughter already. But Eugune’s gaze is so magnetic and he looks dashing in his uniform, no wonder Lady Aeshin is so charmed and utterly smitten with him.

I started watching this show around mid-September but because the pacing is a bit slow and the story is heavy, it is taking me a while to watch. I cant marathon the show because 1 episode makes me feel so bad that i have to stop and for another day or two before i continue watching. But i’m so interested to see how the story will unfold. I hope there will be more action and intrigue so that it wont get boring!