Hospital Playlist (2020)

Drama: Hospital Playlist (슬기로운 의사생활)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 12
Release Date: March 12 – May 28, 2020
Runtime: Thursday 21:00

This drama shows the daily life of 5 doctors, who have been friends since university, and their colleagues. At the end of the day, they have dinner together and practice with the band.

Main Cast
Jo Jung Suk – Lee Ikjun
Yoo Yeon Suk – Ahn Jungwon
Jung Kyung Ho – Kim Junwan
Kim Dae Myung – Yang Seok Hyung
Jeon Mi Do – Chae Song Hwa

I super loved this drama! The first 2 episodes were dragging and boring, but starting episode 3 i got so addicted. The best thing(s) about this show is the friendship of the 5 doctor-friends. I didn’t even care much about their medical cases. I just wanted to see their interactions throughout the day. They are all supposed to be the best doctors in Seoul yet not sure how they are able to find time to have lunch and dinner together and even practice with the band. A bit unrealistic too that they are all like the avengers – all so perfectly kind and competent with love lifes and extracurricular activities to boot. Makes me think what have i been doing my entire life? i’m so lazy. haha.

My favorite doctor is Ikjun! Jo Jung Seok is starting to become one of my favorite actors. He may not be as strikingly handsome as the others, but when you stare at him for a long time and you see his charming presence on screen, you’ll fall in love with him. He is also deadpan hilarious and his acting is so natural. I especially loved his interactions with U-ju, who was the cutest and sweetest kid! I honestly didn’t expect the love line between Song Hwa and Ikjun but i totally ship them! They have liked each other for a long time and they managed to stay friends over the years but now that both are free, we are finally seeing that they really belong together. They may not have that burning passionate love that most other kdrama couples have, but i what i see is an enduring love that is further strengthened by their friendship, honesty and trust. Not sure why Songhwa didn’t eagerly accept Ikjun’s confession. Apart from making it a cliffhanger for Season 2, i dont see what else is there to hesitate about.

My second favorite doctor is Junwan! To be honest, (please dont kill me) but i never liked Jung Kyung Ho. I tried watching his old dramas like Falling for Innocence (i love Kim So Yeon!) and Happy Once Again (with Jang Nara), but i can never like him. I think it’s his crooked smile/sneer that looks off to me. But i loved him here as Junwan! I still think he looks weird but now I’m actually thinking of going back to watch his old dramas. Oh and he’s too thin! I think he looks healthier with some meat on his body. Okay, back to Junwan! They keep saying he is mean and hot tempered but i dont really see it. He is just impatient but you can see how caring he is when he talks to the families and when he tries to teach and support his residents. I also loved his relationship with Iksun. I’m as shocked as he was at the season finale!! What happened to Iksun!! I know she didn’t want to get married, but why did the ring returned to Junwan? It didn’t seem like Iksun rejected him or returned the ring to me, but more like Iksun is not in the UK at all! So where is she? and she still kept answering his texts. My guess is either she is sick? or she is running away because although she loves him, she is scared to getting hurt again so she is trying to break up with him. Poor Junwan!!

I already briefly mentioned Song Hwa and how she is a superwoman who never seems to stop working and living. I’m glad that the show also gave her a little bit of flaw (because then it will be too unrealistic). All the years of being a workaholic is taking a toll on her body. She almost had a breast cancer scare, and her back is aching. I’m glad she finally realized that she is living a hectic life and she needs to stop and take a rest. I think moving to a smaller town to rest is a great idea. Now what it means for her relationship with Ikjun is something I’m sure will be tackled in season 2. Will she reject Ikjun’s confession since she is living in a nearby town? I can imagine Ikjun being so busy with the hospital and taking care of U-ju that he will probably be working even harder so that he can drive to and from Song Hwa’s place and back. And Song hwa will feel bad and break up with him or something.

I also want to briefly mention about Chilhong. In the first few episodes, I actually liked Chilhong, my heart fluttered when Chilhong seemed so sweet to Song Hwa, but in the middle of the episode, he got so clingy and whiny but i stopped liking him. Even without Ikjun in the picture, i dont see it working between him and Song Hwa. Song Hwa may be calm but she is a go getter and i dont think she will be satisfied with a meek and mild mannered (and dare i say boring) Chilhong. And with Ikjun in the picture, who is as successful as she is, her long time crush and friend, who understands her best, then sorry for Chilhong. I think he should just focus on being a successful chief resident before trying to woo your boss.

i think not a lot of people like Kim Dae Myung, mostly because, he is not as popular as the other guys or as handsome, but I have liked him since i watched him in Misaeng and Sound of Your Heart. I loved his role as Seok Hyung. i dont like going to a male obgyne, but he were my obgyne, i wouldn’t mind going to him for appointments! he is great with the mothers, so mild mannered and considerate, no wonder his appointments are always full. his story is a sad one, with the helpless sick mother, the bad father and the evil mistress. i hope he has a better and happier storyline in season 2! i’m already seeing the potential love triangle between him, Mina and his ex-wife. i like Mina, i think she is cute although i find it weird if they ever get together because she is technically her boss. so if something romantic happens, they will have to work apart.

Last but not the least is Jeongwon. Again, he is another actor that i could never like for some reason, but now i find it watchable and looking forward to go back to his old dramas i skipped. His is so cute and kindhearted as a pediatrician. He cares for the babies and i feel like his heart will break every time he see a baby or a kid in pain. I liked his dilemma of choosing between priesthood and doctor and i think that he made the right choice. There are only a few competent pediatricians but there are a lot of priests. He could serve the world better in the hospital, that does not mean he is rejecting God. Maybe that is where he is supposed to be. The only thing i didn’t like is his loveline with Gyeo-eul. A lot of winter garden fans will hate me for this, but i honestly dont understand the couple. i just saw him as being nice to Gyeo-eul but i never saw it directly or outrightly tell her or others he liked her or why he liked her in the first place. was it just love at first sight? and he was too shy to tell her so he just spent all his time staring at her silently? as for Gyeon-eul, she looks so frowny faced and boring all the time. Even the way she speaks is monotonous. I just hope Jeong Won decided not to become a priest solely because of Gyeo-ul. I’m not really looking forward to their story in season 2.

I actually like Rosa and Jongsoo’s coupling more than Winter Garden!! They’re so cute together! Are they really just friends or maybe they can be a couple? 🙂

Overall, i loved the slice of life drama that this show delivered, plus all the beautiful songs and scenes of them singing and playing in the band. Esp in love with Jo Jung Seok’s voice and the group singing Aloha in the videoke room!

Rating: 9/10