Money Heist Korea Part 2 (2022)

Drama: Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Part II (종이의 집: 공동경제구역)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 6
Release Date: December 9, 2022
Language: Korean

Plot: Continuation of Part 1 where Professor and his gang tries to escape the Mint.

Main Cast:
Yoo Ji Tae – Professor
Kim Yun Jin – Seon Woojin
Park Hae Soo – Berlin
Jun Jong Seo – Tokyo
Lee Hyun Woo – Rio
Lee Won Jong – Moscow
Kim Ji Hoon – Denver
Jang Yoon Ju – Nairobi
Lee Kyu Ho – Oslo
Kim Ji Hoon – Helsinki
Lim Ji Yeon – Seoul
Lee Joo Bin – Yoon Misun
Park Myoung Hoon – Director Young Min
Jang Hyun Sung – Kim Sang Man

Part 2 picks up right when Part 1 ended (Money Heist Korea Part 1 (2022)) and every episode was thrilling and non-stop as they race against time to print the money and escape without injuring the hostages, the members, and getting captured by the police. I wanted them to get away without getting caught!! So sad some of them had to die, esp Moscow who I liked.

I love the Professor, even at the last minute he can think of a plan! Not so much keen on Inspector although I admit she and Cha Mmo Hyuk are smart enough tofigure out the plan, but those politicians are really terrible! But that ending looks like she decided to join team heist after getting disappointed with the police and government.

I also love Berlin, i thought he was going to die (whew!!) and Seoul for not leaving Berlin behind!! I also love Denver and Misun. Tokyo and Rio.

Loved the scene in the picture, where they were fighting for their lives. You can see their crazy eyes esp Tokyo, Berlin and Nairobi.

Looking forward to the next season (will there be any??)

Reborn Rich (2022)

Drama: The Chaebol’s Youngest Son (재벌집 막내아들)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: November 18 – December 25, 2022
Runtime: Friday-Sunday 22:30
Language: Korean

Plot: Yoon Hyun Woo, the right-hand man of the current Chairman of Soonyang was murdered while trying to retrieve the proceeds from a slush fund, and gets reborn as the Jin Dojun, the youngest grandson of the Soonyang family. He vows to find out who tried to murder him in his previous life and take revenge by taking down Soonyang.

Main Cast:
Song Joong Ki – Yoon Hyun Woo / Jin Dojun
Lee Sung Min – Jin Yang Cheol
Shin Hyun Bin – Seo Min Young
Yoon Je Moon – Jin Yong Ki
Kim Nam Hee – Jin Seung Jun
Park Ji Hyun – Mo Hyun Min
Jo Han Chul – Jin Dong Ki
Kim Shin Rok – Jin Hwa Young
Kim Do Hyun – Choi Chang Je
Kim Young Dae – Jin Yoon Ki
Park Hyuk Kwon – Oh Se Hyeon

I started watching this only when the current airing episodes were already in episode 14 and everyone is raving about this drama. The first few episodes were ok with me, nothing outstanding, I even kept criticising the “reborn” part which I thought didn’t make sense, but as I watched, I decided to suspend my disbelief and just follow the story, which became so exciting and thrilling that I ended up finishing the series jut at the same time that episode 16 came out.

I loved Lee Sungmin as the harabuji chairman and his complicated relationship with his grandson. They were so much alike that Harabuji can’t help but be so impressed with his grandson, even though Dojun was doing everything to block Soonyang in almost every episode. I guess when the rest of the potential heirs are too incompetent, harabuji is worried that the company he worked so hard to build will just collapse after he dies. Lee Sung Min is the best actor to play Jin Yang Cheol, but it was still weird to see that he looks so young to be the chairman esp. when the actors who played his sons were near his age to be believable. They could have added more gray hairs and wrinkles to his face (Sungmin’s face was so smooth like a baby, they just added some freckles to make him look old).

I also loved Song Joongki in this dual role, although special props to Kim Kang Hoon for playing the younger Dojun – he set the tone for the older Dojun. However, SJK has done this role many times like the perfect guy who has a plan for everything, like Vincenzo, or his thirst for revenge like in Innocent Man, that it felt like he didn’t do anything special in terms of acting. This drama also made me think if I was reborn, what would I do to change my fate? I will probably buy land in the most expensive areas while they were still nothing but grass.

I heard the original webtoon did nt have a romance angle between Dojun and Minyoung and I wished they kept the original webtoon between the romance just didn’t work for me. Minyoung was too bland and boring for a strong personality like Dojun/HW. If HW didn’t know Minyoung from his previous life, he probably wouldn’t notice her at all. Plus, Minyoung’s character only showed up when the story needed a prosecutor to arrest Dojun or help Dojun arrest the uncles/aunt. I was relieved that the present HW didn’t end up with Minyoung. I even preferred Dojun with Hyunmin or even Rachel – It would have been fun seeing Dojun and Seungjun fight over Soonyang and a girl, while Rachel was bubbly and cheerful and have more possible chances for them to fall in love since they’re always in the office together.

Not sure if I’m one of the few who actually liked the ending and was satisfied with it. For most people they prolly got attached to “Jin Dojun” rather than “Yoon Hyun Woo”. Everyone was wondering if he was reborn or time travelled, I’m glad they finally addressed it in the last episode, although don’t have to dig too much deeper or you’ll end up with more questions than answers. Plus, how no one thought HW looked like Dojun is beyond me! The difference is HW wearing glasses! I guess if Clark Kent can get away with it, HW can too!

The last episode was 1.5 hours long but I think they should have just added an extra episode so that the ending didn’t feel too rushed. I would have loved to see HW talking to his Dojun family one more time. Overall solid writing and acting from the ensemble cast.

Rating: 9/10

Q4 2022 Drama Watch List

October 2022
31. May It Please The Court – 9

November 2022
32. Alchemy of Souls part 1 – 8.25
33. Yonder – 8.5
34. You Are My Glory – 9

December 2022
35. Love is For Suckers – 7.5
36. Fanletter Please – 8.5
37. Behind Every Star – 8
38. Cheer Up – 7
39. First Love: Hatsukoi (JDrama) – 8.5
40. Reborn Rich – 9
41. Money Heist Korea Part 2 – 8.5

Movies / Drama Special / Documentary
18. Assassination – 9
19. 20th Century Girl – 8.5
20. Chronicle of a Blood Merchant – 9
21. Illang Wolf Brigade – 7.5

Variety Shows
5. Sixth Sense S3
6. Youth MT

Total Dramas watched in Q4: 11
Total Year to Date Dramas Watched: 41

Dropped in Q4: None

Ongoing Shows:
1. Work Later, Drink Now S2 up to ep 2
2. She and Her Perfect Husband up to ep 20