Kahogo no Kahoko ep. 4

There were lots of developments in this episode, both in character’s growth and storyline progression. First, is the inevitable silent war between mother and daughter. I love how Kahoko is still so nice even with a little rebellion, like choosing to wear the other dress that her mom did not choose. In the end, mother daughter made up without too much fuss, and as if nothing happened. Poor dad he ends up getting in the middle of the war, and having to mediate between the two. Dad is quite sweet listening to Kahoko and buying her food when she skipped her meal, even when the mom wouldn’t let him. Dad is star of this episode, as he mediated mom and Kahoko to make up and persuaded Mugino to continue seeing Kahoko. But of course the lion has its limits, as dad has had it with being silent and helping in the background and not getting any appreciation or thanks for his efforts. He had a similarly epic tantrum like Kahoko in the previous episode and walked out of the house. On the other hand, i liked how they showed Mugino rejecting Kahoko nicely. It was funny seeing him practice his speech and for Kahoko to almost hear it. Mugino explained that it doesnt make sense for them to be together since he doesnt like someone who is too sheltered, which would make sense from outside but opposites can attract too. I feel for rejected Kahoko. Such a brave young woman, despite being overprotected, she knows how to handle rejection. She put on her best brave face until she went home and cried her eyes out. And funny to see her google for ways to get over her crush. Makes me wonder if she has any friends at all. Kahoko also tries her very first beer and ended up drinking lots of glasses. She was so drunk she ran over to Mugino’s studio to tell him to never give up being an artist even though she can no longer see him. The next scene with Mugino asking her opinion on his artworks and Kahoko totally trashing everything was just so hilarious, i had to make this gif. This is a complete opposite of Ito when she visited Mugino. I don’t know what her purpose was for visiting him. Was it her thinking that he liked her or was she just being polite since he visited her in the hospital, or was she too confident to think that she is pretty and talented. Either way it didn’t matter since Mugino totally rejected her. Well, not romantically, but he told her how awful she is for blaming everyone else, like her parents who worked hard for her, and that he wouldnt want to sketch her while she is in this “ugly” state. Oh and Mugino also showed her the same paintings and she just kept saying it was good. Ito also needs to be pitied because she might be in the brink of depression and self destructive state, but right now she needs to get a hold of herself, get down from her high pedestal and seek help. Glad to see Mugino is not afraid to say those things as that is what she needs right now. The last scene of Mugino and Kahoko talking with Mugino saying he needs her, not romantically but as friend and critic is just nice. And i love Kahoko’s reaction that this is the first time someone actually needed her and that it’s nice to hear someone say see you tomorrow. I am looking forward to see how they will resolve the issue with the dad feeling unappreciated in the next episode. I also like that the drama is taking it slow when it comes to the romance between Mugino and Kahoko because it looks more believeable and realistic, and much more bittersweet ehen they finally get together. I think they are quite a match. Mugino can teach Kahoko about real life and working hard while Kahoko can teach her to be cheerful and optimistic no matter the trials they face.

Mugino by now should realize that his skill is in sketching life form rather than painting those abstract art. And i also hope Kahoko can start choosing her own clothes (and change her fashion style too).

Kahogo no kahoko ep. 3

Loved this episode so much that made a lot of gifs for my favorite scenes.

For the first time Kahoko likes a guy and doesnt know what to do. She acts so awkwardly to the clueless Mugino. I loved that scene when Kahoko was asking Mugino the type of girl he likes. Shes so cute!

She also keeps asking different couples how they got together and even tried to learn how to make bento for Mugino.

She googled how to confess to your crush and tried to do it with Mugino as practice partner, but Kahoko horribly failed at her attempt.

Mom is trying to prevent Kahoko from seeing Mugino but of course the more you forbid, the more the person will want to do it.

I find it endearing that Mugino can easily understand Kahoko’s feelings and predict her actions.

I also loved how Dad encourages Kahoko and helps her buy clothes. Kahoko looked pretty in her green dress.

Her mom, on the other hand, is annoying. But then she is like every typical mom who wants the best partner for their child. But they also have to remember that whats important is the compatibility of the couple not just what looks good on paper. Also in the end, it will be the couple who will have to live together, not the in laws so the couple should decide who is the right one for him/her.

Two big scenes at the end perfectly capped this amazing episode.

First is when Kahoko finally stood up for herself and told her mom to stop badmouthing Mugino.

Second is that shocking confession! So cute and Mugino is definitely surprised. Albeit the confession is so fast considering it’s only the 3rd epiaode and we havent seen enough relationshop build up but hey the show only has 10 episodes so i dont mind.

I hope to see more shift in the dynamica in Kahoko’s home where the mom stops dominating everything and the Dad starts speaking up. Am also curious how and when Mugino will come to like Kahoko.

kahogo no kahoko eps 1-2

Kahogo_no_Kahoko-p01.jpg Drama: Kahogo no Kahoko / Overprotected Kahoko / 過保護のカホコ Network: NTV Episodes: 10 Release Date: July 12, 2017 – Sept 13, 2017 Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00 Language: Japanese Country: Japan Plot Kahoko Nemoto (Mitsuki Takahata) is a naive 21-year-old university student. She relies on her mother, Izumi (Hitomi Kuroki), for everything in her life. Her mother wakes her up everyday, picks up her clothes, while Kahoko Nemoto has never done housework or driven a car. One day, Kahoko Nemoto meets a young man who grew up in a completely opposite environment. Main Cast Mitsuki Takahata – Kahoko Nemoto (lead) Hitomi Kuroki – Izumi Nemoto (mom) Saburō Tokitō – Masataka Nemoto (dad) Ryoma Takeuchi – Hajime Mugino (guy) Review thought i’d switch to a jdrama this week. i wanted to watch something light and short so i tried watching this show. i know there are a lot of parents who have “sheltered”or overprotected their kids so the plot isn’t too unbelievable, though the writing was stretched a bit to make a point. I love Kahoko, she is so sweet and naive like an eager beaver, she maybe average because she relied on her mom too much to actually think and do things on her own but once she has set to do something, she is very earnest and actually does a good job. i feel bad that no one wants to offer her a job and i think it’s mostly because she looks so innocent and does not seem to be able to handle work. there is one scene where the mom was crying and lamenting that the father is accusing her for raising her that way, to be honest, i believe the mom is at fault. the only way to protect your kids is to teach them how to be independent and stand on their own. over protecting them and not exposing them from any danger is only doing yourself good and making yourself better, and not helping your kids. the father, is also at fault, at he has seen this happening yet has not done anything, all the while thinking he’s the lion in the household. i love both sides of the families – the dynamics they have and the interesting characters and personalities. let’s start with the mother’s family. kahoko is the average child while her cousin is the prodigy, yet we see another side of parenting – this time, Ito’s family is trying to save money and support their child achieve their dream of becoming a cellist – yet not realizing that it’s putting a strain to her health and putting too much pressure on her. i love the grandpa who is so jolly and sulks when he doesn’t get his way and the grandma who always prepares delicious food. i love how the uncles and aunts all help each other when kahoko was missing or when ito had to be hospitalized. I felt bad for kahoko after ito’s harsh words. It is the first time kahoko has ever heard anyone say something bad about her. But i totally get what ito was saying that, “a goldfish swimming comfortably in a fish tank like you wouldn’t understand my pain desperately swimming in the raging sea.” kahoko is so average and dumb that everyone helps her and takes care of her while ito is the star and faces so much pressure to succeed. But that is why she is a star.. Only those that take courage will succeed and if she is afraid to take risk then maybe she is better off as an average person. on the other side, we see a different dynamics in the father’s family – and we see why the father is like that. the grandpa and grandma are slow and laidback, the divorced sister is out of jobs, living off her parents and does not really know what to do with her life, completely opposite of the successful and happy mother’s family. i also find it interesting that the mother is such a meerket (i would say Tiger) in her normal place but goes meek and silent in another person’s territory. now we meet Mugino – the guy that has totally opposite life against Kahoko. at first i was put off by his attitude, his street smartness comes off as arrogant and condescending, just because he works, lives alone and has been exposed to life doesnt make him better than Kahoko. at first i thought him letting her work part time on her birthday was his way of taking a break, then i realized it’s his way to teaching her and making her experience what life is all about when you do something using our own hands and sweat. i still dont know much about the guy’s past since it’s just the second episode to comment on what made him be like that. he’s trying to be a painter but obviously he is better off sketching portraits and people rather than painting abstract. overall, im hooked on this show – i want to see how each one learns and grows (esp Kahoko and mom and dad) and how Mugino will hopefully learns about family (if he gets more interaction with Kahoko’s families).