Guess the Korean Actor

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So Ji Sub Filmography Bingo

For this week, i bring you my favorite actor, So Ji Sub! Over the years he has played various characters, most of them were tortured souls (I think it suits him alot and most of it is due to his expressive eyes). I remember back then every time I see him, I just knew it’s going to be a melodrama or a gangster kind of movie. It was only in the recent years that he started doing more romantic comedy and I have to say, he is quite charming and funny! Let me know which one is your favorite So Ji Sub drama or movie!

Historical Kdrama Bingo (2016-2019)

There is always something about watching historical dramas. Everything looks so beautiful.. from the colors, costumes, scenery and food. i love that historical dramas are all about love for country and people, love for family and friends. Sacrifices and bravery. Sometimes we take these for granted because we are in the modern world and everything seems to be well and good. while i hope we do not go back to war, i wish that we all remember that we need to treat people better and the world may somehow be a better place.

i created a kdrama bingo featuring historical kdramas from 2016 to 2019. Don’t worry, i will be releasing another sets of historical kdrama bingos featuring the earlier years so please watch out for them in the next couple of weeks.

Time Travel Kdrama Bingo

For this week’s Kdrama Bingo challenge, i bring you some of the popular historical and fantasy dramas about time travel.. whether going back to your younger self, travelling to the olden times or even reincarnation.

You can also share your thoughts on your fave scenes in the comments section below or if you have other recommendations.