Remarriage and Desires (2022)

Drama: Remarriage & Desires (블랙의 신부)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 8
Release Date: July 15, 2022

Plot: A woman seeks revenge on the woman who ruined her marriage.

Main Cast
Kim Hee Sun – Seo Hye Seung
Jung Eugene – Jin Yoo Hui
Lee Hyun Wook – Lee Hyung Ju
Park Hoon – Cha Seok Jin
Cha Ji Yeon – Choi Yoo Sun

I was just checking out the 1st episode, but got so hooked and finished 8 episodes in less than a day. Maybe because I didn’t expect anything that’s why I loved it a lot!

So many angry women in this show, mostly motivated by greed, power and revenge against 2 terrible men. But in the end they all got what they wanted.

Loved that the ML and 2ML were so nice and good despite the makjang plot. Everyone wanted Hyungju for their personal gain, but he had eyes for only Hyeseung. Wish they showed more romance between the two. Not even a kiss or a hug!! And Hyungju needs better friends. One tried to get it with his ex-wife and his company, the other was dumb to let the scheming Yoo Hui into his law firm.

I also loved Cha Seokjin, he was a great friend to Hyeseung, prolly the best martyr 2ML i’ve watched. He didnt end up with HS, but he got what he wanted, which was freedom from his dad, his guilt, and the money.

Choi Yoo Sun was interesting character. She was manipulative businesswoman who knew how to make the best deals. Just didnt know what to make of the ending with the younger guy.

Hated Jin Yoon Hui so much!! She was a relentless devil who wrecked everyone’s lives without remorse. She dragged innocent people into her game and even tried to kill a child!! All for what? To take down her father? I wish they gave a better background story for us to at least sympathize with her. And a worse punishment.

Some scenes got too repetitive, mostly where each one kept meeting up with each other and talking about their own agenda. And Yoon Hui was literally everywhere and knew everyone! Seems impossible to think of her elaborate schemes on her own.

Episodes 1-6 were so tense and exciting, but ep 7 to 8 got so politically convoluted, like they tried to cram everything in 2 episodes. But truth got revealed eventually but it was too simple, like, they could have done that earlier. Still satisfied with the ending.

Rating: 8.5/10


The Lady in Dignity (2017)

Drama: Woman of Dignity (품위있는 그녀)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 20
Release Date: June 16 – August 19, 2017
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 23:00

The second daughter in law hires a caregiver to take care of her father in law. The ambitious caregiver seduces the father in law, marries him and takes over the household.

Main Cast
Kim Hee Sun – Woo A-Jin
Kim Sun Ah – Park Bok Ja
Jung Sang Hoon – Ahn Jae Suk
Lee Ki Woo – Kang Ki Ho
Kim Yong Geon – Ahn Tae Dong
Seo Jung Yeon – Park Jumi
Oh Nara – Ahn Jae Hee

Woo Ajin was the only lady in dignity (and her short haired friend) in this drama. Park Bokja was right. They may have millions of cash, but were all trash. I am sure this really happens in real life. I was impressed how Ajin is able to still be so positive and happy (and successful) despite her problems. Must be why Bokja wanted to be like her and didn’t touch her. And she even got a handsome, single, nice lawyer for a new boyfriend and a flourishing business. I also liked that her daughter is smart and sensitive like her.

Very interesting to think that Bokja and Ajin encountered each other one night years ago, but Bokja remembered Ajin and wanted to be like her. What I was wondering is why she chose the chairman of all people. There are other chaebol families she can dupe. Did she intentionally choose Ajin’s family? The first few episodes were so terrible (because everyone was cheating and Bokja was infuriating that I almost didn’t want to continue. I just thought, oh Bokja will die anyways so I will let her wreak havoc and laugh when she finally gets killled. For me, the drama made Bokja so despicable that her “redemption” at the latter half was too late. Her death was really inevitable, someone even told her the same thing. Money really cannot buy happiness and class. I think she was too greedy, moved too fast and didn’t have a long term goal, that’s why she also got duped and killed. Had she bided her time, and slowly integrated herself with the family, she could have lived and maybe the family would have respected her. That’s why I really couldn’t like her the whole time.

I was surprised by who the killer was but it kinda made sense. Some people may not have been happy because the killer wasn’t very prominent in the show but i think it was done on purpose to show how much pain Bokja caused to the people around her because of her greed. And the one who killed her was the one she least expected to do it, and the one that was “collateral damage”.

I also think the Chairman also deserved it. I mean, how could Chairman give all his money to Bokja and leave nothing to his kids? Even if they were stupid, they were still his children and legally the inheritance is theirs. But i cant blame him. He must have felt very lonely that the first person who showed him compassion, he mistook for love and gave his everything. And in the end, he didnt fight to get the money back because no one will inherit the company anyway. The 3 children were incompetent and didn’t even care when he was in the hospital. Only Ajin came and the 2nd son. It makes me think why his children were like that. Maybe the Chairman didn’t do a good job with raising them. That’s why they were spoiled and greedy.

I also hated Ajin’s husband’s story and the mistress. There were too many scenes of them and it was gross. I thought maybe the mistress actually fell in love with the husband, but I think she used him to get some money. First time to see a mistress that was so thick faced including the mom. Wanted to slap her for Ajin’s sake (she is too classy for that). She really deserved her what happened to her. Instead of being grateful for Ajin in introducing her to the art world, she had the nerve to cheat! What a b*tch!!! And she’s not sexy, pretty or smart enough to match against Ajin. Again, it also makes me think about marriage. Maybe Ajin didn’t give enough attention to her husband. Or maybe the husband was just a tool. I normally like the actor but I couldn’t stomach him or his funny scenes in this drama.

Ajin’s 4 friends ‘ stories didn’t feel resolved but more like “life goes on” and they continue to sleep around and cheat on their partners. Their friendship also felt fake — like they had to because they were rich and their children were school mates, but given the chance they would have backstabbed each other if needed. I think the worse was the girl who had an affair with the doctor and the younger guy. I know she was being beaten by her husband, but it’s no excuse to sleep with your friend’s husband, and have a third guy on the side.

I felt bad for the doctor’s wife, but it always takes two to tango. The doctor felt ignored by the wife and thought shedidn’t love him; that he was just the there to make money for the family. The wife was actually nice and didn’t cheat on her husband, but her story didn’t get resolved. We just see her get angry that the cheating friend is happily in love with her boyfriend and is pregnant.

The other lady with a younger boyfriend also had a sad marriage – her husband was cheating on her yet when she is doing the same, the husband got angry at her. Talk about double standards. Also felt bad that she actually was in love with the guy, but turns out the guy was really just in it for the money and sex. I thought them breaking up was the best ending so I didn’t like how she ended up with that sneaky hotel manager.

Overall, I may sound like I was ranting and hating everyone, but actually the story gets addicting around episode 10 or 11. Maybe because I’d love to hate the characters, that’s why I wanted to find out what happens to them.

Rating: 8.5/10

Alice (2020)

Drama: Alice (앨리스)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: August 28 – October 24, 2020
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10

Park Sun Young is a time traveller from 2050 who decided to stay in the past to give birth to her child. Years later, she was mysteriously killed and the child (Jin Gyeom) eventually grew up to be a cop. Fast forward to 2020, Jin Gyeom continues to search for clues on the night of his mother’s murder and meets a professor who looks just like his mom. Together, they try to solve his mother’s murder and fight against the time travellers who wants to stop them.

Main Cast
Kim Hee Sun – Park Sun Young / Yoon Tae Yi
Joo Won – Jin Gyeom
Kwak Si Yang – Min Hyuk

Warning: The last 30 minutes ruined the entire show for me 😭

The first half was so interesting and intriguing. I loved the twists at every last scene. But story got so confusing esp episode 14 that i had to stop watching coz it was a big WTH just happened? The final reveal of who the Teacher was unexpected and i loved the main conflict of killing the son or the mother. It’s like chicken and egg dilemma. Wished they explored this earlier rather than giving out all the information in the last 2 episodes! I dont know if Park Sun Young is selfish or selfless. I really liked her more than Yoon Tae Yi who is supposed to be a professor but doesn’t have a lot of common sense.

The time travel rules kept changing to suit the story when it didn’t make sense. I already gave the show a pass on a lot of things. My main issue here is that the show keeps insisting that the people in each dimension may be the same but are different. How can that be when it’s just the say person, you just went back in time to your own self? So whatever you do while you time travel should affect yourself. Plus, what’s the point to going back to time travel if the person is not really you? I think they were pushing this theory to justify that Jin Gyeom fell in love with Profession Tae Yi who is not his mom because she’s from a different dimension. I mean, c’mon! Tae Yi and Sun Young are the same person and have the same DNA!

The unnecessary romantic vibes between Jin Gyeom and Taeyi grossed me out for most part of the show but i kept on watching hoping there is a valid resolution to this. And up until episode 14 i thought the show finally put a stop at it. Had i known this was where the show was really going i would have stopped watching earlier on. Too bad because I really liked the interaction between Tae Yi and Jin Gyeom when they are being non-romantic.

Further to the stupid theory, in the latter episodes, Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi met their own selves and when they went back to 2020, suddenly the memories from their different dimensions are merging and now they’re saying they are actually the same person! LOL! Really couldn’t handle that weird logic.

Probably the main highlight and only reason I continued to watch the drama is because of Minhyuk 🥰🥰🥰 He shined in every scene. I was already expecting that he will make this “big” sacrifice to show Jin Gyeom that he could have been a good father to him had he known. I think his character’s story could have been meatier. Can i propose a prequel of Minhyuk’s and Sun Young’s love story? Or maybe create another dimension where they survived and lived happily ever after? (Without Jin Gyeom haha)

Overall, I would have given this an 8 despite the flaws but the ending made zero sense. Spoiler: if all time travellers reset then why is Jin Gyeom alive and why Jin Gyeom and Tae Yi were able to retain their memories?

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Rating: 7.5/10

KDrama Update

Hi sorry for now updating my blog. I’ve been watching ongoing kdramas so i post my weekly episodic reviews in my IG (@kdramadreaming) instead.

Kdrama i’m currently watching:
1. Record of Youth – loving Park Bogum as Sa Hyejun. I just wish they stop focusing on his family. The scenes are getting repetitive with Hyejun always being scolded by his dad without any development in the story or character. Also it’s weird that Haehyo’s mom gets more screen time than Haehyo. I want to know more about Haehyo, him breaking away from his suffocating mom and making his own mark. I also want more storyline for Jungha. I dont want to see the jealous colleague anymore and want to see her succeed in the salon and in her vlogging.

2. 18 Again- beautiful story about family. There’s equal screen time and development for The 4 main characters, although i love Dae Young the most. Super impressed with Lee Do Hyun -he is an amazing actor!! Having 2 other guys vying for Dajung’s attention is too much though. They should have just focused on one main guy -either Ikjun or Jihoon that will rival Dae Young. And i know in the original 17 Again movie, Deokjin will have a loveline with the pretty principal, but right now their story is too comical so i dont like it yet.

3. Flower of Evil – i was planning to binge watch this in time for the finale last week but i couldnt because i found the episodes to be really gloomy and slow. The story is intriguing but i just cant watch more than one episode a day. I will continue to watch this until the end but will probably take some time for me to finish.

4. Alice – woot! The first few episodes were terrific but then the weird mother-son romantic vibes in the middle, esp in eps 8-9 has me fast forwarding some scenes. Also getting frustrated with how the main lead is too dense to put the clues together. At episode 10, he still doesnt know what’s happening that i just want to help him!! Likewise, professor Taeyi is also too slow when Doyeon already told her she looks like  his mother and she knows there’s time travelling happened. Two reasons why i havemt dropped this is because i still want to know what is really happening and i want to see more of Minhyuk.

5. Lie After Lie – i loved the first episode!! It was hella crazy but the next 7 episodes have significantly mellowed down the level of crazy. Im bot complaining though i wish there were more twists and revelations in every episode. I do like that the drama is taking its time to setup the romance between Jimin and Eunsu and building the relationship between Eunsu and Wooju. I definitely think these 3 need a solid foundation because once Chairman finds out about Wooju i have a feeling all hell will break loose and Eunsu needs a lot of help to protect her family. I’m still not sure how adding the golfer into the story will help Eunsu aside from having a love triangle which isnt necessary.

6. Homemade Love Story – i wasnt able to watch Once Again so i started this instead. So far there’s nothing special about the kdrama, just the usual soap opera plots of birth secrets but i’m staying because i love Jin Ki Joo and i want to see her romance with Woo Jaehee. The side stories of her siblings are so-so, as long as they dont make Hae Deun and Rahoon fall in love with each other then i’m fine with them. I dont like Jaehee’s famil except for Minjae who i want to see more. And i also dont like Seo ah and her mom (who is Bitchaewoon’s real mom) but im willing to see how the story goes and how Chaewoon will succeed over Seo ah. I also dont like the aunt but i love uncle Hwak Se so still waiting and see. This is a 100 episode drama and im only in ep 12 so i know lots more things will happen.