Twice – Taste of Love Mini Album Unboxing

Here is Twice’s Taste of Love Mini Album Unboxing Video
I think Alcohol Free is the perfect summer chill song!
Just read the chorus!

I am alcohol-free but I get drunk (Drunk, drunk)
Though I did not drink at all (At all)
It happens whenever I’m with you (Whenever, whenever)
Because of the way you look at me

You are my champagne, my wine I drink with my eyes
My tequila, margarita
Mojito with lime
Sweet mimosa, piña colada
I’m drunk in you (I’m drunk in you)
I’m drunk in you (I’m drunk in you)

True Beauty OST album Unboxing

The True Beauty OST album is one of the most unique albums I’ve purchased because of its hexagonal shape. It also looks like a compact powder — when you open it, there’s a mirror inside. The design is very thoughtful and fits the overall theme of the Kdrama!

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