Laurel tree tailors eps 41-54 (end)

I loved the entire series! I wasn’t able to do another review anymore because I ended up watching (marathoning) the rest of the episodes in a couple of days. I liked where each character and couple ended by the end of the episode.

Dong jin and Yunshil

We found out that Gi Pyo has been lying to Yunshil for 10 years – saying that he donated his kidney to her father but the father died in the operating room. I didn’t like him for the entire duration of the series, even at the end, but I’m also happy that they were able to resolve this issue in a nice way. Yunshil finds out the truth, tells Gipyo she will never forgive him and to leave her alone, Donjin and Gipyo have a drinking session where Dongjin tells Gipyo that if he really loves her, he should do something that would make Yun shil happy. What he eventually did – which is to threaten Hyosang with the recorded tape and to give the CEO post to Dongjin is so-so, i wish he did a better gesture and i wish Yunshil found out about it so at least she wouldnt feel so much hatred to him (at least). I also liked how Gipyo’s mother apologized to Yunshil – i know she was just helping her son so I can understand why she did those things to Yunshil – and i’m glad that she didn’t let Gipyo det away with what he did and still took him back with her to Anseong to live a better life. with Gipyo out of the way, Dongjin goes back to Meesa and saves the company. It was an interesting idea to put Hyosang in the tailor shop – so that he can learn the basics of men’s suits and given a chance to become humble and to work hard. (I’ll write more about Hyosang in the next paragraph). On the other hand, it’s nice to see Yunshil going back to school and Dongjin strongly supporting his wife. The annoucnement of her pregnancy was also a nice surprise! i guessed early on that she was pregnant when she kept craving for steamed buns and had a huge appetite. (I wonder how the actress felt when she later on find out she became pregnant in real life with the actor!) These 2 couples are one of the nicest couples i’ve watched in kdramaland – sweet romance, fighting, supporting each other and taking care of each other.


Dongsook and Taepyung

At the start both of them were annoying – Taepyung looked like a loser most of the time while Dongsook was so foolish. By the middle of the show, they wre married and both have matured. I loved their little family with Dajeong and was happy to see Taepyung because successful again. The part about lying that he is still single and not married to Dongsook i guess is a big deal to korean fans, though, for me, i didn’t think it should matter since he is not an idol and he’s older so people would expect that he would have married by now and it wouldn’t be an issue. I didn’t expect her first love to come back and become the CEO of his agency, and I dont think it was a big issue again since Taepyung is so over her. I’m just surprised that the first love is still so girlish despite her age. another funny scene is when they finally got their family certificate and Taepyung found out that Dongsook is older than him. haha. can’t he see that she looks old?


Samdo and Sunnyeo

The storyline for the second half of the series wasn’t as fun as the first half – mostly because they just kept fighting and misunderstanding each other. they have been married for so many years yet they act as if they dont know each other. When they moved to Seoul, i was really hoping that Sunnyeo can start her own store because she is such a good cook so after the storylines about jealousy and fake pregnancy and dying and divorce, we see Sunnyeo getting hired in a bank. And the magnificent Sunnyeo worked so hard that she had no time for any sexytime with Samdo, which infuriated him. It’s refreshing to see this side where we see Samdo is the one wooing his wife and we see how much he loves her despite how she looks or acts. Eventually she got employee of the month and the best part of the show, she got pregnant!! yay! i didn’t like how Yunshil and Sunnyeo were pregnant and gave birth at the same time but i guess it is a little funny. I like this couple because we see another side where both are older and they have different issues such as money and menopause and trying to get pregnant. Months later Sunnyeo gives her and she now owns her own shop and she finally wins the union presidency (something she has been wanting for so long). Samdo, on the other hand, becomes one of the great tailors and sees the tailor shop cooperative prosper and get recognized.


Taeyang and Hyewon

I honestly think they are too young to get married but they’re so cute and mature so I didn’t mind. All series long Hyowon was rich and help him out whenever she can while Taeyang was a simple guy who wanted to become a teacher. Despite being poor, he made up for it by being super nice guy who always treat Hyewon and her mom nicely. When Hyowon’s family became bankrupt and had to move out, we see the kind Taeyang taking the modelling job and using the money he earned to buy Hyowon and her family a house for them to live. Now who wouldn’t love this guy?? He is such a keeper! This is also another great case of a couple who may not be rich but have lots of love and support for each other. Hyowon’s mom is still hilarious – when she saw the house that she was moving into and couldn’t breathe and sticking her face in front of the fan while eating ice. lol. she eventually gets a job in Sunnyeo’s store and she just keeps eating the food. haha. Taeyang passes his teacher’s exam and gets assigned to a school. Taeyang and Hyowon get married the traditional way – which was interesting to watch. All his students go crazy over the ex-model teacher but he ignores them because he has only eyes for Hyowon. I was hoping Hyowon will continue to have a career outside of Meesa – i thought her art teaching suited her but i guess she needed to be back at Meesa since it’s her family’s company.


Hyosang and Yunjin

I disliked them so much that i wished them awful things — but when Hyosang went bankrupt and lost his job (his constant screeching was a bit exag), I felt bad for him. When Yunjin didn’t want to move in to the house and stayed with her friend.. it made us all ask.. so did she really marry Hyosang for money or did she really love him? When Hyosang told Yunjin that they were celebrating his dad’s death anniversary and if she doesn’t come then they will separate, i felt relieved when she came and okay.. maybe just maybe i will like this couple too. Working at Wolgyesu changed Hyosang – he learned about discipline, and actually liking sewing and working at the tailor shop and he became less arrogant. Yunjin became nicer and more sincere. Months later after all the hardwork, Hyosang was finally moved back to Meesa headquarters. I hope he learned his lesson well and will be a better manager in the future.


She made the mean girl in the show – and it was mostly because she felt like the Min family took over her family and her life. when she successfully kicked them out, she realizes how much she misses the family and how lonely and quiet the whole house was. She still felt upset everytime she saw Dongjin and Yunshil together – especially when she found out Yunshil was pregnant. Dongjin is so mature. At the start he was really awful and cruel to her, but in the end Dongjin spoke to her nicely without demeaning her love for him and said to move on, she deserves someone better than him.  I was thinking maybe she will meet someone in the end so that she can get over Dongjin, but didn’t expect that her future was to go to Europe, study and travel around the world. But in a way it made sense – it gave her freedom to be who she wants to be and to get away from all of them and make a fresh start. I also liked how she became closer to the Min family – especially the stepmother. Even from the start, Hyowon’s mom was concerned for her and treated her like her own daughter but she was so hurt with what happened she failed to see that she does have a family who will willingly come to her when she needs it. And with Hyowon out of the country, Madame Ko, Hyosang and Yunjin get to live in the big house again.


Last but not the least, Master Lee and Madame Choi

They decided to leave the house and move to the province to live on their own – as Master Lee explained, they want to live together and be together before Master Lee goes blind. the last few episodes we no longer see Madame Choi -i have a feeling this is when her cancer came back 😦 Master Lee eventually lost his eyesight and agreed to move back home so that they can take care of him. it’s quite fitting that the last scene was of Master Lee and the gentlemen of Wolgyesu and imparting a nice message.

Master Lee: I like the sea breeze.

Taepyung: isn’t frustrating now that you can’t see the view of the ocean?

ML: i dont know. i thought i’d feel uncomfortable once i lose my eyesight. surprisingly, it feels like i can see a whole different view now.

Taeyang: What is it you see, Mr Lee?

ML: I can see my life. When i had good eyesight, I only saw what was in front of me. Now that I can’t see and forget what’s surrounding me, the images of my past seem to unfold in my head like a beautiful painting. So there’s no need for me to feel frustrated.

Dongjin: What was your life like, Dad?

ML: It was dazzlingly beautiful. Luxurious beyond measure for me. The trade I’d learned as a child was to see and make grand suits. I couldn’t love my job more. Now those times stretch before me like a roll of beautiful fabric. The verb we use to say we make clothes means “to form”. We use the same verb on building houses or cooking food. The verb goes for cloths, food and shelther. That means clothes aren’t a mere accessory. Making clothes means we make a life that goes with it. A Gentleman isn’t someone who wears expensive or grand clothes. It’s a man who lives a life that suits his outfit. That is a true gentleman.

end sea

Overall, it was a great family show – very long but worth the watch. I loved the cast, the storylines, there were not a lot of boring scenes/episodes and each character got a good ending.

laurel tree tailors eps 36-40

this set of episodes is probably the best for me – there were lots of great scenes and beautiful quotes about life.

best moments from episodes 36 to 40:

  1. the scenes between dongjin’s mom and yunshil –

i realize now that because i am thinking of them as equals i was indignant that they were unfair with yunshil, but then taking a step back, i guess they aren’t really colleagues, but more on owner/employee, thus, there is a heirarchy that they breached. that is one of the reasons why the parents don’t like the relationship. another is that yunshil is caught up in a dangerous relationship with gipyo – and might harm dongjin – which is what the mom is afraid of. hence, she pleaded with yunshil to let dongjin go. i was thinking that if she really thought of yunshil as a family, they would help her be free of gipyo, rather than washing their hands and pushing her away. this is one of the saddest scenes in this drama so far, i couldn’t help but cry for both of them and their situation.



2. every scene with Madame Ko is fun and hilarious!

from her crazy fashion

tagging along with Taeyang and Hyowon’s date — like the christmas club party scene, and the dinner where the mother and daughter kept feeding tae yang.



being Taeyang’s manager – and supporting his “modelling career”- that scene when they played SNSD’s “Genie” while the mother-daughter tandem prayed that Taeyang will fail his teacher’s exam his awful but hilarious!

she gives Hyowon tips on how to handle her relationship –

MK: Wake up girl! Kang Tae Yang should say sorry first. Why do you attempt to make up with him?

HW: Does it matter who does it first?

MK: You should handle your man. If you spoil him now, you’ll lose initiative to Kang Tae Yang! You liked him so you asked him out. You told him that you loved him before he did. Then what did Kang Tae Yang do first? 

HW: I dont know.

MK: I think Kang Tae Yang should chase you around. Why are you chasing around Kang Tae Yang? Dont you have any kind of self-esteem?

HW: Self-esteem doesn’t matter when you love somebody.

MK: My goodness. Since you gave up your initiative, he’s treating you in such a way. So, you should make yourself less available from today. Keep that in mind that you’re the leader and Kang Tae Yang is the follower.

*phone rings* HW: It’s Taeyang. *grabs her phone*

MK: *slaps her phone away* What did i tell you? Make yourself less available. Dont respond to every attempt.

HW: Áre you saying that I shouldn’t get the call when he calls me?

MK: Trust me. I achieved everything with my wits. If you take my advice, you can be treated as a princess by Kang Tae Yang.

she is always fair when resolving the fights between the siblings,even though she likes Taeyang and dislikes Yunjin.



3. those breakup moments between yunshil and dong jin. and the wedding photoshoot.

*cries buckets of tears* i love this couple!



when dongjin found her and she refused to go back with him:


YS: It hurt and i’m in pain not because of your mom. It’s because of you. It took so much courage to leave the store. I’m practically forcing myself to stay here. Why did you come looking for me? If i give up and leave, no one else will get hurt. So leave me alone and go back home.

DJ: What nonsense is that? Dont you see the pain that you’re causing me? 

YS: the two of us only met a few months ago. We fought for most of that time. So even if we break up, we’ll get over it soon enough. 

DJ: Is that all you felt about me? I can’t be happy without you. You did this to me and now you want to break up? Do you think I’ll say yes? 

YS: I’m sick of it now. About you and your mom and Gipyo and his mom. It’s too much for me to handle. Why do you think I decided to leave the store and come here? Just go home. 

DJ: I’ll be unhappy without you. How can you talk about breaking up so easily? 

YS: If we stay together, we’ll only make each other unhappy. 

DJ: It’s cowardice to run away without trying. 

YS: You’re right. I’m a coward. To be with you I have to fight everything that comes our way. I can’t do that. I’d rather be a coward and run away. 

DJ: Do I make your life that tough to live? 

YS: This is the best for me. If you care for me, please go away. 

DJ: Is that what you want?

YS: Yes. So please leave. And never come here again.

4. the cotton candy proposal from taeyang (and the first time Taeyang called Hyowon “honey”)


a heartfelt and sweet proposal from Tae yang was just perfect:

HW: What’s this?

TY: It’s for you. I’m not ready yet and don’t have much so I can’t officially propose to you. But Hyowon is mine. I want to tie you down with this ring. 

HW: Wow. this feels nice.

TY: It doesn’t have jewelry, but i put my heart in it. Will you happily accept it?

HW: If it’s a ring coming from your heart, it has to be the most expensive ring in the world. 

TY: Hyowon. You were the beam of light shining through darkness when the sky of my youth was falling down on me.  You were so bright that I don’t even remember being in the darkness. Thank you.

5. a great quote from Master Lee to Dong Jin:

ML: “I think that life is a series of meetings and partings. We all go through it repeatedly, you know. You two will meet again if you’re meant to be. I know that the process will be difficult and painful, but don’t let your heart get wounded. They say that time heals everything, you know.

DJ: You also couldn’t forget Mi Soon your whole life.

ML: That’s why I’m telling you this now. When Mi Soon left me, I felt like my entire world had collapsed. But I met your mum after that and made a happy family together as you know. When you go on with your life, all of those painful memories become faint and get forgotten.

6. the very first time dong jin ever had a fight with his mom

*dongjin’s expression was so painful to watch*

DJ: Mother, did you really do it? Did you tell Yunshil to leave?

Mom: Yes. I told her to leave. I told her that I’ll never accept her as my daughter in law and to leave our house as well as the tailor shop. 

DJ: How could you do that to someone so kind and sad? This is all she has to rely on. How could you be so terrible? Were you such a cruel woman? Were you?

Master Lee: How dare you say your mother is cruel? Your mother knows Yun Shil better than you and no doubt did she care for her more than you did. If your mother said that, s he must have had her reasons. 

DJ: What reasons? What reasons could possibly explain her actions?

Mom: I can’t bear to see my son throw himself into a fire pit. You have a bright future ahead of you. I can’t watch you ruin your life because of Yun shil. No matter how cruel you say I am and how much more your criticize me, I can’t help myself. 

the worst moments from the episodes

  1. Samdo’s constant lying and hiding from Sunnyeo about Young Eun

I really didn’t like the storyline. Sunnyeo has been nothing but nice to Samdo ever since they made up and here goes Samdo again. He knows very well sunnyeo will go on beast mode once she finds out about Young Eun and yep, she did just that! I feel bad for Young eun who got her hair pulled when Samdo is the coward. I didn’t even feel sympathy for him when he cried because of “humiliation”.




2. Sunnyeo’s sickness and threat of divorce

Another bad storyline – i’m not sure if this is supposed to make Samdo realize how much he loves Sunnyeo but this was cringeworthy. I remember being so bored with the fake pregnancy and the wimpy Sunnyeo, and here she goes again, getting so dramatic when she does not even know the test results! For all we know, she is just pregnant!!!




3. Every moment I see Hyosang and Yujin!!!

Hyo sang is such a loser. no matter how much money he has, he can’t buy class – from wanting to marry an ambitious fake gold digger, to being a bad CEO and to sabotaging Dongjin’s business! Yunjin is equally pathetic – i see her “insincere face”and I want to slap her. I am so happy that Taeyang is so over her! i’m not sure how their storyline will go – will Hyosang really marry Yunjin (and they both get their happy ever after?). I actually dont care coz they deserve each other, i just wish they leave Taeyang alone.



4. Hyojoo.

I feel nothing for her. she had her chance with Dongjin, she treated him like dirt. now her company is losing money and she realizes he was the best thing that happened to her and now wants him back. i dont like her desperate attempts to take to dongjin’s parents or her attitude against yunshil. why would dongjin want to go back to her when she can clearly see that he is much happier with yunshil? if she really loves him she would let him go.