Sixth Sense S2 (2021)

Season 2 was definitely grander than season 1 but was easier to identify the fake. I got 10 out of 14 correct which isn’t bad since I barely got anything right in season 1. I wish they spice up season 3 because although I enjoy all the food episodes, the style of the fakeness are the same. For the non food, the concepts are also the same, about predicting the future or about their personalities. The additional twists were also good, esp episode 1 with Hong Seok Cheon and Chef Lee Yeon Bok. I liked the concept of the final episode where there are several fakes they have to choose from which threw them off.

The guests were also better in season 2. They were more chatty and “game” because they are fans of season 1. I particulaly liked the episode 4 (with Ha Seok Jin), episode 8 (with Kim Sung Cheol), episode 10 (with Nam Jihyun and Chae Jong Hyeop), and episode 12 (with Lee Sangyi). Special mention to episode 11 with Gray and Loco and the second place where they all cried after giving reassuring words to each other. Maybe because I had a super stressful week that time and watching the episode at 12midnight I also started crying when I heard them say to each other, “You did well!”

I loved Jessi in season 1, but here in season 2, Mijoo was the break out star!! She is naturally funny not afraid to look ugly to be funny. She may also look and sound dumb sometimes but she is very good at explaining things that’s why her team wins the games. Oh Nara also started going crazy in the latter half and it was great seeing her really have fun and play with the others. Sang Yeob too, loved the loveline between him and Jessi, he was awkward at first but later on he also started playing along.

Looking forward to season 3!!!

Rating: 9/10

chief kim eps 5-20 (end)

Things i loved about the show:

  1. Definitely Chief Kim – his weird and tacky fashion, to his brilliant ideas, his endless charm and optimism. sometimes his earnestness and stubbornness seem too much but that’s how you fight the bad guys. i love that he grew up at the end, from being a smart aleck for the bad guys to a good guy who found his sense of purpose
  2. Seo Yul – he was really an a$$ through most part of the show, and yet i was intrigued by his character and wanted him to succeed. i’m so glad he went to the good side. i would have loved a romance with Nam Sang Mi’s character coz i felt the chemistry and attraction between them.
  3. Chief Kim and Seo Yul’s bromance was really charming and funny. These are two guys who are smart and strategic – i am sure they will have more friendly competition and smart assery between them.
  4. Manager Choo – i loved the actor after seeing him in Strongwoman do bong soon, he played a different character this time but still loved him. he is the kind of manager i would like – someone who listens and tries to help and support his team through the ups and down.
  5. Kwang Sook’s loyalty to Chief Kim was sweet – she is a great assistant to Chief Kim, she is so cute too and hilarious, esp when she uses a low voice when angry. I also loved her friendship with Ha Kyung.
  6. all the accounting talk – i’m an accountant/ auditor in my day job so watching a show about accounting and fraud was interesting. however, they focused too much on the money trail and fraud, though, when there are more aspects to accounting than that. they also didn’t show in detail how the whole fraud worked and just said that everything was covered up or auditors were paid so a big fraud like that was never detected. a bit impossible and unrealistic but it’s kdrama.

Things that could have been improved:

As mentioned above, i dont believe a guy can get away that long without anyone detecting or noticing where all the money is going. and i can’t believe not a single person had the nerve to speak up, even the accounting head just willingly faked the books. also i didn’t understand the purpose of the business operations team as they seemed to be busier than the entire accounting team – are they supposed to be the accounts payable team that handled reimbursements or if they did other stuff like reporting because it’s hard to believe they are so busy.  i would have also loved to see more technical and more sub plots that show other aspects of accounting fraud or cases as there are a lot of things management can do to manipulate the books or employees can do to cheat on management.

i also would have liked the boss’ son to have stepped up by the end of the show and show that he is able to handle to take over the ceo position after his dad got incarcerated, but mini steps will do. we did see him grow up a lot, from being a party boy who didn’t care about the company and people to a team player who is following his mother’s footsteps. kudos to him too for having the courage to stand up for what’s right and help his dad go to jail.

we know that chief kim did some funny stuff before he joined the company but he never got arrested because everything he did was legal.. i also hoped he learned that while legal, it’s not necessary good. im not sure if he should have faced a little jail time or something so he can also take accountability for his past actions. suddenly being good and righteous and helping catch the real bad guy will not excuse you from your past mistakes, but at least it shows you are capable of changing for the better.

also, the show at 20 episodes, dragged a bit. we see the same storyline (bad guy keeps getting away, chief kim can’t find the evidence, etc) going around in circles for the last 3-4 episodes when everything could have been neatly finished in 16 episodes.

a short special where they all meet again and solve a short case will be fun to watch!