True Beauty (2021)

Drama: True Beauty (여신강림)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 9, 2020 – February 4, 2021
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:30

A high school girl bullied for her looks learns how to use makeup and transfers to another school where students are nice to her. She gets caught in a love triangle between silent but strong Suho and cool guy Seo Jun. Who will she choose? And what will she do when everyone finds out her real face sans makeup?

Main Cast
Moon Ga Young – Lim Jukyung
Cha Eun Woo – Lee Suho
Hwang In Yeop – Han Seo Jun
Park Yoona – Kang Soo Jin

The best thing about this drama is of course Jukyung and Suho 🥰 I think even without the childhood connection they could have still worked the relationship. I love that Suho loved Jukyung for herself and Jukyung helped Suho come out of his shell. They were there for each other in good and bad times and they didn’t have to pretend to each other. they can just show their true selves – like how they both love horror comics.

Cha Eun Woo as Lee Suho is perfect!! I think his stint in All the Butlers is helping me grow and mature into a better actor. He’s getting exposed to different challenges and experiences and meeting various people. Plus i’m sure he is getting tips from his fellow cast mates Seunggi and Seungrok. He’s only 23 years old – I think give him a few more years and we will see an even better actor

Poor Seojun, he really is a good guy, but just not the right one for Jukyung. I was hoping for a cameo of someone pretty at the end so that Seojun will have his own happy ever atfer but i liked that he was able to debut! I know a lot of people loved Hwang In Yeop in True Beauty, but I honestly liked him more in 18 Again.

It’s hard for me to watch the bullying scenes but I love that Jukyung was able to stand up and accept herself with or without makeup. And I’m glad she found real friends like Soo Ah. School violence and bullying must really be prevalent in Korea. Is it because of the pressure that the kids face from society and their parents? I really hope they do something about it.

Jukyung’s family is weird but fun! I love the softhearted dad and the cute younger brother. The mom is a tiger mom and at first I didn’t like her for always not listening to Jukyung and putting her down because she is not “pretty” enough. Good thing she finally learned the truth and supported Jukyung. One thing I find weird is that the first thing that she thought of was to go to a plastic surgeon. I mean, she saw how pretty Jukyung can be in full makeup — she just needs a good dermatologist to help her with her skin care.

I loved the bromance between Suho, Seojun and Seyeon. Not just loved, but it was heartbreaking. I feel so sad that Seyeon killed himself after the false bullying accusations. That is why everyone and especially the media needs to be careful with what we post and write. it’s not always about the power, fame and money. We need to love and respect more.

I loved all the cameos from Extra You cast.. but why is Kim Young Dae’s cameo so short? (Maybe he was busy filming Penthouse). I love Gun Joo’s cameo is the longest. He is so cute!

The makeup PPL and the OST! I almost added to cart all the colorgram cosmetics in Lazada last weekend 😁 but restrained myself. But i bought the OST! the background music was a little distracting though because it was always loud.

The story was almost finished by episode 14 so I didn’t expect the time jump. The last two episodes felt like fillers, although they were able to wrap everyone’s story neatly. It did feel like it was more of appreciation episodes for Seo Jun as he got a lot of screen time.. he had a date with Jukyung and confessed his feelings, he still maintained his friendship with Suho and he debuted and sang twice.

I appreciated seeing the gang all grown up and living their lives after school. I didn’t necessarily hate the breakup, I thought it was the most sensible reason at that time. Suho didn’t know when he will be back and he didn’t want Jukyung to wait for him. I hoped instead of Suho breaking up with Jukyung like that, and going silent for 2 years, they could have mutually agreed to hold off the relationship until he was back. I think Jukyung would have understood it.

I missed Soojin and I was hoping she had a better ending than volunteering overseas. It felt like she was trying hard to atone for her past behavior. She can go back to school, do what she wants and be her badass self again.

I’m prolly the only one who didn’t like Hee Kyung and Mr Han’s romance. I mostly fast forwarded their scenes. I think it was too cute for their age, but it wasn’t bad.

I did wish to see more reconciliation scenes between Suho and dad.

Rating: 9/10 (8.5 for the story +0.5 for Eunwoo)


Find Me In Your Memory (2020)

Drama: Find Me in Your Memory (그 남자의 기억법)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 32
Release Date: March 18 – May 7, 2020
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)
his is the story of a news anchor who remembers everything in his life and an actress who has forgotten a part of her memory.
Main Cast
Kim Dong Wook – Lee Jeong Hoon
Moon Ga Young – Yeo Ha Jin
I didn’t have a lot of expectations for this drama, mainly because I wasn’t familiar with the main leads. I only watched moon Ga Young in Live Up to Your Name and I only watched Kim Dong Wook in Along with the Gods (and he wasn’t swoony there!). There were 2 other dramas that premiered at the same time. First is I’ll Go To You When the Weather is Fine. I don’t like Park Min Young and I have never watched Seo Kang Jun. Second is A Piece of Your Mind starring Chae Soo Bin (who i love) and Jung Hae In (who i also never watched). But somehow, the poster of Find Me In Your Memory and the plot interested me a lot and that’s why i took a chance to watch this. I don’t know if it’s due to instinct after watching Kdramas for almost 20 years but I’m so glad my instinct is right! This is an underrated gem!

I think the main thing that pulled me into watching this drama episode after episode is the amazing chemistry between the main leads. Lee Jeong Hun looked so sad and weary and Yeo Ha Jin looked so innocent and fresh that I thought they looked so well together. Of course, there were a lot of heartbreaks, crying, sadness before they finally got together, but it was worth it because it made the couple stronger and gave them the reason for being together. I didn’t expect them to separate for a few years (i thought at first it didn’t made sense, they can continue to see each other while in a LDR) but then seeing them after 2 years apart made me realized they needed time apart to heal from the past and to decide how to move forward in the future. Fans and the general public have always revelled in other people’s misery and gossips; it’s unfortunate but it’s part of our daily lives. LJH and YHJ had the right to decide what they want and who they want to be with. I think it would have been bad if LJH and YJH knew each other even when LJH was dating Seo Yeon, but since they only met and fell in love years after, for me, it was just fate, and not because they betrayed the dead best friend/girl friend. Seo yeon in heaven must be happy looking over them now.

I also loved the second lead couple – Ha Kyung and Reporter Jo. I also didn’t expect the love line between the two – i thought they were just for comic relief but happy to see their relationship blossom and remain as strong as the main lead.

There were a lot of things happening in this drama – i think in some cases, this can turn bad for the drama because then the there will be too much information and not a lot of developed characters but i’m glad to say that this drama was written well enough that all the stories were interwoven and drove the stories forward. Let’s see, we have

1. the dead girlfriend story + stalker murder which ended well

2. best friend story + finding out your dead best friend is your new boyfriend’s ex girlfriend + feeling guilty for unintentionally telling the stalker where your best friend is so she got murdered

3. Ha Jin’s stalker + finding out the stalking was copycat following what the stalker murderer did to your dead best friend

4. Ha Jin’s journey from a second lead actress hated by fans to instant stardom then falling from public grace after nosy public found out about her relationship with her dead best friend’s boyfriend then becoming a world star and finally going back to korea

5. LJH’s peculiar illness of remembeing everything + meeting someone who has forgotten a piece of her memory only to find out that forgotten memory is the memory you can’t forget

6. the heartless doctor who took advantage of his patient’s illness for his research + intentionally antagonizing the stalker + telling Hajin that LJH will never forget his dead ex so that his book isn’t ruined. and the side story between the heartless doctor and his son who happens to be LJH’s best frind and Hajin’s doctor friend.

See so many stories and yet they were so well connected and written that the drama never got boring. it jus kept me watching and wanting to find out what happens next.

Also want to take time to say that Moon Ga Young as Yeo Ha Jin was so beautiful! she was always impeccably dressed (even at home) and her hair is always perfect. I also loved the beautiful scenery, maybe because it’s spring time but the flowers were pretty and the colors were just popping out on screen.

Overall, this was a lovely melodrama. I savored the quiet moments and conversations and all the emotions the characters felt. i was seriously rooting for them in the end!

Rating: 8.5/10