My Holo Love (2020)

Drama: My Holo Love (나 홀로 그대)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 12
Release Date: February 7, 2020
So Yeon is a woman who has problems recognizing faces, thus is lonely and keeps distance from others. By chance, she finds the unique HoloGlass and meets Holo. Holo’s owner, Ko Nando tries to retrieve Holo but ends up letting So Yeon become a beta tester and moves in next door. Soon, So Yeon is torn between Holo and Nando. Can you really love an AI or is it better to love a human?
Main Cast:
Yoon Hyun Min – Holo / Ko Nando
Go Sung Hee – So Yeon
Choi Yeo Jin – Ko Yoo Jin
Chansung – Chan Sung
The whole premise reminded me of I’m not a Robot where there’s a love triangle between 2 humans and AI. of course we all know how it will all end up because it’s really not possible and realistic for a human to choose AI over a fellow human, but it’s the journey of how they get there is what interests me. I loved the first couple of episodes of My Holo Love, it was both exciting and at the same time emtional to see Nando, So Yeon and Holo interacting. But the middle part of the drama got too boring and dragging that i was almost itching to fast forward the episodes to the end. I really wanted to see how the story ends and I read various reviews that the ending was worth it. And I’m glad I stuck to this drama becausee indeed, the last 2-3 episodes saved this drama from being bad.

I think the best character is Holo. he was so much fun to be with and sweet and smart. There was a time i thought, you know what, I wish I had my own Holo. He was a little creepy though because he is everywhere, sometimes even when So Yeon hasn’t worn her glasses. and he also gets terrifying when he unleashes is power. Something i learned from the show was being surprised that AI can learn how to feel, and care like a human. It’s a sad and scary thing because lonely people like So Yeon may really start depending on AI instead of humans for affection and you realize how much power machines can be, especially when it is used in the wrong way. I didn’t expect the ending, but it made sense that he has to “die”.

I also liked Nando, he may look and seem cold and distant, but he is really a sweetheart, and i think that is why Holo is like that. He projected his true nature through Holo. So in a way, So Yeon may have fallen in love with Holo, but it is somehow falling in love with Nando too, although not directly. I think my only complain about Nando is that he got the noble idiocy thing in the middle part of the show, which was annoying. I just wanted him to get the girl.

I have mixed feelings for So Yeon. I liked her at the start but then as she starting relying on Holo and crying when he was gone, I felt that she was either pathetic or sad. Does she she have no friends and no life that she clings on to AI and even fall in love with him? What is wrong with her? But then looking back, she had a tragic past and traumatic event that kept her from opening up to others and being herself. Then I started understanding her actions and feelings. I’m happy that she got over her trauma. I think the lesson learned here is that nothing beats human companionship. We really need to open our hearts and we will see how wonderful life can be to have great support from friends and family.

The childhood friends trope was something I thought was overdone, but this plot actually tied up/connected the 2 leads with one another and added a mystery/twist to the show. I think this is the one that stood out and saved the ending.

I have seen Chansung in 3 dramas and he always plays this lazy or arrogant guy but ends up being nice. I think it’s his face. his face looks like someone who can be a jerk. I knew from the start that he is going to be bad but i also can’t help but feel bad for him. he is scared of his grandpa and is forced to do things he doesn’t want to. Speaking of the grandpa, this is one person i felt was badly written. he is too evil and we dont even know his motivation other than wanting power (and why?). His actions like murder just didn’t make sense. While i cheered that Chansung finally got the balls to fight back and break grandpa’s formidable cane (i was itching to grab his cane and break it too), the whole scene was laughable because all it took was breaking his cane before he was defeated.

Of course, the ending was beautiful, with everyone having their happy ever after. I think overall, this was a quick and light show to watch at 12 episodes.

Rating: 7/10