Sixth Sense S2 (2021)

Season 2 was definitely grander than season 1 but was easier to identify the fake. I got 10 out of 14 correct which isn’t bad since I barely got anything right in season 1. I wish they spice up season 3 because although I enjoy all the food episodes, the style of the fakeness are the same. For the non food, the concepts are also the same, about predicting the future or about their personalities. The additional twists were also good, esp episode 1 with Hong Seok Cheon and Chef Lee Yeon Bok. I liked the concept of the final episode where there are several fakes they have to choose from which threw them off.

The guests were also better in season 2. They were more chatty and “game” because they are fans of season 1. I particulaly liked the episode 4 (with Ha Seok Jin), episode 8 (with Kim Sung Cheol), episode 10 (with Nam Jihyun and Chae Jong Hyeop), and episode 12 (with Lee Sangyi). Special mention to episode 11 with Gray and Loco and the second place where they all cried after giving reassuring words to each other. Maybe because I had a super stressful week that time and watching the episode at 12midnight I also started crying when I heard them say to each other, “You did well!”

I loved Jessi in season 1, but here in season 2, Mijoo was the break out star!! She is naturally funny not afraid to look ugly to be funny. She may also look and sound dumb sometimes but she is very good at explaining things that’s why her team wins the games. Oh Nara also started going crazy in the latter half and it was great seeing her really have fun and play with the others. Sang Yeob too, loved the loveline between him and Jessi, he was awkward at first but later on he also started playing along.

Looking forward to season 3!!!

Rating: 9/10

Suspicious Partner (2017)


Drama: Suspicious Partner (수상한 파트너)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 40
Release Date: May 10 – July 13, 2017
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Bong-Hee had a bad encounter with Ji-Wook (Ji Chang-Wook) when she accuses him of being a molester. They again meet at a hotel when Bong Hee caught her boyfriend with another girl and tried to get back by going home with Ji Wook. She ended up drunk and woke up at Ji Wook’s house.

A few months later, Bong-Hee, who is a law student/researcher, is assigned to work in Ji-Wook’s office, who turns out to be a great prosecutor. One night, when Bong Hee got home, she found her ex-boyfriend dead and she was arrested for his murder. Ji-Wook becomes the prosecutor in her murder case and was able to prove her innocence. However, Ji Wook had to quit his job and become a lawyer. Meanwhile, Bong Hee also became a lawyer and is trying to search for the real murderer. They meet up again after a few years and decided work together to find the murderer before the murderer gets to them.

Main Cast
Ji Chang Wook – No Ji Wook
Nam Ji Hyun – Eun Bong Hee
Choi Tae Joon – Ji Eun Hyuk
Kwon Na Ra – Cha Yoo Jung

My very first Ji Chang Wook drama. Yes, sadly, i’m late to the Ji Chang Wook ship. i don’t like his older dramas because it is always action (eg. Healer, K2). I also didn’t like his “face”. haha. I was bored and looking for something light and fun so i picked up this show on a whim. And I’m glad I did. The more i stared at Ji Chang Wook on the screen, the more i was mesmerized by his good looks – his beautiful eyes and kissable lips. He was especially cute when he wears his big glasses. though i preferred his prosecutor hair (his hair is up and slicked back) than his lawyer hair (his hair hiding his lovely forehead).

Okay, back to the drama (sorry got sidetracked). i thought this would be a zippy romcom/light murder mystery drama, so i didn’t expect that this show had a lot of murders, gripping scenes and a psychopath killer!!! Super hooked on the murder part because i hated the psycho killer so bad I wanted to see how they catch him (he is too good and is always one step ahead of the pair). I read the reviews of some people and I honestly don’t understand why they feel bad or sad about the psycho!! yes, the twist at the end was marvelous (i didn’t even consider that angle) but it does not justify what he did – killing each one of them and asking for sympathy.

the law firm group was hilarious – especially the law firm dad. he used to play the mean guy in his previous dramas but this is the second time i’ve watched him play the fun and cool dad/granddad so i love his love/hate fights with Bong Hee. and Bong Hee’s reaction when she realized that he is Ji Wook’s “dad” and she has to be nice to him. and Ji Wook’s mother! She is a great actress – most of the time she is so effective at being the screaming, scheming bad mother – this time, while she is annoying, she is so funny with her fight with Bong Hee’s mother – cracks me up!

The best friend (Eun Hyuk) and the bitch ex girlfriend (Yoo Jung). Hm, at first i didn’t like Eun Hyuk, i thought he was really mean for coming in between Ji Wook and Yoo Jung but then I found out he was the first one who liked her and i felt bad for her. And while he did hurt Ji Wook, he was still there, trying to make amends and asking forgiveness. i get why Ji Wook was mad at him – he betrayed him after all but it felt like he was more hurt at Eun Hyuk than when he broke up with Yoo Jung. As for Yoo Jung, ugh! I thought she was a bad ass prosecutor, but then she got whiny and clingy, expecting to just get back with Ji Wook as if she didn’t cheat on him! (the nerve!!!) and her glares to Bong Hee is totally unwarranted – she has no right since she’s the ex. I still can’t believe Eun Hyuk still likes her after all that she did. I think he deserves someone better than her. but oh well, she was not bad by the end of the show.

the other friend – the girl Bong Hee caught cheating with her dead ex-boyfriend. Ugh! i wanted to slap her face for giving Bong Hee such a hard time. and it was too funny when Bong Hee found out and they grabbed each other’s hair! The nerve of her assuming Eun Hyuk likes her (haha!) I was prepared to hate her but she was nice for giving Bong Hee a space to live in when she needed it and she became a nice person.

This was a super fun show – with the right mix of comedy, murder and romance.  Looking forward to Ji Chang Wook’s new drama (and if he ever comes to Manila for a fanmeeting, count me in!)