Moonlight (2021) Eps 1-18

Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu (2017)

Drama: Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu / Everyone’s Getting Married (突然ですが、明日結婚します)
Network: Fuji TV
Episodes: 9
Release Date: January 23 – March 20, 2017
Runtime: Monday 21:00-21:54
Country: Japan

A girl who wants to get married falls in love with a guy who doesn’t want to get married. And another guy comes in and proposes a loveless marriage but fulfills all the requirements of the girl. Who do you choose?

Main Cast
Mariya Nishiuchi – Asuka Takanashi
Ryuta Namamura – Ryu Nanami
Ikusaburo Yamazaki – Akihito Kamiya
Anne Nakamura – Rio Kiriyama
Yukino Kishii – Momoko Makise
Kanro Morita – Hiroki Ono

Once in a while i break away from watching kdramas to watch a Japanese drama. I love how realistic most Jdramas are especially on stories dealing with single lives, relationships and marriage. And the episodes are short, it’s easy to binge watch the entire day 🙂

I like how the story tackled different views on marriage. There’s no right or wrong answer. You decide what makes you happy. Be it married or single. You never know, you or your partner might change your mind.

Another critical question that the drama raised, do you continue to be in a relationship knowing you may not end up in marriage? Is it better to stop now before you waste more time? Is it right to hope that the other one changes his mind or will you regret or blame him if he never did?

Asuka wants to get married and be a professional housewife. Until then she works hard in her career so that when she gets married, she has achieved her career goals and can be happy staying at home. When she falls in love with Ryu Nanami and found out his anti-marriage stance, instead of backing away, she held on, convinced that one day he will change his mind. I think in real life, this can really go either way: the guy or girl falls in love so much and will have a change of heart and wants to get married OR the guy or girl will never change his/her mind and the one who has been waiting will get tired, disappointed and angry. There’s no easy answer here, except to trust your heart and love each other well so that there are no regrets in case you break up. And be ready in case you really break up.

On the other hand, Kamiya thinks one doesn’t have to be in love to get married but a win-win situation. We both like each other, Asuka fulfills his requirements of a smart and sensible housewife, and in turn, he will give her dream of becoming housewife. they work well as a team in the office, so why not at home? I think marriage of convenience, arranged marriage or marriage done not out of love is also not bad. I think as long as you have good communication or at least like each other as friends or colleagues is a logical beginning. At least you don’t get easily burdened my emotional issues. And I think once you start living with someone and being with that person 24/7, you will end up loving that person. Or at least get used to him/her and you will be close. So this can also work. Then again, it can also go the opposite way where you end up hating each other and break up. And as you can see, Kamiya ended up with Asaka’s friend, who wanted a cute husband and was okay with the loveless marriage arrangement. and their marriage is working well.

The third couple is the reverse of Nanami and Asaka. The guy pursues the girl through his good efforts and eventually wins over the girl even though at the start she only saw him as a friend. He was even able to convince her to move in with him even if the girl opposed marriage. And they were also happy. So it really depends on what works for the couple.

People shouldn’t judge other people just because you have different views. I loved their friends and family for being supportive and listening to their problems and offering different words of wisdom. Feels like there are so many people who love and care for them.

Something I didn’t like about the show is too much noble idiocy from Nanami Ryu although i understand his hesitation to get married and his reasons for breaking up with Asuka. I appreciated that he really thought about his decision but i hated that he decided on his own thinking he knows what’s good for Asuka.

“There are two types of stubbornness. The cool ones and the lousy ones. Lousy stubbornness is the action of those who are self righteous. Which one are you?” – Mama Kama

“You dont break up with the girl you love by hurting them!” – Yuko

Rating: 8/10

Secret Life of My Secretary (2019)


  • Drama: The Secret Life of My Secretary (초면에 사랑합니다)
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 32
  • Release Date: May 6 – June 25, 2019
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)


Do Min ik is a Director of a mobile company vying for the CEO role. He has a brain condition when he was younger where he had a surgery. One day, he got into an accident and woke up with prosopagnosia (not being able to see or recognize faces). Surprisingly he can see his secretary Jeong Galhee very clearly. With his uncle trying to take the CEO position, Do Min Ik will need to rely on Galhee before anyone finds out about his condition.

Main Cast

Kim Young Kwang – Do Min Ik

Jin Ki Joo – Jeong Gal Hee

Kim Jae Kyung – Veronica Park

Ku Ja Sung – Ki Dae Joo


I liked the first few episodes most because i thought Galhee was so sweet and charming. I didnt really like Do Min Ik because i couldnt help but compare him to Park Seo Jun’s character in WWWSK. PSJ could effortlessly pull off funny yet still look cool while Do Min ik felt cheesy. But i liked the pairing so i continued watching the show.

Then Galhee pretended to be Veronica Park, i thought it was ridiculous since they sould exactly alike except for her trying to imitate “veronica park speaking” and “awesome”. I wonder how can Do Min Ik not recognize his own secretary’s voice? Is he really that pure hearted? How can he not know he is being fooled and how can he be a good CEO if he cant even spot the charade?

So i still continued to watch because i wanted to find out how the story would end. There came to a point where i was starting to lose respect for Galhee. Like really? Are you such a doormat and so hopelessly in love with you boss then you are at his beck and call? I thought that was too much when she cant even stay with her family after watching her sister’s musical and when she got so angry when thebsiblings tagged along to the beach date. I thought that was so nice of Do Min Ik. Then i also think of how Do Min Ik also keeps calling her and asking her to come to him and she just keep dropping her things to go to him!!! Ugh. I was getting bored with the story and just wanted everything to finish. i actually dont know why i didnt just stop. I guess i already spent more than 12 hours watching so might as well finish the drama.

I did love Veronica Park! She was over the top but hilarious!! She was a fair boss a good CEO and she seemed to be a good girl friend what i didnt like was how she is almost always sexually harrassing Ki Dae Ju and i dont find their scenes very funny. On thebother hand, the actor is so poker faced i dont know what he is thinking. The only time i liked him is when dealing with VP’s mother who has too funny.

The competition between Do Min Ik and Ki Dae Ju for me was unfair. All this time Do Min Ik never treated Ki dae Ju unkindly but KDJ had all those resentment in him. But im glad they were able to fix their relationship and KDJ became the temporary CEO. Actually thought it made perfect sense since i also wondered how DMI can be the CEO with his current condition.

Another character i didnt like was DMI’s mother. I was hoping they do not make up and for DMI to move out of his mother’s home. He doesnt deserve that kind of treatment from his own mother.

Overall the drama was very light with alot of pretense that i felt was dragged on for too long but i lost interest. I also was not very interested in the story about the secretary and her revenge. I dont agree with her and she should have been jailed for what she did. You dont right a wrong with another wrong. Even the other secretaries knew what they were doing was wrong but continued to do so and i dont know why they got tltheir permannet jobs back. In fact if the company was so bad in treating their employees why didn’t they just quit and find another job??

Rating: 6 out of 10