Seven First Kisses (2016)

Drama: Seven First Kisses (첫 키스만 일곱번째)
Genre: Romance, comedy
Format: Web drama
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: Naver TV Cast
Broadcast period: 2016-Dec-05 to 2017-Jan-05
Air time: Monday & Thursday 10:00

A short drama about a NBSB girl who wishes to experience love for the first time and meets a beautiful angel who grants her wishes.

Main Cast
Lee Cho Hee – Min Soo Jin
Choi Ji Woo – angel
Lee Joon Ki
Park Hae Jin
Ji Chang Wook
Ok Taecyeon
Lee Jong Suk
Lee Min Ho

Hmm… You can’t really call this 7 first kisses when there were no kissing involved! 😕

Very short episodes to promote Lotte Duty Free but i still enjoyed it. Every episode had a story and featured all our dream oppas –
– Lee Joon Gi is the childhood church friend for girls who like the boy next door
– Park Hae Jin is the handsome and cool boss for girls who want an office romance
– Ji Chang Wook is the sexy secret agent for girls who like bad boys and adventure
– Kai is the sweet younger boyfriend for girls who think age doesn’t matter
– Ok Taecyeon is the handsome chaebol’s son for girls who want to marry rich and be treated like a princes (but be prepared for evil MIL and pesky rich girl friend)
– Lee Jong Suk is the charming actor for girls who dream of marrying their oppas
– Lee Min Ho is the intelligent and serious travel writer for girls who love books and traveling

When Choi Jiwoo said, “You need to choose just 1 person and the story will continue.” Man, what a tough decision! Looking back at the stories and deciding which fantasy boyfriend i like, i will probably choose Lee Joon Gi’s character first, Lee Minho the next, Lee Jongsuk as the third 🙂

And I agree with what Soo Jin said, “What kind of reward is this if there’s no kissing?” HAHA! Oh well, at least she finds out that Lee Minho is the endgame 🥰.

Rating: 7/10

Old School Intern (2020)

Drama: Kkondae Intern (꼰대인턴)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 24
Release Date: May 20 – June 25, 2020
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00

Ga Yeol Chan used to be an intern at Ongol Foods and his boss is Lee Mansic. A tragic event forces Yeol Chan to resign from Ongol. Now a successful manager at Joonsu Foods, he was surprised to discover Lee Mansic joining Joonsu as a senior intern. Yeol Chan vows to seek revenge on Mansic.

Main Cast
Park Hae Jin – Ga Yeol Chan
Kim Eung Soo – Lee Man Sic
Park Ki Woong – Namgoong Joonsu
Han Ji Eun – Lee Tae Ri

I started watching this drama as it was promoted to an office comedy type of drama. I imagined kind of like “The Intern” movie. But the first 4 episodes were actually hard to watch. This is because the show started with showing the dark past between Lee Mansic and Ga Yeol Chan. The way Lee Mansic treated Ga Yeol Chan was really terrible that you would root for Yeol Chan to seek his revenge on Mansic. But when they finally met at Joonsu foods, I was surprised how much I sympathized with Mansic instead of Yeol Chan! Which is weird because Yeol Chan was supposed to be the victim and Mansic the bully. I think this is partly because Kim Eung Soo did an amazing job playing Lee Mansic. Second because I thought, “Ga Yeol Chan should know better than this!”

I’ve been in the workforce for almost 20 years and I’ve seen different personalities in the work place. And considering that my job sometimes makes me at odds with my stakeholders, I always thought of myself that, I should always try to understand them and think of how i would feel if i were in their shoes. That way, i can anticipate how they react and also think of how to make the relationship better. Likewise, me and my friends have always said that when you’ve been treated badly at work and you get to be on the other side, there are 2 things people usually do: (1) to seek revenge and be as awful as how you treated previously or (2) be the better person and make sure the other people wont feel the way you did before.

And i put this same principle to Ga Yeol Chan. and that’s why I was mostly disappointed in him for the first half of the show. He knows what it felt like to be bullied, to not be respected and to treat others unkindly. Yet that is what he was doing to his team. On the outside, he comes off as super nice, great boss, compassionate but when no one is looking, he puts them down, thinks that they are all stupid and he’s the magnanimous boss. Grr! Irritated me a lot!

And i compare him to Lee Mansic. He’s so experienced in dealing with people, even when he knows Ga Yeol Chan is treating him like trash, he stood up for himself and treated work as work. Yes, he has done so many bad things in his work life, but as he said during the last few episodes to the board of directors when he was trying to defend Ga Yeol Chan — who hasn’t done things because the boss told them too? It is hard to do it but someone’s got to do it and they become the “bad guys”. And what’s good with Lee Mansic is that he actually reflects on his actions. He knows when he’s done bad things, and he knows when he needs to back down and apologize. He tries hard to grit his teeth and move forward even when things are terrible.

To be honest, i almost dropped the show around episode 5 because I didn’t like Ga Yeol Chan and i didn’t like his team — i thought they were so incompetent – the 2 permanent employees were slackers, the lady contractual had b*tch face everyday, the girl intern was so weird, and the guy intern was creepy and vindictive. The only person I liked was Lee Mansic. And it was enough for me to continue watching, because I couldn’t wait for the day when Ga Yeol Chan wakes up and he and Lee Mansic teams up to take down the bad guys. At this point, i thought the “bad guy” was Namgoong Joonsu, who i can’t understand why he is so intent on pulling Yeol Chan down when he spends the whole day just talking and plotting inane things with the manager. I dont think i even saw him work once!

But i’m glad i stuck it out with the show. I loved all the office drama where they have to fix various issues that happens, like angry consumers, developing new ramen product. And i liked the slow growth and maturity of the team. Well, mostly the gradual realization of Yeol chan of how he judges too easily and puts down people so much (although i thought this should have happened early on).

I especially loved when he said, “That’s when i realized that I had been too quick to judge based on my own standards, without remembering how clumsy I had been in the beginning. I looked down on them just like the people who had looked down on me. You shouldn’t judge a person that easily. They were never useless from the get-go.” I agree with him. Everyone brings something to the table, and sometimes, it is the diversity that makes life interesting because that’s when you learn so much more and you appreciate the people around you.

Likewise, this drama also showed the maturity of Mansic too. He has spent most of his life thinking he’s the older one, but it’s also nice to listen to the young people too. They have new creative ideas that older people dont think of, partly because we are stuck to our ways or we never thought of it. I loved the scene between his daughter when she said, not in an angry tone, but in a loving way, “That’s why you need to stop saying things like ‘back in my days’. You should humble yourself when you approach younger people. And hear them out on their ideas instead of asserting only yours.” I do note that this should go both ways. Younger people also should listen and respect the older generation too.

I still didn’t like the guy intern that much and i didn’t really care for his romance with the lady contractual, but the story wasn’t bad. I also still didn’t like the two slackers.

I did like the girl intern – like i said before, she started really weird and i thought she is immature, but she eventually grew on me. I wished they showed how nice and smart she is early on. and I’m happy they didn’t pursue the loveline between her and Yeol Chan because it felt off from the very start. And the unexpected surprise, learning that she is Mansic’s daughter was so funny, and somehow they earlier episodes finally started making sense. and I loved the father-daughter team/relationship. Again, i wish this happened earlier on.

As for the “bad guy”, I’ve always had some niggling feeling that Joonsu wasn’t the villain of the drama, and I was right. It was the lady! Ugh! *Side note: she seems to be all over kdramaland nowadays, she needs to be careful not to be “too much” out there or people might get fed up with her

Oh, and i want to give a shout out to the 2 other senior interns – they were both kickass! (Especially Anastacia – wow she is so beautiful and elegant!)

Overall, this drama was not bad, it had comedy, action (the warehouse gang fight scene was one of the funniest i’ve seen in a while), drama, lots of food (mostly ramen), lots of lessons learned about life and about work. And of course, the bromance between Yeol Chan and Mansic!! It felt like Mansic became part mentor, part father to Yeol Chan, which i loved.

Rating: 7.5/10

Man to Man ep. 6-10

A lot happened in the next 4 episodes.

Do ha gets kidnapped because of the ring, Seul woo enlists the help of Un gwang to get her free. They were able to capture the other Agent who refused to talk. However, once he found out that Seungjae dropped him, he messaged Seulwoo using a special Ghost code and they were able to retrieve the body of missing Agent Robert Yoon.

Do ha’s dumb dad is still up to his con man ways and thought he could get some money and help from Congressman Baek – who in turn used him and framed him for the murder of Robert Yoon. By this time, Do ha has found out about the real identity of Seul woo but is still in love with him. After revealing his identity, Seul woo “disappeared” on Do ha who was furious! Un gwang is smarter and knows Seul woo is still in the same building, just in a secret room.

When Do ha found out about her dad, she had no choice but to seek the help of Prosecutor Lee and Seul woo to help free her dad. The only way to do it is to get the second wood carving and proceed with the Black Auction. I dont know how much influence Song san and Cong Baek has on the government and NIS, but they were unbelievably able to remove Jang from NIS, arrest Lee on absurd charges, leaving Seul woo alone to complete the mission. and who else to help but Do ha and Un gwang! i love their partnership! To be able to participate in the black auction, Seul woo borrowed USD5M from Ungwang, to his shock (that is a whole lot of money to give away!) Nevertheless Un gwang not only gave him the money, he and Doha also went to the Black auction to buy the wood carving. (Obviously with a lot of NIS agents, Seul woo can’t go there himself). Meanwhile, In exchange of giving the USB drive containing Yoon’s murder, the other Agent struck a deal with Seulwoo to help him get the wood carving, while Seulwoo helps him fake his own death.

Once they were able to get the wood carving. Seungjae and Cong Baek amped the pressure by claiming that the agent death was a terrorist attack and the NIS director should be responsible for it. I dont know what is the sudden change in attitude of Mi-eun (if it’s for herself or for her son), now she has sided with Seungjae and has been giving him helpful advise to meet their plan. Mi-eun convinced Seungjae to get Jang to his side (make him NIS Director) and his loyalty by giving Jang Cong Baek and the Baek Infantry. Seung jae spoke to Jang about it while Jang had to think about his next move. With him and Lee powerless, and the NIS Director unable to get the third wood carving in Myanmar (Apparently Seungjae was able to somehow get someone to move it to Russia) and planning to retire, it looks like Jang may have to take Seungjae’s offer to be able to eventually take him down.

For a man who is supposedly so powerful that he controls the government and the people, i find it hard to believe that he can’t even get the 3 wood carvings! and most of the time his men is running around chasing Seulwoo. i guess he is the type a bully who is all mean words and goons but doesnt have the strength to do his own job. And i dont know who i want to hurt more.. the smug face of Seungjae or the arrogant face of Cong Baek. I can’t wait for the episode when Seulwoo (with the help of Ungwang) and the team take them down!

As for Do ha and Seul woo’s relationship, I still can’t see much romance – and i feel like it’s forced. I dont know how Seul woo is feeling, if he is just repressing his growing feelings for her or he is still at this point working on his mission. I can see he does care for her – since they have gotten closer.

Another person I’m not sure of is Un gwang’s feelings for Do ha. Is it just brotherly concern or is he starting to like her? And how about Un gwang’s feelings for Mi-eun? i think it’s gone he just can’t move on because there was no closure. At this point, i dont want Un gwang to end up with Mi-eun at all! Ungwang is such a happy funny guy and Mi eun looks like a miserable bitch. (i have to say, Chae Jung an looks different than when she was younger..not sure if she got any work done on her face). I dont even feel any ounce of sadness whenever Seungjae treats her badly. She married him so she has to live with her consequences.

I also love the budding bromance between the men both at this point its more Ungwang than Seulwoo.

I really hope nothing bad happens to Prosecutor Lee and Jang – i was so scared when Baek visited Lee – i thought he might have spiked his coffee.

I think we are in the middle of the show – the next up is going to be even more thrilling, trying to find the last wood carving, and i’m betting we will see a lot of alliances shifting and lots of twists til we get to the end.

Man to Man episode 5

This episode focused more on Seul woo wooing Do ha not only to complete his mission but also to find out his real feelings for her. The episode had a lot of swoonable and funnymoments between the couple. 

I love the quotesthat Seul woo says in every episode. One of the usual things he says is that “Love is a useful deceit and tactic to a secret agent.” Seul woo kissed do ha and she later said she stole the kiss and she should stay one meter away from her all the time.

Seul woo was speaking to the prosecutor about Do ha not being beautiful. His reaction was hilarious and i realize that he probably said so coz he couldnt believe that he would actually fall in love with a not so pretty girl. 

 Seul woo calling her up so early in thr morning to greet her then.. 

That cute hi gesture he made to Do ha the later during the day

And Do ha telling him to stay one meter away from her

During the shooting and they were extras in the scene and Seul woo romantically draped his jacket over her shoulders 

Un gwang put two and two together and met up with Seul woo. So cute that he actually roots for the pair. And what he said below was funny! Plus the scene where they were feeding each other. Seul woo’s face is priceless. 

Seul woo spent the next day not talking to Doha (i guess guys also know that manipulative move lol). When the prosecutor asked why Seul woo made a good point and said that “Dating is about reactions. It varies by the person and situation.” 

And his reaction when Doha texted him to meet. Haha so adorable he probably was starting to fall to her and was acting cute naturally. 

And after a whole day of tryin gto capture the ghost agent who is after the wood carvings (and failing to do so)  Seul woo took her on a date watching thr night skyline as she earlier mentioned that she wanted to do. There doha couldnt resist and kissed him. And Seul woo was saying ohno. He is falling in love.. 

Lastly when he took her home, her dad was waiting outside (prosecutor pulled some strings to get him out) and the dad embraced him so tightly that he had to remind himself that he is Agent K badass and have to stay focus in his mission. 
On a side note the ghost agent that ran away went instead to Seungjae’s side instead of the old guy who wanted to take Seung jae down. The NIS director remembers hin as one of their own  who left for money instead of country.

Lastly below are some collections of Seul woo’s many reactions. I  love how Park Haejin is so expressive.