[throwback] Buamdong Revenge Club (2017)


Drama: Avengers Social Club (부암동 복수자들)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 12
Release Date: October 11 – November 16, 2017
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30

3 women meets by chance and forms the “Avengers Social Club” to seek revenge on the people who have hurt them. Jung Hye is the illegitime daughter of a chaebol family who is in an unhappy arranged marriage. Her husband later brings his son from a former girlfriend into the household. Do Hee is a poor but fiesty fish seller who is not afraid to fight for her family. She wants to seek revenge on the people who is trying to damage the reputation of her daughter and son. Mi Sook is married to an husband who is violent when he gets drunk. She is an orphan, with a dead son and a sullen daughter. She is meek and passive but she slowly gains the strength to fight her husband and protect her daughter.

Lee Yo-Won: Kim Jung-Hye
Ra Mi-Ran: Hong Do-Hee
Myung Se-Bin: Lee Mi-Sook
Jun: Lee Soo-gyum

I was looking for a quick show to watch last week and so happy that i watched this show. I had zero expectations since i didn’t know any of the cast aside from Ra Mi-Ran. Overall, i liked the friendship between the 3 ladies and the stepson. The way they met was so random that I did not really expect (and believed) how quick they were to trust one another and become close friends so quickly. But i’ve been in those situations before and i think it is possible if you have a common goal or interests.

Let me comment on the 3 ladies. I thought Jung-hye was too cold and stony faced that it was so adorable to see her and be a happy cute drunk and watch her be amazed with simple things like eating ramen or drinking instant coffee. i wish i had a friend as rich and generous as her though. I really felt sad for her and how she is being treated by her own family. it is true – it wasn’t their fault that they were born illegitimate and they should not be punished for it. I also love all of her crazy ideas because it always worked! Her husband was okay for me, he seemed like a happy harmless guy, but through out the show he just changed to being a pathetic loser. He deserved to go to prison, but i hoped to see him apologize to Jung hye. I also liked Jung Hye’s ending – she got her freedom, she was able to travel and she built her own jimjilbang in her building haha!

Ra Mi-ran seems to always play the fiesty poor lady. and it fits her well. I love her sunny personality – even though her family is poor, she is hard working, happy, a great mom to her kids and great unni to the other 2. I loved how she opened her home to them whenever one is down or in trouble. I loved how she raised her children well. ugh. super hated the rich bitch and her dumb son. glad to see them fall down on their high horse. the principal is also a sleazy scumbag and deserved everything he got. Oh, and the romance with the younger guy is just so cute!! (He’s that guy from My Golden Life – ding ding! found a connection with the other dramas I watched).

I liked Mi-sook the least, and it’s mostly because i felt that she was a doormat. her husband has repeatedly hurt her yet she is still staying with him. No wonder her daughter turned out that way. As i see her slowly open up to the ladies and started fighting back, i started to also admire her and realized that it also takes a lot of courage and strength to try to keep the family together despite the conditions. her husband is just ugly (not in looks, but in soul). these kinds of politicians should be exposed and never be elected to office.

Soo-gyum is an odd kid. Kind of weird for him to be hanging out with ahjummas, but in a way it made sense – he has no family left and these 3 ladies, plus Do-hee and Mi-sook’s children became his family and friends. I like how cool he was, even though he came from the province, he didn’t cower to get intimidated by the city kids. His mom was super annoying and tacky with all the weird wigs and costumes.

The first few revenge ideas were a bit shallow and petty but i still loved it because that’s what they were. I’m sure there are several instances where people get so frustrated with life, situations or with people that you just want to get back at them, even for such a small thing such as harmless pranks, embarrassing them, putting glue on their chairs, strip them naked. These are everyday things average people fantasize in their heads but seldom do. I also love how level headed they were. Despite their need for revenge, they always made sure what they are doing is still legal and will not harm other (innocent) people. I also loved how the writers built the plot from simple silly pranks to bigger and bigger ideas that eventually took down all of them. None of them felt forced or unbelievable and it just flowed from the storyline. For me, the best episodes where between episodes 8-10. I shed tons of tears and my heart broke for all of them.

If you guys ever want to watch a fun yet poignant series, try this one. You won’t be disappointed.

laurel tree tailors eps 36-40

this set of episodes is probably the best for me – there were lots of great scenes and beautiful quotes about life.

best moments from episodes 36 to 40:

  1. the scenes between dongjin’s mom and yunshil –

i realize now that because i am thinking of them as equals i was indignant that they were unfair with yunshil, but then taking a step back, i guess they aren’t really colleagues, but more on owner/employee, thus, there is a heirarchy that they breached. that is one of the reasons why the parents don’t like the relationship. another is that yunshil is caught up in a dangerous relationship with gipyo – and might harm dongjin – which is what the mom is afraid of. hence, she pleaded with yunshil to let dongjin go. i was thinking that if she really thought of yunshil as a family, they would help her be free of gipyo, rather than washing their hands and pushing her away. this is one of the saddest scenes in this drama so far, i couldn’t help but cry for both of them and their situation.



2. every scene with Madame Ko is fun and hilarious!

from her crazy fashion

tagging along with Taeyang and Hyowon’s date — like the christmas club party scene, and the dinner where the mother and daughter kept feeding tae yang.



being Taeyang’s manager – and supporting his “modelling career”- that scene when they played SNSD’s “Genie” while the mother-daughter tandem prayed that Taeyang will fail his teacher’s exam his awful but hilarious!

she gives Hyowon tips on how to handle her relationship –

MK: Wake up girl! Kang Tae Yang should say sorry first. Why do you attempt to make up with him?

HW: Does it matter who does it first?

MK: You should handle your man. If you spoil him now, you’ll lose initiative to Kang Tae Yang! You liked him so you asked him out. You told him that you loved him before he did. Then what did Kang Tae Yang do first? 

HW: I dont know.

MK: I think Kang Tae Yang should chase you around. Why are you chasing around Kang Tae Yang? Dont you have any kind of self-esteem?

HW: Self-esteem doesn’t matter when you love somebody.

MK: My goodness. Since you gave up your initiative, he’s treating you in such a way. So, you should make yourself less available from today. Keep that in mind that you’re the leader and Kang Tae Yang is the follower.

*phone rings* HW: It’s Taeyang. *grabs her phone*

MK: *slaps her phone away* What did i tell you? Make yourself less available. Dont respond to every attempt.

HW: Áre you saying that I shouldn’t get the call when he calls me?

MK: Trust me. I achieved everything with my wits. If you take my advice, you can be treated as a princess by Kang Tae Yang.

she is always fair when resolving the fights between the siblings,even though she likes Taeyang and dislikes Yunjin.



3. those breakup moments between yunshil and dong jin. and the wedding photoshoot.

*cries buckets of tears* i love this couple!



when dongjin found her and she refused to go back with him:


YS: It hurt and i’m in pain not because of your mom. It’s because of you. It took so much courage to leave the store. I’m practically forcing myself to stay here. Why did you come looking for me? If i give up and leave, no one else will get hurt. So leave me alone and go back home.

DJ: What nonsense is that? Dont you see the pain that you’re causing me? 

YS: the two of us only met a few months ago. We fought for most of that time. So even if we break up, we’ll get over it soon enough. 

DJ: Is that all you felt about me? I can’t be happy without you. You did this to me and now you want to break up? Do you think I’ll say yes? 

YS: I’m sick of it now. About you and your mom and Gipyo and his mom. It’s too much for me to handle. Why do you think I decided to leave the store and come here? Just go home. 

DJ: I’ll be unhappy without you. How can you talk about breaking up so easily? 

YS: If we stay together, we’ll only make each other unhappy. 

DJ: It’s cowardice to run away without trying. 

YS: You’re right. I’m a coward. To be with you I have to fight everything that comes our way. I can’t do that. I’d rather be a coward and run away. 

DJ: Do I make your life that tough to live? 

YS: This is the best for me. If you care for me, please go away. 

DJ: Is that what you want?

YS: Yes. So please leave. And never come here again.

4. the cotton candy proposal from taeyang (and the first time Taeyang called Hyowon “honey”)


a heartfelt and sweet proposal from Tae yang was just perfect:

HW: What’s this?

TY: It’s for you. I’m not ready yet and don’t have much so I can’t officially propose to you. But Hyowon is mine. I want to tie you down with this ring. 

HW: Wow. this feels nice.

TY: It doesn’t have jewelry, but i put my heart in it. Will you happily accept it?

HW: If it’s a ring coming from your heart, it has to be the most expensive ring in the world. 

TY: Hyowon. You were the beam of light shining through darkness when the sky of my youth was falling down on me.  You were so bright that I don’t even remember being in the darkness. Thank you.

5. a great quote from Master Lee to Dong Jin:

ML: “I think that life is a series of meetings and partings. We all go through it repeatedly, you know. You two will meet again if you’re meant to be. I know that the process will be difficult and painful, but don’t let your heart get wounded. They say that time heals everything, you know.

DJ: You also couldn’t forget Mi Soon your whole life.

ML: That’s why I’m telling you this now. When Mi Soon left me, I felt like my entire world had collapsed. But I met your mum after that and made a happy family together as you know. When you go on with your life, all of those painful memories become faint and get forgotten.

6. the very first time dong jin ever had a fight with his mom

*dongjin’s expression was so painful to watch*

DJ: Mother, did you really do it? Did you tell Yunshil to leave?

Mom: Yes. I told her to leave. I told her that I’ll never accept her as my daughter in law and to leave our house as well as the tailor shop. 

DJ: How could you do that to someone so kind and sad? This is all she has to rely on. How could you be so terrible? Were you such a cruel woman? Were you?

Master Lee: How dare you say your mother is cruel? Your mother knows Yun Shil better than you and no doubt did she care for her more than you did. If your mother said that, s he must have had her reasons. 

DJ: What reasons? What reasons could possibly explain her actions?

Mom: I can’t bear to see my son throw himself into a fire pit. You have a bright future ahead of you. I can’t watch you ruin your life because of Yun shil. No matter how cruel you say I am and how much more your criticize me, I can’t help myself. 

the worst moments from the episodes

  1. Samdo’s constant lying and hiding from Sunnyeo about Young Eun

I really didn’t like the storyline. Sunnyeo has been nothing but nice to Samdo ever since they made up and here goes Samdo again. He knows very well sunnyeo will go on beast mode once she finds out about Young Eun and yep, she did just that! I feel bad for Young eun who got her hair pulled when Samdo is the coward. I didn’t even feel sympathy for him when he cried because of “humiliation”.




2. Sunnyeo’s sickness and threat of divorce

Another bad storyline – i’m not sure if this is supposed to make Samdo realize how much he loves Sunnyeo but this was cringeworthy. I remember being so bored with the fake pregnancy and the wimpy Sunnyeo, and here she goes again, getting so dramatic when she does not even know the test results! For all we know, she is just pregnant!!!




3. Every moment I see Hyosang and Yujin!!!

Hyo sang is such a loser. no matter how much money he has, he can’t buy class – from wanting to marry an ambitious fake gold digger, to being a bad CEO and to sabotaging Dongjin’s business! Yunjin is equally pathetic – i see her “insincere face”and I want to slap her. I am so happy that Taeyang is so over her! i’m not sure how their storyline will go – will Hyosang really marry Yunjin (and they both get their happy ever after?). I actually dont care coz they deserve each other, i just wish they leave Taeyang alone.



4. Hyojoo.

I feel nothing for her. she had her chance with Dongjin, she treated him like dirt. now her company is losing money and she realizes he was the best thing that happened to her and now wants him back. i dont like her desperate attempts to take to dongjin’s parents or her attitude against yunshil. why would dongjin want to go back to her when she can clearly see that he is much happier with yunshil? if she really loves him she would let him go.