Extraordinary You (2019)

Drama: Extraordinary You (English title) / Ha-Roo Found by Chance (literal title)
Hangul: 어쩌다 발견한 하루
Network: MBC
Episodes: 32
Genre: Fantasy-Romance
Release Date: October 2 – November 21, 2019
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Dano is a student in a prestigious high school who has a heart disease. For the longest time, she has been in love with her fiance Baek Kyung, who doesn’t like her back. One day, she became self-aware and finds out that they are all characters in a comic book called Secret and she is just an extra. She also meets a boy who she named as Haru and they agree to try to change their fates together. Will they succeed or will they get written off by the writer

Main Cast
Kim Hye Yoon – Eun Dano
Ro Woon – Haru
Lee Jae Wook – Baek Kyung
Jung Gun Joo – Lee Do Hwa
Kim Young Dae – Oh Namju
Lee Na Eun – Yeo Juda

I keep seeing a lot of tweets gushing over this drama so i tried watching the first episode.. and couldn’t stop. Lol. As i previously said, I’m not a big school kdrama fan because i feel that I’m too old to watch them but this was a nice and emotional drama to watch. i also loved the fantasy part about them being comic book characters. We get to see the characters interact in the stage (as part of the comic book story), the shadow (like the regular lives) and some of them in the sageuk world (in their previous lives).. whew!! sometimes i do get a little confused if i’m watching the shadow or stage. I guess this is how actors feel when they are acting. In the movie or drama, they act following the script but once the director says “Cut!”, they go back to the normal lives. This isn’t your typical high school drama because the stakes are high for them, especially for Dano and Haru. They can be removed from the comic book if they do something wrong because they are extras and especially for Dano, she has a heart disease and she can die anytime.

The best thing about the drama is the relationship between Dano and Haru. Baek Kyung didn’t even stand a chance. In the first place Baek Kyung is such as a$$ to Dano in the stage, which is something he can’t do, but when he became self-aware, he didn’t change. He was still an a$$ to Dano. I know they said that when a boy likes you, he is mean to you, but Baek Kyung took it one notch higher and was just hateful. On the other hand, Haru was the sweetest, cutest boy. He always has a smile on his face and has a calm voice. He waits patiently and loves deeply. this is Dano and Haru’s first love but i’m surprised that their love is real. Really felt for them when one disappeared and reappeared with no memory. and it happened to the other one. and yet they always find a way to each other. I also loved their ending when both of them became extras with no name. That means no one will bother them, and they can go about their ways without the “writer” interfering.

Back to Baek Kyung, it’s a good thing that i watched Lee Jae Wook and totally adored him in Search WWW, otherwise, i wouldn’t be able to stomach the character and the actor. I think there were some parts where I’m confused as to what Baek Kyung is feeling, because he always came out angry. I tried to look for some vulnerability so that I can somehow understand him and feel pity for him, but i just couldn’t. Even in the end when he finally realized it was him to killed Dano and he eventually gave up his feelings, i still didn’t feel sad. I just thought, “finally he did the right thing.”

The next character that i really loved is Do Hwa. Oh, he is such a cutiepie and so funny! he kept complaining that he keeps on playing the violin and crying. LOL. On one hand, I feel so bad that he didn’t get the girl but after how Juda acted, I was relieved that he didn’t get the girl. He deserved so much better than her. I also can’t understand how Namju, Kyung and Dohwa were friends in the stage when they didn’t really have a lot of interaction, except for the cliche high school runway walk they do (haha! i can’t help but laugh everytime i see this scene with the background music).

On to the supposed main leads of the comic book, Namju and Juda. i guess this is how the writer was making fun of the heirs or boys over Flowers and all the silly school dramas. Namju’s attitude was too much. No excuse for him acting like such a jerk to Juda and expecting her to fall in love with him when he treats her really bad. and he doesn’t even look like Lee Minho!!! As for Juda, I thought i liked her at first, i was excited for her to be self-aware then when she did, i was so disappointed because she became as much a big bully as her bullies are. Which is not a good thing or lesson. I know we should stand up for ourselves but Juda was just too much. it totally made sense for Juda to end up with Namju because they matched well together. and Juda is right, Namju needs her. Do hwa wouldn’t be able to handle shadow Juda, he will probably be horrified once he finds out how Juda is.

I loved the sageuk story, because it gave the background and whole meaning of what happened between Dano, Haru and Kyung. There were some parts of the drama but was repetitive from the stage and shade and trumpet flower, which dragged the show a little bit but it’s okay, better this than rushing the story. One thing I didn’t understand is if Dano is really an extra then why does she have a big story with Kyung, who was a side character? and why she gets special treatment by the writer? I didn’t feel like she was an extra. her 2 best friends and the bullies are extras i understand, but not Dano. whatever moves she make doesn’t even impact the main story of Namju, Juda and Dohwa. this is the only confusing part for me.

Overall, i loved this drama, i recommended it to my friend who also loved the show. Like what Dano said – She may be an extra in someone’s life, but that’s okay because in her relationship with Haru, they are each other’s main leads. I also loved what Haru said, “Two extras who were living normally have met and are making their own special moments”. The symbolism of the writer for me is Life. Yes, we can live the life we want but also be careful because one extra or wrong step can result in different consequences and we need to be accountable and responsible for our actions. But life moves on and forward and we just need to learn how to coexist in this world.

Rating: 7.5/10