Young Lady and Gentleman ep 47-52 (end)

Drama: Young Lady and Gentleman (신사와 아가씨)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 52
Release Date: September 25, 2021 – March 27, 2022
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55
Country: South Korea

A young lady applies for a job as a live in tutor for a widower CEO with three kids.

Main Cast
Ji Hyun Woo – Lee Young Guk
Lee Se Hee – Park Dandan
Park Hanna – Cho Sara
Lee Jong Won – Park Soo Chul
Oh Hyun Kyung – Cha Yeon Shil
An Woo Yeon – Park Dae Beom
Cha Hwa Yeon – Wang Dae Ran
Yoon Jin Yi – Lee Seryeon
Lee Il Hwa – Anna Kim
Lee Whee Hyang – Lee Ki Ja
Lim Ye Jin – Jang Mi Sook
Kang Eun Tak – Cha Geon
Eru – Lawyer Ko

I think I already said everything in my mini recaps. Overall, this could have been way better had the writer not do the second amnesia and make Sara go borderline psychotic. Likewise I wish we had more good scenes between Young Guk and Dandan. All they did was cry for half of the show.

Summary of my rating through out the show:
Young Lady and Gentleman Eps 1-12 – 8.5/10
Young Lady and Gentleman eps 13-24 – 8/10
Young Lady and Gentleman ep 25-32 – 7.5/10
Young Lady and Gentleman Eps 33-40 – 7/10
Eps 41-46 – 7.5/10
Eps 47-52 – 7.5/10
Overall rating: 7.5/10

A Business Proposal (2022)

Drama: Business Proposal (사내맞선)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 12
Release Date: February 28 – April 5, 2022
Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00
Country: South Korea

Plot: A girl who doesn’t want to go on a blind date asked her best friend to go in her place. The guy asked the friend to get into a contract relationship so that his grandpa will stop asking him to get married. What happens if they fall in love for real?

Main Cast
Ahn Hyo Seop – Kang Tae Moo
Kim Se Jeong – Shin Hari
Seol In Ah – Joon Young Seo
Kim Min Kyu – Cha Sung Hoon

The two female leads made the show brighter and livelier. I can totally see why they are friends. They are both crazy and hilarious!! Esp Young Seo. I love their friendship, how they are always there for each other in good, bad and crazy times. On the other hand, the two guys were so boring and stick in the mud, I sometimes wonder what they saw in them aside from their good looks. Maybe opposites do attract. Tae Moo and Sung Hoon must have found the two friends so fun and charming and so different from all the girls they’ve met.

I really liked the grandpa. I thought he would be the cool and hip grandpa since he watches Be Strong Geumhui. Yet in real life, when the time came and he found out that Hari was Geumhui, he was the same old rich grandpa stereotype that the Geumhui drama was making fun of. Did he not like her because she was average/not from a rich family? or because he was made into a fool? The story wasn’t able to fully explore this plot because there wasn’t any time. And what happened when grandpa moved to the US for treatment? I was hoping to see him and Hari have a great time together but all we heard was the grandpa approved their relationship. But that scene where Hari pushed the grandpa and he fell wasn’t funny at all.

The second leads were sometimes even better and swoonier than the main couple. I think it’s because Youngseo is so cute and expressive. But proposing after just a few months was unrealistic. I also liked that they also had some conflict /story with them being opposites and trying to understand each other. And that scene with Youngseo’s father. The cousin was hilarious!

I loved the jokes in the first few episodes. Archeopteryx. Rachel and Samantha. 🤣 Hari was so pretty as Geumhui. Taemoo must have fallen in love at first sight but stayed because he found someone who also loved food as much as he did. I actually cried when they were in the Melomance concert and Hari was crying because of Minwoo. Speaking of Minwoo, I actually like the actor so I couldn’t hate him even if he did took advantage of Hari’s crush on him for years. But I still liked how they had closure and some potential friendship in the future.

The ending felt rushed. Maybe because 12 episodes were not enough to fully explore and resolve the conflicts about the grandpa and office romance (which would have been a good story to tell).

Rating: 8.5 (8 for the story + 0.5 because this show made me feel lighter)

Young Lady and Gentleman eps 41-46

Final stretch.. I loved these 6 episodes because the truths keep coming out! Anna being Dandan’s birth mother, Sara’s lies. Young Guk finally stopping the whole craziness (though he is still so indecisive when it comes to his relationship with Dandan).

Rating for episodes 41-46: 7.5

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Young Lady and Gentleman Eps 33-40

More than halfway through and this weekend drama keeps going downhill, which is really unfortunate because this started so well, like a fun and light family drama. I don’t know if the writer got drunk and changed the story from nice though flawed characters to psycho selfish people.

I’m still rooting for Young Guk and Dandan’s happy ever after. Even though Young Guk is also to blame sometimes for the heartache, I know he just wants Dandan and the people around him happy. But please let your Chairman personality finally show up because I’m so tired of bitchy Sara, the raging stepmom, Dandan’s selfish parents plus money hungry stepmom.

The kids continue to be the happy pill in this drama. I just want the kids to be happy and see more family activities like this. But can they let Jaeni in on the happiness, because she is being kept in the dark for so long.

Anna Kim and Dandan’s dad are the worst people in this drama. Esp Dandan’s dad who has no shame. yes, Young Guk is older and has 3 kids, I get that, but like Yeonshil said, it’s not like he’s a criminal. He still looks young for his age, respectful and a sweet husband and father. I’m sure Young Guk will support Dandan in whatever career or decision she makes.

I’m not even bothered with the rest of the stories. Even Daebeom and Seryeon’s story is boring. Poor Uncle Geon is too smitten with Sara to see how awful she is. Yeonshil pulling Anna Kim’s hair is funny but Yeonshil is also terrible parent.

I’m way behind because it’s difficult to motivate myself to continue watching, but I will see through the end because I already spent months (since 2021!) watching the drama.

And because i can’t wait for this drama to be OVER and catch the drama that will replace this, which will stars Yoon Si Yoon!!! 🙂

My rating for episodes 33 to 40: 7/10