Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim S1 (2017)

Drama: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (낭만닥터 김사부)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 20 + 1 special episode
Release Date: November 7, 2016 – January 17, 2017
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

This medical KDrama is about the everyday lives of the doctors and nurses in Doldam Hospital, which is led by the great Doctor Kim Sabu.

Main Cast
Han Suk Kyu – Kim Sabu / Bu Yong Ju
Yoo Yeon Suk – Kang Dong Ju
Seo Hyun Jin – Yoon Seo Jeong
Yang Se Jong – Do Il Beom
Jin Kyung – Oh Myung Sim
Im Won Hee – Jang Gi Tae
Kim Min Jae – Park Eun Tak
Byun Woo Min – Nam Do Il
Choi Jin Ho – Do Yun Wan
Jang Hyuk Jin – Song Hyun Chul
Seo Eun Su – Woo Yeon Hwa
Joo Hyun – Chairman Shin

Heard so many wonderful reviews about this show and season 2. I finally had the chance to catch this drama this year (it was in my bucket list for the longest time). Maybe I’m really not a fan of medical Kdramas (i only watch 1 medical drama a year) or I just kept comparing this to Grey’s Anatomy (i know i shouldn’t but that’s the only medical drama I avidly watched for most of its run until they killed off McDreamy), but I didn’t loved it as much as everyone did. I mean, I liked it, it just took a week or two for me to finish the 21 episodes (while simultaneously watching 3 other dramas), but this drama wasn’t a big WOW-i loved it so much-why did i only watch it now.

I think the main reason is I didn’t like the majority of the characters. Yes, even Kim Sabu. I loved Nurse Oh, Yoon Seo Jeong and Dr. Nam from episode 1 but the others? Kim Sabu and Kang Dong Ju I only started really liking them around ep 13. Do Il Beom? Ugh! Probably episode 17 or 18. He was too whiny. Jang Gi Tae was too dramatic and corny. Absolutely detested Dr. Song and President Do. Everyone else is just okay.

There were not a lot of dramatic or unusual cases in every episode. The whole squabble about who gets to do Chairman Shin’s surgery went 2 episodes too long. There were a lot of repetitive plot points. The young doctors do something wrong or they’re too whiny, Kim Sabu gets all grumpy and angry while teaching them, they learn a bit, then they do another mistake in the next episode. President Do comes and goes as he pleases to stop Kim Sabu, Kim Sabu finds a way to one up President Do and show his brilliance. Rinse and Repeat for 21 episodes. I only started to really enjoy the episodes and the cases from episode 15. And after Chairman Shin’s surgery storyline was over, we finally get to see a lot of scenes showing each of the doctors perform surgery, which I was waiting for.

I couldn’t understand the reason for the intense hatred of President Do against Kim Sabu. President Do was already VP at that time and wasn’t doing any surgeries. Kim Sabu was the star surgeon. How can they be rivals when they have different positions? Was Do scared that he’ll get overshadowed by Sabu? That Sabu will try to take his place? But Sabu never wanted his position in the first place. He is so popular and gets so many VIP clients to the hospital, shouldn’t Do be happy that he is raking in the profits without taking credit for himself? I get that they have different views about running a hospital, but I don’t think it merits ruining someone’s career. I think this was my second main issue why I couldn’t enjoy the intense scenes between the two. Plus, the final showdown in episode 20 during the celebratory party was LAME!!! They just kept talking back to each other without anything significant happening — until they had a fist fight! YES! Finally! Sometimes they just need to get physical and get all the anger and hurt out. And I like that after the fight, President Do came over and they had a good talk/truce.

So what did I like about the drama? I liked the growth that each doctor had during the course of the show. It took a long time though.
– Kang Dong Ju only had closure around episode 18 (or 19). I loved that he was grown so much from being a bratty top student to a real doctor. Plus his amazing stitching skills after practicing so many times got me clapping and cheering for him. He is a good student, he just needed a chance to be himself after getting rid of all his past hurt and prejudices.
– Do Il Beom, for the most part i didn’t like. He kept lying about his experience, he was arrogant and selfish. But i liked that Kim Sabu finally got through to him, and that he finally had the guts to confront his father (again too late, around episode 19 or 20) and be Do Il Beom, not President Do’s son. I still don’t like how he mistreats Yeon Hwa repeatedly. I get that he is trying to teach her, but shouting at her in front of everyone is not the right way.
– Yoon Seo Jung had some sort of closure, but not fully, which I’m sad. She got her dream of doing a collaborative surgery with Kim Sabu. She fell in love and finally got together with Kang Dong Ju. But how she got over her PTSD was not fully explored. She didn’t even talked about it with Kang Dong Ju. Even the coffee with the other nurse wasn’t satisfying. Is it just “let’s leave the dead guy” alone? He was a cheater but Seo Jeong never found out and it’s okay because she is over him?
– Kim Sabu, yes, he was a coward back then. He didn’t want to be a teacher, he just happened to be so good that students followed him. He was kind hearted but he was passive. He had a lot of regrets about what happened to his former student. And I loved that he finally embraced himself as a teacher to the young doctors. That he finally found the confidence to fight back and not run away like he did before. And i loved that he remained true to himself and will keep on staying at Doldam Hospital.

Life is about turning into different roads. Whether you want it or not, you have to face the reality which is placed in front of you. You can’t find the right answer every single time. But Teacher Kim always said this, “We need to keep asking questions about why we live and what we live for. The moment you give up on that, the romance in life ends.”

Kang Dong Ju narration, episode 20

I’m thinking if I should go straight to season 2 and break my 1 medical drama a year rule (haha!). But the April and May dramas are too overwhelming, so many good dramas are ongoing that I need to catch up very quickly!

Rating: 8/10

[1st impressions] my golden life eps. 1-5


Drama: My Golden Life (황금빛 내 인생)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 52
Release Date: September 2, 2017 – March 11, 2018
Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 19:55

Ji an’s sad life gets an unexpected fortune when she is revealed to be the long lost daughter of Haesung Group. She leaves her family to join her real family and meet her brother, Choi Do Kyung. But what happens when she learns later on that she is not the really the daughter?


Shin Hye Sun as Seo Ji An
Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung
Lee Tae Hwan as Sun Woo Hyuk
Seo Eun Soo as Seo Ji Soo

First impressions
So I was looking for a weekend drama to watch and I read somewhere that My Golden Life had a great run in the earlier part of 2018 so I thought i’d try to catch a few episodes and see if it was worth watching. first up, I’ve only watched a handful of dramas where Shin Hye Sun starred as a supporting actress but never the lead. On the other hand, I missed Park Si Hoo, I’m glad he’s back and hopefully slowly gaining back favor in Korea’s eyes after his scandal a few years ago.
On to the drama. Hmm, first, I don’t really like Ji an. I know she works very hard and how difficult her life has been but she can also be arrogant and feisty that sometimes it’s not in the right place. thus, it was hard for me to sympathize with her or wish she has a better life. It’s quite ironic that she’s the greedy one while the actual rich daughter, Ji Soo, grew up to be sweet and kind. I dont know if it was the way they were brought up. Maybe the mother doted on Ji Soo more or maybe Ji Soo was really just a sweeter girl by nature. I think the ultimate flaw in this drama is that the Chairwoman just believed in the Mom when she asked which one is her daughter without asking Ji an to take another DNA test. After how easy it was for her to do a background check on everyone, she misses to do a DNA to confirm which kid is hers. Lol.
As for Ji an’s mom, i also dont like her that much. The actress kind of overacts when she cries and she always blames the husband for their misfortune. Wow, instead of supporting her husband, she just stays home all day doing nothing, scheming and crying. I feel bad for the father. He must feel so guilty for ruining his family’s life, his wife keeps telling him every single time what a loser he is, and now he’s even losing his real daughter. I’ve always seen the actor playing the bad guy or the bad father, so it’s nice to see him play a poor guy this time. As for Ji soo, i like her, she is a sweet but not too bright girl – i love her optimism. She is kind of cute with Hyuk, even though he ignores her. I actually like to see her grow up more than see Ji an’s character be successful. I wonder how she would feel once she finds out she is the real rich daughter, not Ji An. As for Hyuk, he is such an eye candy, but i just can’t seem to like his character too. He may be too nice and a gentleman to Ji an but he acts like a big jerk to Ji Soo, and that kind of shows what kind of person he is – and i dont think he is going to be a nice boyfriend if this was real life. I’m actually hoping Ji soo does not end up with him, or they end up together but Hyuk is totally begging and under Ji soo’s control. Ha! As for Do Kyung, he is a bit of an oddity. He is so funny and weird, i like him a lot. He is such a nice guy for a third generation chaebol. However whenever i see him and Ji an fighting, i just want to slap Ji an for being so arrogant. Why can’t she just accept his gesture and be thankful that there are still people out there who are good and willing to help?

Do i still want to continue watching this show? To be honest, i’m not sure. I’m just at that point where Ji an finally moved in to the big house, and i’m interested to see how well or bad she does adjusting to her new life. I am guessing that she will be bad – probably taking revenge on the people who belittled her and acting haughty – which is going to be something i probably dont want to see. however, i’m curious to keep on watching just to see how they will reveal the switch, and how the twins will handle this revelation.