(variety show) Youn’s Kitchen

I chanced upon this show when i was waiting for the 3 Meals a day and im glad i did. I have watched thr producers other shows like Grandpa over flowers, 3 meals a day etc. I liked the concept for the 4 of them opening a restaurant in Bali and see them cooking, serving, thinking of new menu and also bonding during their free time. I havent watched yun yuhjungs movies or dramas but am familiar with the 3. I also liked the fact that they were unrecognizable by the tourists and restaurant diners so to them it looks like they are an ordinary family or team in the restaurant business.

Their menu were simple but judging from the peoplea reaction, delicious. All through out the 8 episodes i wish i could fly there and order so i can taste the bulgogi noodles and the pop dumplings. I was worried for Shingoo that he is old but im surprised that he is still so fit and was able to handle the work. I also loved the teamwork and camaraderie between them im not sure if they are all friends previously or acquaintances but they seem to be comfortable with each other. As much as i would love for yuni and seojin to get together i dont think they have a love chemistry but more on brother sister vibes.

What i wished they have done was also give a summary of how much they made during the 7 days they opened coz its not just managing the restaurant kitchen food and diners but also seeing if they were profitable.

I heard there is going to be a second season. I hope the episodes will be longer and that the team will have a daily or end of the show challenge. That way they have a target and will keep them on their toes.

Try to catch this wonderful show in case it is still showing in TvN!