The Closet (2020)

Movie: The Closet (클로젯)
Release Date: February 5, 2020
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Kim Nam Gil – Kyung Hoon
Ha Jung Woo – Sang Won
Heo Yool – In Na
Shin Hyun Bin – Seung Hee
Kim Shi Ah – Myung Jin
Park Sung Woong – Myung Jin’s dad

Since it’s October, though I’d watch a few horror or suspense movies this month. And this is my 5th HJW movie this year.

The Closet is about a father and daughter who moves to a new house after a traumatic accident. Yup moving to an old abandoned house in the middle of nowhere is always a good idea. LOL.

So one day the child disappeared while the father was out in Seoul working. While searching for her daughter he meets a modern exorcist who tells him that a lot of kids who lived in the house have disappeared for years and he will help find his daughter.

The movie is only 1 hour and 39 mins and I think that’s why the movie felt emotionally incomplete. We know what happened during the accident but we didn’t see enough reasons why there was a strained relationship between the father and daughter, enough for the ghost to take her to her special world. It just felt like both were grieving and the father didn’t know how to cope and raise his child alone. The daughter seemed sad but i didn’t think she hated her father.

There weren’t a lot of scary scenes, the ghost of the darkness are probably the scariest but the rest were just enough creepiness. We also didn’t get enough background of the exorcist and his shaman mother. So far i’ve seen KNG play a fiery priest, now an exorcist and i think his new drama is also about exorcism.

The reason for the ghost was heartbreaking and it felt like they could have explored the main social message in the epilogue better to have a deeper impact to the people watching.

Rating: 8/10

Hospital Playlist S2

Drama: Hospital Playlist 2 (슬기로운 의사생활 2)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 12
Release Date: June 17 – September 16, 2021
Runtime: Thursday 21:00
Country: South Korea

Season 2 continues from the first season as we see the 5 friends/doctors and their relationship with their patients, colleagues, families and partners.

Main Cast
Jo Jung Suk – Ikjun
Jeon Mi Do – Songhwa
Yoo Yeon Seok – Jeongwon
Jung Kyung Ho – Junwan
Kim Dae Myung – Seokhyung

Season 1 review – Hospital Playlist (2020)

Season two was not as exciting as Season 1 but I still loved their relationship and seeing their day to day activities.

The first few songs released didn’t feel as nice as s1 but made up for it in the latter part. Hearing my old favorites like “I Love You More Than Anything” by Bijou and “Already One Year” by Browneyes being remade is so nice, since the younger generation and newbie Kdrama and Kpop fans can listen and enjoy these classic hits. Plus the unexpected cover of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” by Ikjun (and the acoustic version sung by Yoon Mirae). We also get to see Jeon Mido sing in her normal voice in that episode when they were singing karaoke – Junwan and Iksun thought Songhwa had terrible singing voice, but to Ikjun she was like an angel (she sang Come on Baby Tonight – i dont know the original singer, i just know the FinKL version).

The friends started out as single, now they all have someone by their side. Esp loved Ikjun-Songhwa and Seokhyung-Minha. I didnt like what Iksun did to Junwan but still loved them. Never been a fan of Winter Garden. Rosa and Director was also great! I just thought that just because they were now coupled out doesn’t mean they will spend less time with each other. I didn’t like how Ikjun said this might be their last performance. In season 1, Jeongwon and Junwan had gf but they continued to meet up regularly. I dont see how they can start being busy when Minha is just in the hospital like Gyeol and Songhwa is already part of the group.

Each episode was sooo long that I honestly fast forwarded a lot of the medical scenes, esp those in the operating room. It’s because there wasn’t any tense situations, almost always the doctors have successful surgery. I wished they lessened that part and focused more on the personal relationships. In season 1, Gyeol had a huge crush on Jeongwon who never showed her liked her more than as an intern but then last episode he suddenly confessed and they were a couple. In season 2, Seokhyung has been turning down Minha all this time but then again he had an epiphany (and I dont know when or why or how) and confessed to Minha that he likes her. Not only that, but Jeongwon in the last episode again dropped a bomb that he will go to the US to study about bowel transplant and Gyeol is coming with him. Like what? What for? Doesn’t she have her own life? What will she do there for 1 year? I didn’t think they had to be together even in their professional lives. A lot of fans may kill me, but I never felt any chemistry between Winter Garden.

There were less stories about the nurses and interns this season but i loved the episode about the importance of the ER team.

One of my fave characters this season is Jaehak, his bromance with Junwan, his story about his wife and getting his money back from the scammer!

I’m gonna miss the group but I don’t think season 3 is necessary.

Rating: 8/10