So Ji Sub says Hello Manila!

Last night was the moment I have been waiting for and it was totally satisfying and memorable to finally see my ultimate bias, So Ji Sub, in the flesh. It felt so surreal!! The minute the lights went on and he came out, clad in an all-white suit (vs the last 7 FMs where he dressed black), I felt like I was seeing an angel. He looks the same as how you see him on tv — he is so handsome and he was tall and fit! Gah!! I felt like this was the culmination of my 15 years of watching kdramas – and the prize is So Ji Sub!

This is my first ever fanmeeting – and I’m glad that it was So Ji Sub. I think it is best to attend a FM of the idol or actor that you really really like/love so that you can really savor the moment and be thrilled with all the feels. I actually didn’t know what to expect in a FM – but I did try to watch of the youtube and IG vids of SJS’ FMs in Taiwan, Japan, Bangkok, Jakarta and HK. I thought I was fully prepared since I watched some of the segments and his performances. But nothing prepared me for the real thing! I really wanted to enjoy the show and bask in his presence so I didn’t really take a lot of pictures and videos. I just sneaked in a few snaps now and then but I didn’t mind coz the whole experience is now saved and forever locked in my memories.

So just a quick rundown what happened during the fanmeeting. He started with singing Barry Manilow’s song, “Can’t Smile Without You”. I loved the song and the reason why he chose the song (but you can see his reason is so tito oppa-ish which I don’t mind coz it perfectly matched my tita-ness).

The first segment was called “You’ve got a message” where the host asked a few things about So Ji Sub like what filipino food he ate, which Philippine place he would like to visit next time, etc.

The second segment was called “Code Name: Terrius” where 2 lucky fans were able to personally ask advice from SJS on their concerns. I don’t know if SJS knew the questions beforehand (he most likely didn’t) but I loved all his answers – you can really sense that he is sensible and mature. He actually gave quite good advice considering the pressure of thinking on the spot. On the first question about a girl having a quarterlife crisis, he told her not to worry too much and just continue to do what you love. He also mentioned even with 23 years in the industry, he also still gets worried like her. The second question was so sweet – the girl confessed that SJS is her first love since she first watched Memories in Bali in elementary – and that she even turned down suitors because he is her ideal guy. The girl asked SJS what to do with her feelings. I’m thinking SJS must get a lot of these love confessions from so many girls and I love that his answer was still very sincere and practical. Everyone has different ideal types and who/what you are seeing now becomes your ideal. He told her to not think using her mind but instead to use her heart. Do not turn down your suitors and find someone who will really love you with all your heart. Awww. What a romantic guy.

Next segment is a video showing SJS answering 51k questions about himself. It was specially interesting coz we got lots of tidbits and insights to his hobbies and interests. His penalty for not answering were so cute!! He had to wear all sorts of hats and head costumes. I don’t think there is anyone else who can wear them as stylishly as he can.

Last segment is a Quiz for SJS. Everytime he gets the right answer, he can choose the lucky fan who gets a signed tshirt. If he loses, he gets a penalty. He can also select a lucky fan to answer for him but same rules apply – right answer the fan gets a shirt, wrong answer SJS gets a penalty. This was hilarious – I love that SJS was so game and was interacting hilariously with the fans. Likewise, I love that the fans purposely made him lose so that he gets all the penalty. All in all, he was able to luckily guess 1 correct answer, and 3 fans gave the wrong answer. The first girl almost caved when SJS asked her what is “Mahal kita” in english. I actually feel bad for the girl. If I was in her position i would have wanted to give him the correct answer, but i guess peer pressure made her say, “pretty”. Smart Jisub doubted the answer and the girl gave a different answer “I love you”. It’s a good thing SJS is too kindhearted and used “pretty” so he lost the first point. His penalty was to wear the angel wings.. Ahh.. he really looked like a beautiful angel. The funniest is the mom who straightfaced told SJS she watched OMV but couldn’t remember the answer, and gave the wrong choice. When SJS realized the mom was happily telling him to get penalty, SJS asked the mom if she knew the answer all along and she said “Yup!” to his dismay. If i remember, the penalty is to wear the flower crown and the corsage. The third fan (?) shocked me and the person beside me. She was seated on the first row and she was asked if he know that scene in Terrius where Kim Bon was made to don an ahjumma outfit and do some chores. I think everyone knew the answer (it was relatively easy) and even SJS knew the answer- but he said, he will give that chance to a fan — too bad for him the lady haven’t watched the drama (she told that to SJS’s FACE!! seriously!!) and the two evil ladies behind me plied her with the incorrect answer. SJS’s face was so hilarious! “Please change your answer.. are you sure?” haha. His penalty I think was the morning call? or was it the hearts? Btw, the morning call was so cute! He said, “Hello. Gumising ka na. Mahal na kita!” oh my fangirl heart couldn’t take it. he spoke really good Tagalog btw, without the accent. I think he needs to make a tagalog song or rap, asap. Last, one of the main part of the segment is that SJS prepared a special gift for one lucky fan – a polaroid snap of him during rehearsal (I think) and right before he came out of the stage and an identical couple necklace. I think everyone in the room wanted to be the lucky girl. He held her hand, shook her hands and even hugged her. ARGGHH. I am so happy for her, but half wishing it was me!!

He sang another song, “Picnic” – oh he has such a nice voice. he just sat down most of the time, with no other props except for the light and he still looked amazing.

Now on to the second part of the fanmeeting. Okay, I already saw the previous FMs so I was already expecting a few songs like Love Scenario and boy Go.. but I didn’t expect the second half to be a frigging mini concert party!!! during the first part, he was dressed in a white suit and looked so elegant and gentlemanly. Then he came out with Soul Dive dressed in a glittery shirt and oozing with SWAGGGGG!!! during the introduction, he said he was nervous because he is meeting the filipino fans for the first time so he doesn’t know what to expect, then right before the first part ended, he said that he has calmed down and is no longer feeling nervous. Yup, he is right. He just exploded with so much confidence rapping and hyping the crowd! It was just song after song after song. I think he did 5 songs? (Love scenario, then Soul dive did a song without him, then SJS came back to sing AOAOA, then So Ganzi, Boy Go, Coke Bottle Baby). and just when I thought they were finished they did an encore of “So LOVE” and ended the show with confetti all over the place! All through out the 30 minute performance (more or less), they just kept throwing signed shirts, towels, stuffed toy, balls to the fans. I am quite disappointed that I didn’t get to a catch a single item!!! (he gave out a lot near my area and my seatmates got them!) But the best one is him throwing up the 51k cap he was wearing the entire night to a lucky fan!! SJS and Soul Dive is a great team — they all looked so good, they can rival any boyband out there and still come out looking and sounding great!

The entire fanmeeting lasted around 2 hours (1.5 hours FM, 30 mins concert). Right after, I queued for the photo op and waited until my turn. OMG. I was seated on row 3 center and I could see him clearly all through out the show, but it was still electrifying to see him upclose and personal. I love that he would actually look at us right in the eye, saying hi and thank you and waving. during concert and during the photo op. I know he probably will not remember any of us, but the fans like me will remember his look and his sincere eyes. I also heard the hi-touch was more of a shake hands – ugh! had I known, I would have bought both tickets!

Overall, this was a fantastic experience. Before the FM, I was so nervous with excitement, I felt like I was either going to faint or die when I see him, but after the show, I just felt even more energized. I suddenly felt like I can do anything! I will be rooting for his next project and I hope he really makes do with his promise to come back!!!

On a side note, each guest got a free poster, some are signed, some are not, and guess what? I didn’t get the signed poster!! hahaha, I felt so sad. No shirt, no cap, no necklace, no ball, no stuffed pig and not even a signed poster!! Really?!? I guess there must be better fans than me so they got the goodies! Still best experience ever! I feel like I will be on a high for the next few days.. weeks… months.. maybe the entire year!

Check out some of the videos i took during the fanmeeting – not a lot since i was so engrossed in watching him live.


Terius Behind Me eps. 18-22

I really did not expect the story to go this route (which is an actual spy-terrorist story line) – I thought the NIS drama was just all fluff, but i’m so far liking it. We also get to see the tough and quick thinking Bon as a real NIS agent – fighting bad guys and disarming a bomb. Show loves putting Bon in fake-danger as a cliffhanger – but we all know he will never die because he is super sexy and cool secret agent Kim Bon.

My favorite moments in the episodes were:
1. The reluctant bromance between Jin Yong Tae and Kim Bon. Yong Tae keeps calling Bon “brother” (which totally reminds me of the bromance in Man to Man – the actor guy also the agent as “brother”). I’m sure deep down Bon is thrilled to have a “brother”. the hospital scenes were hilarious (i also watched the BTS in youtube and they seem to be having fun filming those scenes). Right now, Yong Tae has to lie low so we don’t get to see him scheming, but we do find out where he hid the bags. i just hope NIS finds them before someone else does. and hope that Yong Tae starts becoming more useful and redeems himself.

2. It’s such a convenient coincidence that almost everything happens in the KingCastle apartments. first, Aerin’s husband unintentionally witnesses a murder, then now one of the housewife’s husband is an industrial spy and everything somehow connects to the case that Bon has been working on for years! i feel bad for Sunmi and i don’t know if it’s really a better idea to make her believe he just ran away with his lover, rather than tell her he is actually a terrorist. If you think about it, had she not become suspicious in the first place, the NIS would never have found out about the planned attack. but I agree with Eunha. I would also love to pull the hair out of that b*tch!

3. Speaking of the neighborhood, I love the whole community feel of KingCastle. Aerin calls Eunha and they were able to rally everyone and evacuate the school before something terrible happens! and they all take care of one another. Even Jiyeon and Dowoo remembers that someone has to pickup Aerin’s kids when Aerin was detained.

4. Slow simmering romance between Aerin and Bon. I think Bon started liking and caring for Aerin way before Aerin. I love how subtle the actor (SJS) is able to convey his feelings for Aerin. Like that nose to nose thing. and i like the slow progression from a neighbor to sitter to friend to potential romance since Aerin just lost her husband. I still think the actors don’t have enough chemistry for the romance to really take flight, so I don’t mind if the romance takes it time. Hopefully Bon can finish his mission first, stay alive and away from NIS before they seriously think of a relationship.

5. Last but the best part is seeing super agent Bon in action. The stakes are higher. More characters are showing up. The possibility of endangering the public is higher. K is still alive and killing people (argh!). We also see who is the Voice. He wants Terius gone. Young Shil is most likely the NIS mole and has been after Terius for so long. The whole exploding van is not surprising.

I’m not sure how Bon is able to escape. Youngshil seemed unperturbed when the van exploded. I mean she has been looking for Terius for so long so I don’t know if she planted that (though it’s unbelievable if both the good and bad guys thought of the same idea). If I were Youngshil I would have gotten angry that someone was able to kill my target before I did. My guess is that Jiyeon’s boss made that slight change so that even Jiyeon will think Bon is dead. Or.. the boss is the real bad guy and Youngshil is the good guy. The show is just making us believe she is the bad one. I rememeber the boss and Youngshil had a conversation that she is way better than hjm but he is the boss because he is good with politics. What do you think?

Oh and that great analogy between Bon and uncle fish dying is great!

oh my venus


Title: 오 마이 비너스 / O Mai Bineoseu
Genre: Romantic, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-16 to 2016-Jan-05
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

Synopsis Young Ho is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Even though he comes from a wealthy family background, he suffered a devastating injury during his childhood days. Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness.

Joo Eun was the neighborhood beauty in high school. She since become a competent lawyer but has gained a great deal of weight. After breaking up with her boyfriend of 15 years, she decides to tackle her weight and gets Young Ho to be her trainer.

Main Cast
So Ji Sub as Kim Young Ho / John Kim (35)
Lee Hyo Je (이효제) as young Young Ho
Shin Min Ah as Kang Joo Eun (33)
Jung Gyeo Woon as Im Woo Shik (33)
Yoo In Young as Oh Soo Jin (33)


I was thinking that it was going to be your typical fat girl loses weight, becomes pretty girl, handsome trainer falls in love. well, it is.. but there was so much more than that. the reason why she wanted to lose weight was more than getting dumped by her longtime boyfriend but also finding out she is sick and needs to start living a healthier lifestyle. enter handsome and sexy trainer, who seems to be so cool and confident, but then we find out he has not lived a very nice life and was sick, that’s why he became a fierce trainer. i was really that interested with the longtime boyfriend and the fat friend turned mean bitch, or the internal power struggle within Youngho’s family. I was more interested in the relationship between Joo Eun and YoungHo. I thought they were a perfect example of #RelationshipGoals. Here are the reasons why:

Both the guy and the girl showed equal interest in each other. They were very candid with how they feel and are not afraid to show it. See how smitten YoungHo is and how cheeky Joo Eun can be.



That first time when YoungHo saw she lost weight and her dimple is starting to show


They like teasing and annoying each other and both can take the insults and comments without being too pissed. It means they have great chemistry and there’s healthy interaction between the two. I love all the instances they were “fighting” – esp that “I can’t believe you were once Daegu’s Venus” look from YoungHo. There was even one scene in the dining table and the three guys saw her old pretty pics and they had incredulous looks on their faces that it was Joo eun.



They go on dates, hold hands, get cheesy with the pictures and they communicate even when they’re apart.


When they miss each other and see each other again. I love the thing he always does when he opens his arms very wide and tell her to come over and give him a hug (awww).



Their relationship has a healthy dose of sweetness and sexiness. And lots of romance. YoungHo was not an expert in dating and it was nice to see that while the girl was showing him her moves, apparently she doesn’t even need to since he seems to be a natural (*swoons*). He has some slick moves in the early episode where he opened the umbrella and kissed her. and that cute dimple flying kiss they do.

Here’s the proposal. Very genius of him to always give her a scarf, but this time, the ring was hidden in the scarf all along!


They support each other in sickness and in health. Youngho was always checking up on her sickness and making sure she get plenty of exercise and eats right. While she supports him when he had his attacks.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes was when Youngho wouldn’t let Joo Eun in to see him in the hospital. omg that was a painful scene to watch. I was crying with Joo Eun and i wanted to yell at Youngho to please let her in but I understand why he didn’t want her to see him that way.


They get fit together by doing various activities like exercising. (this can also be classified under Dates and support each other and the easy bantering).


They are not afraid to admit their feelings to their friends and family.


I love Young Ho’s two friends, Joon Sung and Ji Woong and how they are protective of their hyung. Joon Sung has a side storyline with the CF girl (which i didn’t really like because the girl was so annoying and he never expressed any interest in her all throughout the story. I was more interested with him and his mother. Ji Woong was like a cute energizer bunny, but the too many “Maám” was very very very annoying!!!


I loved Joo Eun’s best friend – she is just the best friend that you want – someone who will scold you but also support you. Love this scene when Joo Eun was showing her the ring. (and i like how they nicknamed YoungHo as “sexy guy” – i also do that with my best friend, give codenames)


It was cute to see YoungHo awkwardly holding a bouquet of flowers and very nervous in meeting Joo Eun’s mom. On the other hand, Joo Eun was so pretty in her pink hanbok dancing and singing for YoungHo’s grandma – she may not be rich but she is smart, sincere, pretty, cheerful — everything an in-law could ask for!


They happily support each other’s careers. One of my favorite scenes was when Joo Eun was leaving for home and YoungHo was staying at her place and she was saying, “I will now work and bring home lots of money since he’s not working” while he does not mind staying home, waiting  for her all day and even helping out to babysit her best friend’s son.


Not just the everyday teasing and bantering, they also get serious and think of their future. They talk about getting married, gaining approval from family and having kids.


Finally, the last scene in the last episode perfectly sums up their happy wonderful life!



master’s sun


Title: 주군의 태양 / Joogoonui Taeyang
Also known as: The Sun of My Master / The Sun of the Lord
Genre: Horror, fantasy, romance, comedy
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-07 to 2013-Oct-03
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00

Synopsis Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a cold and ambitious CEO, who measures all human relationships through money. Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) is a sensitive assistant, who suffers from insomnia, due to her ability to see ghosts after an accident. Joong Won will learn to trust Gong Shil and falls in love with her.

Main Cast
So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won / Joo-goon
L as young Joong Won
Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Shil / Tae-yang
Seo In Guk as Kang Woo
Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung

Review I actually watched this last year (i know still delayed since this came out in 2013) back when I was marathon watching So  Ji Sub dramas (i watched Oh My Venus right after this). First off, i want to talk about the characters. Joo Joong Won actually reminded me a little bit of Cha Seung Won’s character in The Greatest Love, mostly because both of them seem to be mature but not very experienced in love. Second, they are both crazy (though Dokgo Jin is crazier!) I love SJS’s famous line and his look on his face everytime he says it. I love his suits too!! i dont think any normal guy would wear these too fashionable suits but on him it looks so good and fits his character’s personality. As for TaeYang, at first I thought she was really weird because she always looks so unkempt beside the pristine JoongWon; and she was half clingy half annoying whenever she tries to hold on to JoongWon coz she’s afraid of ghosts. But then when we find out what happened to her, i felt bad for her because she couldn’t find a stable job, she was scared to death of sleeping coz she knows she will see ghosts (and drama did show a lot of creepy spirits!). I love the premise that staying close will rid Taeyang of ghosts, and that’s how the love story started. I dont think they have a lot in common, but maybe it’s because they understood and rely on each other that brought them closer. JoongWon looks so cold but he was the one who helped Taeyang when she got too scared, got her a job, helped her talk to the spirits. I seriously cried as hard as TaeYang when I thought JoongWon died (of course he wont!). I love the cases they “solve” every episode, except for that time when the scary looking ajumma was on ( i think she was the same scary ajumma in that Lee Joongki drama previously).

here’s the kiss scene from episode 9 where TaeYang was possessed (credits to the uploader)

For the secondary characters, I like Seo In Guk’s character, though he looks too young beside GHJ and SJS. It is funny how he is super scared of ghosts (big contrast to JoongWon) yet was willing to overcome it because he likes Taeyang a lot. Yi Ryung is so pretty but very mean to Taeyang, the only time I could tolerate her was when she tries to vie for Seo In Guk’s affections who doesn’t even care if she’s a popular celebrity. lol. i still think that the pairing was forced, because she was basically pushing him to like her and he just found her annoying for most of the series.

Overall, this drama was a mix of comedy, drama, mystery, horror and romance that is sure to tickle every kdrama fan’s fantasies.

someone made a mix of the best scenes – and the music playing is from one of the ost songs by Yoon Mirae called “Touch Love (really nice love song!) (credits to the uploader)

here’s another song from the soundtrack, this time from Hyorin called Driving me crazy (credits to the uploader)

will try to take screencaps of SJS’s suits when I have the time next week.