Terius Behind Me eps. 23-27

Of course Kim Bon survives the car bomb (as if there was any fear of him dying). I was curious to see how he was able to escape and I was a bit disappointed that someone just handed him a key to his handcuffs and he just upped and left the van. Seriously, the van stopped right in the middle of the road, with no other cars and the other car following closely behind. Yet they didn’t notice him and the guards open the door and run to the side. *rolls eyes* but it’s okay. He’s alive. Now makes you wonder, as Bon later on said, “who wants him dead and who wants him alive.” The most logical reasoning is it’s the lady Chief who wants him alive – so who’s the real bad guy? there are no other characters left so I’m guessing it’s the Director. and it turns out the Voice is quite a powerful guy in the government!

I like the short separation between Kim Bon and his friends – it felt like we entered the 3rd and last chapter – the slow burn before we reach the climax. It was nice to see Aerin temporarily move to Jeju Island to stay with her parents. It must have been a welcome change from the all the stress and “deaths” in the city. Bon showing up suddenly in Jeju was a great surprise and his funny ajumma clothes were funnier! How can he make ugly ajumma clothes so sexy is beyond me. and I really love his deadpan humor.

Oh and his loud snoring was hilarious!! I can imagine his charismatic image just got shattered because of this night. it makes him look human though, not just super agent and babysitter extraordinaire.

The reunion of Bon and Jiyeon and Do Woo was sweet – you can really see how deep their friendship is. and this also means the operation if back on. This time, they really need to catch the bad guys. How many lives does Bon have left?

Another nice scene is Bon’s dinner with the KIS neighbors. After all these years of being alone, Bon must feel very touched to find real friends outside of NIS. Real people who like him just as he is. Who missed him and gave welcomed him back to the neighborhood.

while KIS and NIS never got a chance to work together directly, I love that KIS is just so dang useful, sometimes even more than NIS. Jiyeon needed someone to go into the Voice’s house as a housekeeper so they can have intel on the house layout and steal the documents they need as evidence. She asks the help of Aerin, who agreed, because she finally found out the truth about her husband and wants to seek retribution. KIS to the rescue as Eunha was able to secure a job invite through her father in law, and helped train Aerin to pass the interview. the Head housekeeper is meticulous, to never comment about her looks, needs someone with a great sense of taste, and has a weakness for handsome guys. Aerin passed the interview and now the team has a shot in finding the documents! I just hope Aerin does not get caught!!

Last 2 1/2 episodes left – there are still so many unanswered questions and I hope they don’t rush the episodes!

Terius Behind Me eps. 7-12

So many things to love!

I love that Aerin is one smart cookie! She was able to crack the code of the forbidden door, had the sense to take pictures of the bags, go to the PC and find that excel spreadsheet and create her own analysis of the numbers. On the downside, she gave it all up to yongtae when he had her kidnapped. Oh man i wonder how and if she will ever find those files again. It is definitely a critical data for NIS.

Likewise she is starting to get suspicious of Bon because of his strange habits. I was thinking until when can Bon sustain his double cover life when Aerin is slowly discovering more things and putting the clues all tigether. I love that the show is fast paced. In just 6 episodes his cover is almost already blown.

I still find Jiyeon and Dowoo quite dumb NIS. So far they havent really done anything except backup Bon. I guess theyre real purpose for niw is to give Bon a team and try to search for the mole.

I also love how we slowly learn more about what happened to Bon after candy got killed through flashbacks and conversations with Jiyeon that is proving to be relevant. And it is akso answering my questions. Like how did he know about the tarot card website? Or why did he ran away from NIS? Surprised to see the lady NIS chief . Is she really the mole? Or maybe its that head of NIS guy. So far he just justbeen showing up in one scene or another but im sure he will prove to be more crucial later on.

Im still confused with Yongtae’s role in all of this. Who is giving him orders? Did he really have plastic surgery? Who did he used to be? Why does he keep calling Aerin? Does he like her? Will he remain a bad guy or will he move to Bon’s side?

Im also thinking that pretty soon NIS and KIS might merge once Bons cover is down. I mean KIS has been more successful in getting intel than NIS. The lady boss seems oretty competent to me and Sangryul used to be an army guy. He knows planes too. I think they will be quite useful to Bon.

The kids are still so adorable! Super loved the kids cafe scenes where they were sliding down. SJS looked so cute and happy! And his reaction when he did the slide with Sangryul is hilarious!

This is such a fluffball show – it has comedy, action mystery, family. It doesnt take itself too seriously. I dont thunk this will win any award for best drama but it’s a feel good show worth checking out!

Terius Behind Me eps. 1-6


Drama: Terius Behind Me (내 뒤에 테리우스)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 32
Release Date: September 27 – November 15, 2018
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Kim Bon used to be a NIS secret agent. 3 years ago, he was involved in a secret operation gone wrong, where his lover died and he is accused of stealing an important document. Since then, he has been quietly living in an apartment, away from people. He lives next door to a harried young mother, Go Ae-rin. One day, Ae-rin loses her husband, leaving her to fend for herself and her two kids. Kim Bon ends up helping her try to uncover her husband’s mysterious death, which may be connected to his case, all the while juggling as a babysitter to Ae-rin’s unruly kids.

Main Cast
So Ji Sub – Kim Bon
Jung In Sun – Go Ae Rin
Son Ho Jun – Jin Yong Tae
Im Se Mi – Yoo Ji Yeon

First impressions
I normally watch a drama after it has finished because I can’t wait every week for new episodes. For the first time I’m making an exception because I just missed So Ji Sub on screen! At first, i thought the plot was just ordinary. He always plays a super cool guy but i was hoping for lots of cute scenes with the adorable kids after seeing the BTS pictures. I also didn’t like the girl he is being paired with so I didn’t mind if there was no romance. I think the last time he was in a serious drama was in Phantom.

Anyways, back to the drama. The drama has a mystery and a case but it didn’t feel too heavy. The drama feels lighthearted, alternating between the dark mysterious NIS agents and the missing document and the fluffy with Kim Bon as a babysitter and interacting with the neighborhood moms and the kids. Super super love So Ji Sub and his deadpan expressions — just too hilarious! He also seems like he is having a fun time shooting the scenes with the kids. Looking at him interacting with the kids make me think he will be a great dad someday. Ae-rin is not bad, i like her personality and spunk. I don’t understand how she can have such unruly kids when she seems like a great mom – she knows how to balance disciplining her kids and loving them so much. I still don’t feel like Ae-rin should end up with Bon because she just recently love her husband who she loved very much. For her to fall in love with Bon that quickly just doesn’t seem so realistic. But I think they need each other – Aerin and her kids can thaw that self imposed wall on Bon’s heart and let him learn to trust and get close to people again while Bon can be a great friend to Aerin and good father figure for the kids.

The neighbor moms and dad are also funny!! I have a feeling they have a better network than the NIS agents. They don’t need cool and advanced gadgets, they just need caring and nosy moms who will fight hell to keep their children safe. There were several scenes where the neighborhood mom were trying to get the handsome babysitter’s attention by giving him drinks, or saying he looks like So Ji Sub (heehee) and that scene where they cued a background music while he drinks soda, as if he’s filming a CF, and the two moms’ reactions were priceless!

I still dont know what to think of Yong Tae. He seems too inexperienced to be the villain – esp against the hot and cool So Ji Sub, but i dont mind. I dont want this drama to take itself too seriously – just enough mystery to keep the adventure going yet light enough that it wont drag the story down. I’m curious what happened 3 years ago and who is the real mole. and if it has anything to do with Yong Tae. and that badass assassin – who is that guy? he looks Chinese. I want him and Bon fight man to man on screen. haha!

If you’re still undecided if you’ll watch this drama or not.. i’d say, what the heck are you waiting for? So Ji Sub alone is enough for you to tune in!