Sweet and Sour (2021)

Movie: Sweet & Sour (새콤달콤)
Release Date: June 4, 2021
Runtime: 102 min.
Distributor: Netflix

This movie depicts the struggles of couples in a long distance relationship.

Main Cast
Chae Soo Bin – Jung Da Eun
Jang Ki Yong – Jang Hyeok
Krystal Jung – Han Bo Yeong

I think a lot of people didn’t like this movie because of the last 10 mins when they showed the twist. I actually liked it. Even though I was expecting a happy ending for the couple, I was also fine with how the movie ended. Sweet and Sour indeed. I thought it was very realistic.

The couple started sweet (as in any relationship) but when Hyeok was transferred to Seoul, trouble started. I think both of them tried their best to maintain their relationship but they were both tired, overworked, pressured and lonely. They started blaming and resenting each other rather than talk about it or make time when they’re together. Da Eun was lonely and met a guy who was nice and would do anything for her. Hyeok met a girl who was beside him and understand his work. I also felt like Da Eun was the first who started to cheat. When she accused Hyeok of having an affair with Bo Yeong, that’s when Hyeok did it.

In the airport scene, I thought Da Eun would not push through with the trip and run after Hyeok, but it didn’t happen. But, I think it wasn’t a bad choice. What I didn’t like is how Hyeok, after realizing he loves Da Eun after all and came running to the airport, found out she was already with another guy, and instead of fighting for her, he went back to Bo Yeong and tried to propose to her as a second choice. But Bo Yeong is also leaving and he ends up alone. Oh well, he made his choice and must suffer with the consequences.

I don’t know if months later, will Da Eun still be with Lee Jang Hyeok? Will Hyeok date another girl? Or will they both end up with each other again? We will never know.

Rating: 8.5/10