Terius Behind Me eps. 28-32 (Final)

This show is finally over! I am happy that they were able to close out all the loose ends but also sad that I won’t be seeing So Ji Sub for the next months until he chooses another project.

My thoughts on the last few episodes. Warning: Lots of spoilers.

First is Yong Tae. Finally we see him act bravely and help the NIS catch the Voice. I didn’t expect Yong Tae to get shot in plain view. I thought he would have a more dramatic death – maybe while protecting Bon. Oh, wait never mind. Turns out he is not dead. he survived and he opened a Handsome Man Café (or something like that). The last conversation between Bon and Yong Tae was touching. Bon got him a new name — Wang Minam, and is supposed to be Wang Jeong Nam’s brother. awwww.. and Minam fits so well since it means “handsome”. I hope the two still keep in touch now and then. I like that Yong Tae learned his lesson. He paid his dues by helping NIS but now he must live a plain and simple life. and sometimes simple is better.

So we were right, the bad guys are Director Shim and the voice. Captain Kwon and Bon had a good conversation and decided to band together when they find out about Director Shim. Did not expect Shim to be the one who shot Bon when he was in Poland!! Argh! What a jerk! To think  he shot and left his staff to die!!! Such betrayal. and not just to Bon, both Jiyeon as well. Good thing Jiyeon finally became smart and doubted the Director before she can hand the meaty documents. But I was shocked when she was ran over by the van!!! and more shocked to find it’s that counterterrorist guy who helped during the school bomb scare! Director shim must be a real psycho (or sociopath) to feel so indifferent about killing people he has known for years. all for CornerStone. like what the heck!

even to the end we didn’t really get any good explanation about CornerStone and the Voice – what their motives were that drove them to do all of this nonsense killings. This is one of the weaker parts of the drama. All throughout the story we just heard of CornerStone this and that but I never felt like it was real, because how big is this “company” that it can do all those things. and for 1 person “The Voice” to call all the shots. I don’t know who  else is part of the CornerStone organization – so far we know the Voice, the head of NIS and the counterterrorist guy. who else? is there anyone from the government involved? and it wasn’t even a big scandal/national news when they got caught.

On the side, I want to comment on the Voice’s housekeeper. The scene between her and Bon was funny. hilarious. sexy. I would probably do the same  thing if Bon came over wanting to repair my internet lol.

As for Jiyeon and Do Woo, I’m glad Jiyeon is fine after the nasty accident. and it really takes a life changing event for people to realize who are the most important people. I know Do Woo seemed like he had a crush on Jiyeon and I never minded Do Woo because I thought he was younger than Jiyeon. Good job of him changing his hair color – was it intentional to signify his maturity? But after the accident like Ji Yeon, I saw him in a new light. He really does care for Jiyeon and he seems like a nice guy. And Jiyeon deserves to be with someone who can take care of her, because Bon is just way beyond her reach. I’m not saying Jiyeon is not good enough for Bon, but that Bon only sees her as a friend and colleague and she matches better with Do Woo.

I will miss the KIS neighbors!! The scene where they gathered together before Bon leaves for his new assignment was poignant. And funny that the fortuneteller’s fortune actually came true! haha! Sangryul begging for a nose to nose with Bon was half creepy half hysterical! and I will never forget the neighborhood moms getting all fired up whenever they see Bon walking towards the bus stop. Kudos to the team who thought of using TLC’s “Creep” as the background music. Bon is surely not a creep but the intro fits so well.

I will also miss the kids!! Bon is like the sweetest “dad”. I’m sure there will be more precious moments when Bon visits them in-between assignments.

Bon and Aerin. I’m actually not so sure about the ending. On one hand, I think Aerin really makes a good spy. She is observant, quick thinking and brave. Most of the time, I think she is way better than Jiyeon. But she has 2 young kids and she has no babysitter. I don’t think it’s the smartest job for her to take right now. Who will take care of her kids when she goes on assignments? Will the neighborhood moms help her or will she keep them in Jeju with the grandparents? And what if she dies? The kids will become orphans!! The romance between Bon and Aerin? I still think they are just “good friends” who went through a lot together. They share a close bond and have deep respect for each other, but I don’t think it’s love. Not yet anyways. They do make a great partnership. Them working together for Aerin’s first assignment is a splendid idea. Maybe a sequel?? they can call it “Terius Beside Me”. LOL. Sorry for the awful title.

Overall, I loved the show! it has a mix of everything – comedy, action, mystery, friendship, family. It perfectly showcased how versatile So Ji Sub is – he can do action, drama and comedy without missing a single beat. I have never watched any of the 3’s dramas so it was nice seeing new faces. I heard the show ended in the top spot of the ratings during its entire run! Hats off to the team who worked so hard. Looking forward to the next So Ji Sub project! (Please come back soon after you have a good rest this winter break!)


Terius Behind Me eps. 18-22

I really did not expect the story to go this route (which is an actual spy-terrorist story line) – I thought the NIS drama was just all fluff, but i’m so far liking it. We also get to see the tough and quick thinking Bon as a real NIS agent – fighting bad guys and disarming a bomb. Show loves putting Bon in fake-danger as a cliffhanger – but we all know he will never die because he is super sexy and cool secret agent Kim Bon.

My favorite moments in the episodes were:
1. The reluctant bromance between Jin Yong Tae and Kim Bon. Yong Tae keeps calling Bon “brother” (which totally reminds me of the bromance in Man to Man – the actor guy also the agent as “brother”). I’m sure deep down Bon is thrilled to have a “brother”. the hospital scenes were hilarious (i also watched the BTS in youtube and they seem to be having fun filming those scenes). Right now, Yong Tae has to lie low so we don’t get to see him scheming, but we do find out where he hid the bags. i just hope NIS finds them before someone else does. and hope that Yong Tae starts becoming more useful and redeems himself.

2. It’s such a convenient coincidence that almost everything happens in the KingCastle apartments. first, Aerin’s husband unintentionally witnesses a murder, then now one of the housewife’s husband is an industrial spy and everything somehow connects to the case that Bon has been working on for years! i feel bad for Sunmi and i don’t know if it’s really a better idea to make her believe he just ran away with his lover, rather than tell her he is actually a terrorist. If you think about it, had she not become suspicious in the first place, the NIS would never have found out about the planned attack. but I agree with Eunha. I would also love to pull the hair out of that b*tch!

3. Speaking of the neighborhood, I love the whole community feel of KingCastle. Aerin calls Eunha and they were able to rally everyone and evacuate the school before something terrible happens! and they all take care of one another. Even Jiyeon and Dowoo remembers that someone has to pickup Aerin’s kids when Aerin was detained.

4. Slow simmering romance between Aerin and Bon. I think Bon started liking and caring for Aerin way before Aerin. I love how subtle the actor (SJS) is able to convey his feelings for Aerin. Like that nose to nose thing. and i like the slow progression from a neighbor to sitter to friend to potential romance since Aerin just lost her husband. I still think the actors don’t have enough chemistry for the romance to really take flight, so I don’t mind if the romance takes it time. Hopefully Bon can finish his mission first, stay alive and away from NIS before they seriously think of a relationship.

5. Last but the best part is seeing super agent Bon in action. The stakes are higher. More characters are showing up. The possibility of endangering the public is higher. K is still alive and killing people (argh!). We also see who is the Voice. He wants Terius gone. Young Shil is most likely the NIS mole and has been after Terius for so long. The whole exploding van is not surprising.

I’m not sure how Bon is able to escape. Youngshil seemed unperturbed when the van exploded. I mean she has been looking for Terius for so long so I don’t know if she planted that (though it’s unbelievable if both the good and bad guys thought of the same idea). If I were Youngshil I would have gotten angry that someone was able to kill my target before I did. My guess is that Jiyeon’s boss made that slight change so that even Jiyeon will think Bon is dead. Or.. the boss is the real bad guy and Youngshil is the good guy. The show is just making us believe she is the bad one. I rememeber the boss and Youngshil had a conversation that she is way better than hjm but he is the boss because he is good with politics. What do you think?

Oh and that great analogy between Bon and uncle fish dying is great!

Terius Behind Me eps. 13-17

Best things that happened in these episodes:

Smart Aerin finding out the truth about Kim Bon and her boss. On one hand, I find it hard to believe that she is so good at putting two and two together and is even better than Jiyeon, on the other hard, I remember this is just a drama and it really helps to push the story forward. Now that she knows, she can start helping Bon and his incompetent agents.

Kim Bon and the twins are still as adorable as ever! Bon is acting more and more like a great father to them. I’m scared to imagine the twins in grave danger and separating them from Bon. that scene where the twins played doctor and placed bandaids all over his face and arms were so hilarious!

Aerin’s poor driving skills and seeing Kim Bon’s face are priceless scenes! The usual cool and collected Bon just lost it as he shouted at Aerin and held on the handle all throughout the ride. I’m surprised Bon didn’t just stop and get off the car, and more surprised he wasn’t scared that his car will be a wreck. oh and Bon feeling so thankful when Aerin said she will try to protect him from harm.

The showdown between the lady agent and Bon. Bon jumping from the bridge and getting hit by K’s gun. Aerin making do with her promise to protect him by swimming and saving him (quite unbelievable again but I’ve suspended all common sense and am just enjoying the show). Did K take the usb from the hourglass??

Kooky Yongtae almost getting killed by K, kidnapping Aerin and going crazy. I think he will be crossing over to the good guys team very soon! I’m suddenly curious on the forthcoming bromance between him and Bon. will it be quite as fun as Bon and Sangryeol?

Who is the voice?? Who is the mole in the NIS? How can we stop K? Is Sangryeol’s wife that bad ass lady assassin in the red killer heels? When will the King castle neighbors join forces with NIS? Why is this show so fun to watch? Can’t wait for the next episodes!

Terius Behind Me eps. 7-12

So many things to love!

I love that Aerin is one smart cookie! She was able to crack the code of the forbidden door, had the sense to take pictures of the bags, go to the PC and find that excel spreadsheet and create her own analysis of the numbers. On the downside, she gave it all up to yongtae when he had her kidnapped. Oh man i wonder how and if she will ever find those files again. It is definitely a critical data for NIS.

Likewise she is starting to get suspicious of Bon because of his strange habits. I was thinking until when can Bon sustain his double cover life when Aerin is slowly discovering more things and putting the clues all tigether. I love that the show is fast paced. In just 6 episodes his cover is almost already blown.

I still find Jiyeon and Dowoo quite dumb NIS. So far they havent really done anything except backup Bon. I guess theyre real purpose for niw is to give Bon a team and try to search for the mole.

I also love how we slowly learn more about what happened to Bon after candy got killed through flashbacks and conversations with Jiyeon that is proving to be relevant. And it is akso answering my questions. Like how did he know about the tarot card website? Or why did he ran away from NIS? Surprised to see the lady NIS chief . Is she really the mole? Or maybe its that head of NIS guy. So far he just justbeen showing up in one scene or another but im sure he will prove to be more crucial later on.

Im still confused with Yongtae’s role in all of this. Who is giving him orders? Did he really have plastic surgery? Who did he used to be? Why does he keep calling Aerin? Does he like her? Will he remain a bad guy or will he move to Bon’s side?

Im also thinking that pretty soon NIS and KIS might merge once Bons cover is down. I mean KIS has been more successful in getting intel than NIS. The lady boss seems oretty competent to me and Sangryul used to be an army guy. He knows planes too. I think they will be quite useful to Bon.

The kids are still so adorable! Super loved the kids cafe scenes where they were sliding down. SJS looked so cute and happy! And his reaction when he did the slide with Sangryul is hilarious!

This is such a fluffball show – it has comedy, action mystery, family. It doesnt take itself too seriously. I dont thunk this will win any award for best drama but it’s a feel good show worth checking out!