Kiss Sixth Sense (2022)

Drama: Kiss Sixth Sense (키스 식스 센스)
Network: Disney+
Episodes: 12
Release Date: May 25, 2022 —
Country: South Korea

Plot: A woman can see the future whenever her lips touch another person’s skin. One day she accidentally kisses with her boss, and saw their future together as a couple.

Main Cast
Yoon Kye Sang – Cha Minhu
Seo Ji Hye – Hong Ye Sool
Kim Ji Suk – Lee Pilyo
Lee Joo Yeon – Oh Ji Young
Tae In Ho – Oh Seung Taek
Kim Ga Eun – Ban Ho Woo

“Was it bound to happen or did I make it happen?”

I loved Minhu, he was a jerk in episode 1 but he just kept on getting awesome in every episode! Kyesang isn’t your traditional pretty boy ML but he is very manly esp. with the kissing and bed scenes with Yesool. But he can also be cute and silly during their dates.

I have mixed feelings with Yesool. I love her when she’s in love (she’s so cute and flirty) but I hate that she kept running away whenever Minhu and Pilyo tried to confront her with her feelings.

Jisuk can make viewers want the SML be the ML. He’s so good at portraying the boyfriend or ex bf that you don’t want to waste. I was fine whether Yesool ended up with him or Minhu. It’s just too bad that the relationship ended the way it was and when Yesool finally learned the truth, I thought, aww, so many regrets!!! But I guess they really weren’t meant to be.

I didn’t like whiny and clingy Jiyoung but I love her whenever she is with Pilyo. I thought they matched better because Pilyo can put her with her silliness and whining. And Jiyoung is so forward with her feelings with Pilyo, I thought Pilyo also deserve to find a girl who loves him so much.

The second couple Seungtaek and Howoo were so cute but didn’t like that Howoo was too cold to Seungtaek when she started her residency. Inho the actor usually plays the bad guy in the drama so it was nice to see him being funny and cute this time.

The last 20 mins of the final episode! WTH was that!!! They could have added more scenes between Seungtak and Howoo if they ran out of stories to fill the rest of the episode!

Yesool’s mother who kept the whole dad’s murder/stalker from Yesool was horrible thing to do. She could have prevented a lot of hurt had she been more honest with her daughter and the people around her.

Rating: 8.5/10

Chocolate (2019)


  • Drama: Chocolate (초콜릿)
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: November 29, 2019 – January 18, 2020
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday 23:00


A girl and a boy meets by chance when they were young. Years later they meet again at a hospice. The girl is now a chef, the guy is a surgeon.

Main Cast

Yoon Kye Sang – Lee Kang

Ha Ji Won – Moon Cha Young

Jang Seung Jo – Lee Jun


For a melodrama that deals with tragedy and death, this was surprisingly easy to watch. I think the scenery, the colors, background music and the slow paced storytelling made the drama feel more laidback and less dramatic and intense.

I started to love the drama when Kang moved to the Geosung Hospice and we meet the patients. I loved each of the patients! I felt sad because i knew we will probably see each one die every episode but i knew that even if they died, they were happy because the lovely doctors, nurses and staff took care of them til the very end. And each patient told a story and different ways to live and die. I think the most memorable patient to me was Jiyong. He was such an adorable and precocious kid.

Kang and Cha Young’s love story took a long turn with lots of uturns and sharp curves but im glad they finally met at the right time when both are free of their past and their family. I cant believe though that it took 13 episodes before all the secrets were revealed. Only in Kdramas where the main couple is “fated” to be together. They met as kids, Cha Young ended up in the same earthquake as Kang’s mom, CY became Kang’s best friend’s love, they meet in the hospital and in the hospice.

Kang and Jun relationship was sad. They were forced to not like each other and to compete at a very young age for the hospital they thought they should fight for but dont really want to. I especially detest Jun’s mom for how she manipulated the grandma and for Jun’s dad for always cheating Kang. I feel for Jun when he said he wished he was able to compete with Kang fair and square. I think Kang is the more skilled neurosurgeon but he lacks the passion and heart to be one compared to Jun. Instead Kang has always been a softie and fits better in the hospice where caring and empathy is a necessary skill.

I love Kim Won Hae as an actor. He seems to be able to act any character memorably. This is one of the few times i have seen him look normal and serious and he does not disappoint. At first i thpught his treatment of Sonae is too heartless but when he finally broke down, my heart ached for him and Sonae. All those years they lost and became bitter when they could have talked about it and fixed their marriage earlier. Im glad he is there for her when she needs him now.

A character that i could not like is Cha Young’s brother. I get that he was also affected by the earthquake and when their family was broken, but i dont think i ever saw him apologize to Cha Young or do something to redeem himself. He was just a useless guy who kept hanging around his sister without a job. The vlogger had a big effect to him when she said she doesnt want to waste her life like him. I just dont know what he is supposed to do after she died. Was he supposed to continue her vlog? Or did he leave Cha Young and started working? I dont know and im just glad he is out of Cha Young’s life.

Overall, i loved this drama. This was beautifully shot, and the lines and lessons made me think about living and dying.

Rating: 8 / 10