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18 Again (2020)

Drama: 18 Again (18 어게인)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: September 7 – November 10, 2020
Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:30


Main Cast
Kim Haneul – Jung Dajung
Lee Do Hyun – Hong Dae Young / Go Woo Young
Yoon Sang Hyun – Hong Dae Young
Ryeo Un – Hong Siwoo
Roh Jeong Eui – Hong Sia
Kim Gang Hyun – Go Deok Jin
Lee Mi Do – Chu Aerin
Wi Ja Hoon – Ye Ji Hoon
Lee Ki Woo – Choi Il Kwon
Kim Yuri – Ok Hye In
Choi Bomin – Seo Ji Ho
Hwang In Yeop – Gu Jasung

This is easily one of my top dramas for 2020! Everything about the drama was beautiful!! The three leads were so terrific and their chemistry worked so well. There was a seamless transition between Woo Young and Dae Young, it really felt like they were the same people. Kim Haneul is gorgeous as always.

Just see the main cast! I put almost everyone in the list because everyone, including the supporting characters had their own stories and it didn’t bog down the story. In fact, it added to the richness of this drama. There were so many side stories going on and almost everyone’s stories had closure.

The love the wonderful and heartbreaking journey of Dajung and Dae Young. They got married young, they had regrets, they broke up. But in the end, they found their way back to each other. It’s rare to be able to hold on to your first love. It’s normal that things may not always be happy. So many people would have given up just like them. But still there are some where the love is so great that they are able (and willing) to work it out, be honest with each other and love more.

The visuals!! 🥰 all the guys were handsome and the girls were pretty! I loved the baby love triangle between Ji Ho, Si ah and Jasung.

Perfect balance of laughter and tears. My favorite storyline was of Dae Young and his dad and the sign language scene 😭.

And when Sia finally called up Dae Young to tell him she misses her dad.

I wish there were more scenes between the twins. They dont seem to be close and they don’t talk to each other.

I also loved Dae Young’s relationships with Siwoo and Sia. He really matured alot when he had the chance to be their classmate and friend.

How sweet Dae Young is to Dajung’s mom.

I love the friendship between Dae Young and Deok Jin, Dajung and Aerin. And all four of them together! But absolutely love Aerin and i want to have a best friend like her!

The cinematography was so pretty too. And the OST. Im sad they didnt release the OST album coz i really wanted to get my copy.

I did feel bad for Ji Hoon. Without Dae Young, i would not have minded if Dajung ended up with him. But Jihoon didn’t have a chance because Dajung never liked him more than as friends.

So many life lessons about dreams, family, marriage and relationships.

“There are days when we hated each other. But thanks to that, we understand each other better. We learn to appreciate each other more. And we love more. There were more days when we were happier. For that happiness, we decided to love our decisions . We chose people based on love. And we are grateful for our decisions.”

“In life, even if you miss out on happiness, as long as you have that one person who will look for happiness with you, your life will be worth living. Dont forget that you love each other. Be disappointed that you cannot cherish each other better. And promise for a better tomorrow. Just like that, our lives will continue.”

Rating: 9.5/10

If you can’t get enough of the leads, then watch Men on a Mission episode where they guested to promote their drama.

KDrama Update

Hi sorry for now updating my blog. I’ve been watching ongoing kdramas so i post my weekly episodic reviews in my IG (@kdramadreaming) instead.

Kdrama i’m currently watching:
1. Record of Youth – loving Park Bogum as Sa Hyejun. I just wish they stop focusing on his family. The scenes are getting repetitive with Hyejun always being scolded by his dad without any development in the story or character. Also it’s weird that Haehyo’s mom gets more screen time than Haehyo. I want to know more about Haehyo, him breaking away from his suffocating mom and making his own mark. I also want more storyline for Jungha. I dont want to see the jealous colleague anymore and want to see her succeed in the salon and in her vlogging.

2. 18 Again- beautiful story about family. There’s equal screen time and development for The 4 main characters, although i love Dae Young the most. Super impressed with Lee Do Hyun -he is an amazing actor!! Having 2 other guys vying for Dajung’s attention is too much though. They should have just focused on one main guy -either Ikjun or Jihoon that will rival Dae Young. And i know in the original 17 Again movie, Deokjin will have a loveline with the pretty principal, but right now their story is too comical so i dont like it yet.

3. Flower of Evil – i was planning to binge watch this in time for the finale last week but i couldnt because i found the episodes to be really gloomy and slow. The story is intriguing but i just cant watch more than one episode a day. I will continue to watch this until the end but will probably take some time for me to finish.

4. Alice – woot! The first few episodes were terrific but then the weird mother-son romantic vibes in the middle, esp in eps 8-9 has me fast forwarding some scenes. Also getting frustrated with how the main lead is too dense to put the clues together. At episode 10, he still doesnt know what’s happening that i just want to help him!! Likewise, professor Taeyi is also too slow when Doyeon already told her she looks like  his mother and she knows there’s time travelling happened. Two reasons why i havemt dropped this is because i still want to know what is really happening and i want to see more of Minhyuk.

5. Lie After Lie – i loved the first episode!! It was hella crazy but the next 7 episodes have significantly mellowed down the level of crazy. Im bot complaining though i wish there were more twists and revelations in every episode. I do like that the drama is taking its time to setup the romance between Jimin and Eunsu and building the relationship between Eunsu and Wooju. I definitely think these 3 need a solid foundation because once Chairman finds out about Wooju i have a feeling all hell will break loose and Eunsu needs a lot of help to protect her family. I’m still not sure how adding the golfer into the story will help Eunsu aside from having a love triangle which isnt necessary.

6. Homemade Love Story – i wasnt able to watch Once Again so i started this instead. So far there’s nothing special about the kdrama, just the usual soap opera plots of birth secrets but i’m staying because i love Jin Ki Joo and i want to see her romance with Woo Jaehee. The side stories of her siblings are so-so, as long as they dont make Hae Deun and Rahoon fall in love with each other then i’m fine with them. I dont like Jaehee’s famil except for Minjae who i want to see more. And i also dont like Seo ah and her mom (who is Bitchaewoon’s real mom) but im willing to see how the story goes and how Chaewoon will succeed over Seo ah. I also dont like the aunt but i love uncle Hwak Se so still waiting and see. This is a 100 episode drama and im only in ep 12 so i know lots more things will happen.

My Horrible Boss (2016)


Drama: Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-Gi (욱씨남정기)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: March 18 – May 7, 2016
Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 20:30

The drama mainly revolves around a small company called Lovely Cosmetics, it’s employees and dealings with a bigger company, Gold Chemicals.

Main Cast
Lee Yo Won: Ok Dajung
Yoon Sang Hyun: Nam Jung Gi

Favorite character: Hands down, Ok Dajung. I dont like it when just because a woman is assertive, competent and knows what she wants, she is immediately labelled as a “hot tempered b*tch””. If it’s a man, they would call him “great”or “successful”or “leader”. Ok Dajung is a great woman, she may have a tendency to act how she feels, especially when she is wronged, but as she says, she just gives what she receives. I admire her alot. Despite the awful boss and the rumors around her, she just kept going, doing what she wants and proving to everybody she is badass. More than being a genius marketing director who seems to have a plan for everything, she also has a good heart. I like that she is tough but fair. She tries to brings out the best in people, she is not afraid to tell her staff to take pride in their work and to dream bigger.

Favorite team member: I would say Nam Jung Gi. he may have started as weak but with Dajung’s influence, he became bold and stepped up his plate. he took care of everybody. I honestly didn’t really like the other 3 team members, esp Young Mi, who was so patronizing and acted as if she knew better than Dajung and refused to cooperate. I was disappointed with Hyun Woo because he seemed like a great guy compared to the irresponsible Bong Gi, but he also turned out not too great. I especially didn’t like Miri, after all the support she got from her sexual harrassment case, she still betrayed everyone.. and manage to keep her work!! (really?)

Favorite ex-husband: Out of the 3, Shi Hwan (2nd ex) didn’t get as much background and exposure compared to the 2. All we see is him being handsome and rich and a mama’s boy, but i think he seriously liked Dajung, and he ended up giving the investment that was badly needed to save Lovely. On the other hand, Yoon Ho (1st ex) sacrificed himself the most, being with her all through out, helping her whenever she had problems with Gold. I flipflopped the entire show, not sure if he can be trusted but I think he did so much for her (i guess he was guilty for what he did before) that he also forgot to take care of himself. So.. i think i would go with Yoon Ho. (Note: Jisang was just too evil and crazy to be liked. but i’m glad he may have gotten back a bit of his good soul in the end).

Special mention: Nam Bong Gi. At first, i thought he was really just a loser, but he really became the unofficial member of Lovely Cosmetics. He handled all the odd jobs, supported the entire team without letting his brother know. I don’t really get why Miri was so angry that Bong Gi lied to her. So what if he were Jung Gi’s brother instead of Dajung’s brother? Would it really make a difference? Best part is when Bong Gi helped clear off Jung Gi’s debt to Dajung. Let’s face it: it was his fault in the first place. and seeing Jung Gi realize what Bong Gi did in the last episode was too sweet.

Favorite pair: Dajung and cutie-pie Woo Joo. They were so cute. Woojoo wanting to marry Dajung and Dajung’s reply. It’s so funny Woojoo ended up with a little girl friend who seemed as tough and scary as Dajung. Good job Woojoo! (Note: Despite looking icy cold, i am so sure Dajung will make a great mom — or stepmom!)

Least liked character: Who else but that ugly evil Hwan Gyu?? I hate people who don’t play fair and is too discriminating. One of the best scenes is when he finally got kicked out of Gold. (he is the same guy as that creepy boss in Misaeng right? Ugh!)

Lessons learned: Take pride in your work. Integrity is still the best. (Believe me, it still exists). Value your family, colleagues and friends – and support each other. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself. Money isn’t everything.

Recommended if you like: office drama and awesome female lead