mood of the day


Movie: Mood of the Day
Revised romanization: Keunalui Bonwigi
Hangul: 그날의 분위기
Director: Jo Kyu-Jang
Writer: Min So-Yeon, Jo Kyu-Jang
Producer: Choi Jin
Cinematographer: Yoo Eok
Release Date: January 14, 2016
Runtime: 103 min.
Genre: Romantic-Comedy
Distributor: Showbox
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

By chance, a man and a woman meet on the KTX train and spend 24 hours in the unfamiliar city of Busan, South Korea.

Main Cast
Moon Chae-won as Soo-jung
Yoo Yeon-seok as Jae-hyun
Jo Jae-yoon – Senior Kang
Kim Seul-gi – Asst Manager Hong
Park Min-woo – Kang Jin Chul

Review (Spoilers ahead!!)

I didn’t like Jaehyun. The movie tried to portray him as a “cool” playboy who is sought after by a lot of girls, but I thought he was an a..hole! I expected more smooth moves from him or at least have some cool pick-up lines for Soojung but he brazenly asked her relentlessly to sleep with him, I’m surprised Soojung didn’t just slap him and cried sexual harrassment while on the train. No, not only did she futilely brushed off his advances, she gamely followed him all over Busan just to meet Kang Jin Chul! Wow, am not sure she was really that desperate to get Jin Chul for her contract or she really was attracted to him that she was just acting as if she didn’t like him.


then the storyline shifted from showing Jaehyun as a douchebag to suddenly becoming this super nice gentleman, great basketball player, sweet to kids, nice hyung and suddenly she started to fall for him. They don’t really have a lot in common except they were attracted and spent one day together.


(Well, there was one scene where Jaehyun was crying and Senior Kang said, “Because you are such a show off” was probably the movie’s way of showing that he really is a nice guy with a sensitive heart, just like another scene where Jaehyun told Soojung, “I said all that because you were too pretty”.)


Senior Kang was supposed to be like the character who would provide all the laughs but he wasn’t funny at all. I thought he was rather pathetic and Jaehyun was a jerk to just forget about him (they did go to Busan together and he just ditched him and Senior Kang was just fine with it). They should have just given Kim Seulgi a larger role and more scenes since she was way funnier. The last scene where Kang tried to same thing to AM Hong in the train and she was slapped was hilarious even if the scene was short!


Also, they never showed in the movie if Jaehyun even knew or if Soojung was deliberately hiding from him that she was following him all over because of Kang Jin Chul, and i was expecting him to get angry that he was being used – this never happened and i’m glad it didn’t because that would have been a waste of storyline. I guess he realized she needed Kang Jin Chul when she left her presentation and he was nice enough to bring it to her and save her presentation (okay, okay, my heart is melting too – he is a nice guy).


The scene at the restaurant was a bit sad – Jaehyun was so excited to see Soojung and happily listened to her conversation with friends then he was hurt by Soojung saying he didn’t mean anything and he was just a one night stand – I was expecting this scene because there was this line from Soojung earlier, “Someday someone is going to make you feel hurt (or something like that)” but when this happened, I also felt bad for him. It was his first time to really really like a girl and that must have been a blow for him. but hey, it was his fault for being an ass to her and he was proudly telling her it was just for fun.


I forgot about the note he wrote until the reception lady mentioned it to Soojung – and she ran after him (i don’t know how long this was after their fight scene) but they obviously couldn’t forget each other. In the end, i’m happy she was brave enough to go after him and he was finally man enough to love her too.



I like Soojung, even though she seems meek, but at least she knows what she wants and is also good at her job. What i dont like (which is typical of Korean movies) is for the ladies always having to go through the most embarrassing situations and make them look clumsy and then it shows the guy finds it endearing (really?!?)

The little twist in the end about what happened to Soojung getting hit by a ball was expected – i noticed Korean movies love this kinds of “destiny” storylines.

Overall, except for the first part when Jaehyun was being so full of himself, this was a nice romantic movie to watch.