short thoughts on some asian movies i’ve watched in 2012-2013

love fiction – totally different side of ha jung woo. it got a little boring coz HJW’s character just spoke and over analysed too much!

miracle in cell no. 7 – i thought this was a funny movie — so i was surprised that it was dramatic and i even cried a little at the end (it did get cheesy) but a nice movie!

take off – a great sports movie! the stories of each character was too dramatic but other wise i loved watching their practices, their friendship and the ending when they were trying for the olympics. i was one with the crowd cheering them to win!

i am murderer – they really milked park shi hoo for the ads, im surprised and happy/sad about the twist at the end. still great movie

architecture 101 – nice korean romance movie. i wish the characters ended up together though but it’s a bittersweet ending

green days – korean animated film. some parts were boring though.

dancing queen – funny korean movie but the ending was heartfelt.

all about my wife – a husband hires his next door casanova neighbor to seduce his wife so they’ll separate. lol. it’s not a funny movie but it’s fun/sad to watch.

man from nowhere – finally watched this won bin flick. he’s just so badass! now if only somehow pays him to eat more and fill out his muscles so he wouldn’t look so gaunt!

tenchi – the movie was so long i unfortunately missed the last 10 mins because the plane was arriving in sg airport but i love epic movies like this.

jiro dreams of sushi – the sushi is so simple but it looked so yummy! i pitied the older brother who will forever be under the shadow of his dad until he dies.

the thieves – great movie! had a lot of twists and turns.

the jackal is coming – big disappointment. so bored didn’t know what was happening. the twist at the end was long time coming but still didn’t make up for the whole movie.

the viral factor – i dont like jay’s facial hair but i love the movie. lots of action and nicholas tse!

helpless – lee seon kyun will forever be “chep” to me (from the kdrama “pasta”). the story is quite creepy – imagine being in love with someone and turns out you dont really know them at all! i admire him (or he’s dumb) for loving her despite all the things she had done (murder!!). and i hope he finds someone in the future.

hotaru no hikari the movie – i love them both but sometimes i really dont know why they are together. they dont seem to have much in common. but they are so sweet. ayase is adorable and funny (her character is a little bit naive sometimes and why would you call your fiancee as boss until now?). i did try to watch season 2 but i couldn’t finish

bad girls – this is ella’s movie with mike he. ella is the tomboyish member of she and it’s sometimes annoying to see her play the same character over and over again. yes, she’s not pretty. she has a deep voice. she is tomboyish (though in real life she is married to a really handsome guy). i hope she tries her luck in other roles. i used to love mike he (in devil beside you with rainie when i was in college). i havent watched any of his films/tv in the last couple of years so i was happy to see him again. he’s not the best actor of his generation but he can still carry a film (and he really looks like a young chinese gabby concepcion!)

blind – love kim haneul! this was a great movie. i actually felt terrified for her esp in the subway scene. most of the critics loved the film except for the ending which they thought was cliched. i thought it was nice. the story and the details fitted in quite nicely.

haeundae – i felt cheated because i was expecting a twister or disaster movie but what i got was just a story about a few people living in a small town, picking up the pieces after the huge disaster a couple of years ago and having it all come back again in only the last few minutes of the film.

goodbye mom – i watched this during one of my sessions in kcc. at first i thought it would be boring (i dont like choi kang hee’s manly voice and her face looks so plasticky – one of the reasons i stopped watching protect the boss) but instead it was a gem of a movie. i was fighting back tears all through out the film. i guess i can somehow relate to her though i’ve never been a bad daughter like her.

my girlfriend is an agent – this is an old korean movie. some said it was like mr/mrs smith but it didn’t even come close! kang ji hwan is a rookie agent and how hilarious to see him scream like a girl everytime and in some parts try to be a cool guy. kim haneul like i said above is one of my favorites – she is like ha jiwon – she can do drama, comedy and action and still look kick ass! the story is interesting, though it’s funny how to govt branches dont even know that they are trailing each other. had they cooperated early, they could have catch the bad guys easily! is everything so top secret? i mean in my field of work, we do different things but we make sure we coordinate with other depts to make sure if no duplication of work.

The bullet vanishes – beautiful HD quality. I kind of guessed who is the mastermind but i wanted to know why. Great mystery and action packed movie.

speedy scandal – i love cha tae hyun. He is just so funny! This movie is hilarious with a lot of heart.

The grand heist – one of the blockbusters in korea this year. Loved the all star cast. Cha tae hyuns movies always have funny scenes and he just makes the best facial expressions. loved seeing how they planned for the heist and the bonding of the cast. Loved the cameo of song joongki at the end. did feel sad that dukmoo’s friend was not able to go to netherlands and how nice of him to take a trip there in the end. And lastly i love oh jiho!

Sorceror and White Snake – i love wu xia films and anything Jet Li. I’m not familiar with the legend though I think the movie is not accurate. The film is okay. Lots of effects though sometimes i feel the effects are cheesy on some parts. Love Jet li’s fight scenes. Not sure who is the heroine or villain in this movie but I didn’t really like white snake, she’s stubborn but i can feel her pain. And for me i think that’s the main idea of the movie. There are more than 2 sides to every story n each one has impact on the others decisions. I like the sideplot on nengren.

71 into the fire – I do not like war because nobody wins in a war. However once in a while i like to watch a well made war movie that focuses on human emotions and impact of war rather than the political reasons. I guess i have been fortunate enough not to experience war first hand. The movie is based on true events and i really admire people who will risk their lives to serve their country. i love the drama and the actors, now i just wish someone would release a read HD version of this movie, and would probably make this an even more enjoyable cinematic feast to watch.

hello ghost – i love cha tae hyun. i thought the movie was tooo long and part dragged a bit mostly because i couldn’t understand the point of the ghost.. why they were there and their odd requests. but everything was explained in the end which made me teary eyed.

you are the apple of my eye – love love love this movie. very poignant and sweet. i wish they ended up together (but then this is based on a true story of the director and his ex gf) but i still liked the ending.

school days with a pig – very interesting story. love the kids and the pig. i guess i’m old that’s why i also would have made the same decision as with the teacher.

love you you – a taiwanese (?) movie about a guy and a girl in a resort.. got a bit emo when they showed the twist about the girl’s condition but still fun movie to watch.

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